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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I could be Hot too -or- Beyonce in my Water Closet

Yesterday was a day of cleaning... no seriously, I got one of those Screamin' Daily Deals (kind of like Groupon) for three hours of cleaning; so of course I spent the entirety of Tuesday morning (and most of Monday) trying to get my house ready for the cleaners. Sounds a bit ridiculous right? But I didn't want to waste their time with rearranging my piles of junk when they could be scrubbing my toddler floors and potty training bathrooms (ick).

My point is, come see my house today because it will never look like this again... scratch that' if you don't get here by dinner-time all bets are off.

No, my real point is, what I did is not glamourous. And while Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" was playing in the background (I had my 'marathon running mix' on); I stared thinking how hot she looks in that Deja-vu video, and how luscious that woman is... all those fans blowing her hair and her getting more bounce to the ounce and curves going crazy (literally)... perfectly chosen designer 'outfits,' perfectly choreographed moves and not so much as her eyeliner smugged (unless it's done on purpose).

She's like a Kings of Leon song ("Your Sex is on Fire") perfectly packaged to make people like my husband salivate (ok me too); but more importantly, (and while most likely NOT her intent), to make people like me feel frumpy.

But then it dawned on me, I could look hot too if I had millions of dollars behind me -- dressing me, 'fanning' me perfectly, photoshopping my wobbly bits...and don't even get me started on making time for working out. This woman's body is part of her 'brand.' I'm doing my best just trying to lose baby weight and get an endorphin rush to stay off Paxil.

Sure nobody's paying money to watch yours truly--the un-single lady --put her hand up in a cup (so to speak) or get Bootylicious. And the only 'fanning' I'm getting in Mommyland are ceiling fans and in our loo (not so fabulous).... but I'm pretty sure the MTV machine could even make this mama look like hot sex on a platter.

But better yet, I just think about how glamourous Beyonce would look scrubbing my toilets. Fan optional.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Action.

Happy Earth Day All! First off, Salt Lakers: We'll see you at Earth Jam this weekend!

We are getting our Green On at the Mangum household. In honor of April 22nd, I've listed 22 Things You can do (and we're trying to do) to save the planet:
  1. Eat leftovers (and find easy ways to Eat it's not just about "organic").
  2. Switch to energy saving light bulbs.
  3. Remember your canvas bags (at Costco too!)
  4. Plant a garden - or just some herbs in a pot.
  5. Cook more (using real food is even better! See #12)
  6. Visit iTunes. No seriously, if you haven't made the switch already - move from CDs to digital music (this has been a big one for me! I know: I'm so stuck in the 90s sometimes)
  7. Eat less meat.
  8. When you do eat meat, opt for the organic variety.
  9. Turn off the lights.
  10. Steer clear of microwave popcorn bags - their packages often feature grease-repellent coatings containing harmful PFCs.
  11. Ditch the harsh chemicals in commercially manufactured cleaning products and use eco-friendly products like vinegar and baking soda to clean.
  12. Eat real foods in their natural states (skip the packaged & processed whenever possible)
  13. Change your credit card and bank statements to the online variety.
  14. Breastfeed (or encourage your wife to do so). And I out of all people, know this one can be harder for some than others... but if you have the resources "Breast is Best."
  15. EC ... or, if that sounds too crazy, just let your baby go diaper free once in a while. (It's 'suppose' to be warming up...get outside and get that babe in his birthday suit!)
  16. Fix leaks in plumbing, faucets, etc
  17. Skip the dry cleaners to avoid the toxic solvent "perc" and make your own starch to iron shirts, etc.
  18. Change your mode of transportation: carpool, try out public transportation or better yet, bike!
  19. Become a responsible fish eater.
  20. Buy local (it's almost Farmer's Market Time!)
  21. Use cloth napkins. They can be added to laundry you're already doing, and they'll make dinner feel fancier...even if you're just having pizza or a casserole.
  22. Visit the Library. I love books as I have confessed before. But the library is a much greener option than buying...and while you're there, it wouldn't hurt to check out a few books on living Gorgeously Green!

PS. What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day/Save the Planet?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Holy Friggin’ Fabulous Easter Sunday weekend, batman!

I’d like to think the weekend officially kicked off to a tremendous start on Friday afternoon when I had a business lunch at Bambara. While the cuisine is always lovely (a bit pretentious, yes but lovely nonetheless), I must say it’s their Bluberry lemonade that really has me singing its praises.

Once I put my work day to an official close, Danny* I and went shopping for Saturday night’s dinner party. (Note, in case you did not read in the sidebar. . . Danny is my husband; I am very taken; but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends . . . or at least it shouldn’t keep you from reading my blog. I need all the support I can get).

Anyway, all these years of fantasizing about hosting the most divine fete with foodstuffs and frivolity (much like the scene in “High Fidelity” when John Cusak attends a swanky feast at an ex-girlfriend’s . . . played by the seductive Catherine Zeta Jones); well my turn had arrived (we finally have enough chairs to seat our table of eight).

I had been designing our five course meal for the past three days and just needed danny’s final thumbs up before we proceeded to the check stand.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we opted for the “roasted sweet and sour chicken with thyme, orange and kumkwats” over some variety of grilled lamb chops. And believe me, it had more to do with the fact we don’t have an outdoor (or indoor) grill, for that matter . . . than the fact that lamb chops are a bit more pricey than the “chipper chicken” (Steve Martin, “Father of the Bride”).

Shopping complete . . .
Hit a Bee’s game with some family members (Danny’s own personal heaven; the baseball game I mean. . . not necessarily hangin’ with the in-laws; but he seemed to enjoy himself well enough).

Next day; Danny was a peach and tidied the apartment as “Maria” (a.k.a. my own personal “Rosario”) was coming over later that afternoon to deep clean post yoga. (She’s uber fab btw. And only $15 an hour!!!! I wish she could come weekly, but that would not be very domestic-goddessey-of-moi). If you want her contact info, shoot me a message as I have just officially named myself her internet publicist. (MD, I don’t think she can fly to PHX to help you and Jess out – but Jess probably keeps everything lovely anyway . . . )

So I hit yoga – do something toxic to my knee; because according to my new-age self help book knee injuries are caused from being stubborn and not trusting the flow of life . . . I HAD SET MY INTENTION TO TRUST THE FLOW!!!! HOW MUCH MORE FLOWY CAN I GET?!?!?!?!

Anyway, post yoga; Danny and I indulged in a couples massage at Tranquility Med Spa (a B-day/Valentines present for Danny that somehow came with a delightful treat for me too!)

Post massage; Rosario came and saved the day!!! The house looked immaculate. Who knew she and Danny would make such a divine duo. . . just like Mr. and Mrs. Clean; except I am the Mexican that Danny is married to and sleeping with; not Rosario (I mean Maria).

So I’m just about to give you the story on my chickens that gave birth to an orange; and the woes of baking with kosher salt (my poooooooor unfortunate angel food cake!!!!) . . . but it’s 11:30 and I am quite tired.

So I promise to give you the lowdown on the orange baby; how grateful we were one of the dinner guests had worked at Kenny Rogers Roasters for three weeks; and how my know-how of the 80s fad “Shrinky Dinks” would help out in the game of Cranium. I will also tell you about how my angel food cake had me in tears . . . Danny said it made the evening; but I’m not exactly convinced.

Tune in after family night for the latest antics (or at least those of Saturday night) of Ms. Suite-Mangum.

Thanks for stopping by.

C’est moi!

Ps. It took 5 loads in the dishwasher to complete the “clean up” process of our 5 course meal! Good times!