Thursday, July 26, 2007

Apologies and Promises

So, it’s been a while since we’ve chatted, eh? I’ve been working at this new position at work – been doing it since June 1; so I haven’t had much free time what with all the traveling I’ve been doing – not to mention I had 2 Harry Potter books to read in the last month (read book 6 “The Half-Blood Prince” in Florida over a two day period); AND YES!!!! I finished book 7. . . but don’t worry. I’m not going to tel you how it ends. I’m just going to say I cried a lot; and it’s a beautiful book.

POTTER MANIA (I won’t ruin book 7 for you – proceed without caution)
Danny and I are sitting in front of the TV at this moment watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone. . . yes, the movie of book one. I like HP even more than Star Wars. . . I definitely recommend reading all the HP’s. They’re “bloody brilliant” as Ron Weasley would say.

FAMOUS BILL (Shakespeare, not Clinton)
“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” –That’s a quote actually from Shakespeare’s 12 Knight. (No idea why it’s called that . . . seeing as how, I don’t know where knight 1 through 11 reside in the play. Don’t think we ever got introduced to those characters.

WEEKLY UPDATE (not exactly SNL Style)
I promise you that I will blog weekly through July and August . . . so spread the word, I’m back in action like Uncle Rico.

ADVERTISING – the Genius of my Husband
So part of my new job (the part that friggin rules), I get to invent ad campaigns, etc. Anyway, one of the latest and greatest ads I helped create is at Gateway Mall in SLC. It’s by Happy Sumo; Danny helped me come up with the concept. . . we’re pretty proud of the concept, so it you get a chance, check it out. . . it’s on one of those poster/mini-billboard bits. . .

FATNESS (or, How to lose friends and influence blubber)
I weigh 156.5 pounds. I’m not proud of it; but I figure you should know. . . I mean, we do have a relationship and all. One-hundred-and fifty-six pounds on a 5 foor 5 and 3/4 inch frame . . . not exactly good for swimsuit season. . .

I think I need to cease and desist with the Tollhouse pie at Dodo. . . by the way, if you stop by the Dodo (when you’re checking out the advertisement we did) AND decided you need a bite to eat; tell the Dodo I ent you. It won’t do anything for you, but it will make my “favored nation status” even more credible at the joint.

But to think I was ten pounds thinner last year . . . wedding time. Oh well, at least my boobs are bigger . .. trade off, I suppose. My husband doesn’t seem too upset over it.

Danny and I hit our 1 year anniversary on August 1st. Apparently to celebrate it’s our “paper anniversary.” I’m going to honor this 1 year anniversary by trying to send out the thank you cards for our wedding presents that were supposed to be done ages ago . . . the thank you cards are made of paper so I think it all works out. Blasted thank you cards . . . I really want to write them; I just seem a bit overwhelmed.

I ought to go to bed . . . but I think I’ll finish watching the sorcerer’s stone first . . .