Sunday, January 23, 2011

Down Doggie at the DG***

So we are alive. Sometimes I tweet about it; sometimes I update my fb status about it; but mostly I just blog telepathically in my mind, and then don't realize until the 23rd an entire month has passed with out documenting our comings and goings on the web+log.

In a nutshell, life is good. Both of the boys have bdays next month, and I somehow convinced Danny that (even though we have a balance on our AMEX) the universe wants us to take a Disney cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate their birthdays, Valentines Day AND Mother's Day this Spring (this really took the pressure off me stalking **Dan Patrick for the next two weeks trying to get an autographed copy of his mug).

There were just so many signs pointing in that direction (of the cruise, not so much DP's mug). First, I haven't been tan in what feels like ages (except that fake spray-on for the Snooki-bit). B, Danny and I definitely need some alone time, and our room comes with a sheet-like curtain of sorts in our cabin to pull across for privacy. Thirdly, we had Skymiles for two plane its like the universe would not take NO for an answer (or maybe that was just me. I can be kind of persuasive if I need to be.)

Any-who... on the docket for next month? More yoga! But with a shift in focus to Holden -- which only makes sense. He will be two!

Here's the little guy showing off Balasana (child's pose)***

We've been loving our Mommy & Me Yoga class at Shiva Center with Brandi Allen. It's been a great way to kick-off our week and get Holden started on his own yogic path of discovery. Actually, his favorite parts involving nose-honking the studio's Arjuna statue and trying to feed the Ganesh figurine almonds from the alter, but it's a safe-place for me. And now I get a chance to pay it forward.

I will be guest instructing two days (four classes) at Discovery Gateway -- SLC's Children's Museum- - next month leading the 18 month - 3 yr old "Music in Motion" class focusing on YOGA! My segments will be Monday the 7th and (President's Day) the 21st at 11:00 am and 12:00 pm. From my understanding, classes are FREE for members, and for single-day visitors the ($8.00?) cost of admission into the museum covers the class as well. Classes cap at 12 students, so it's first-come first-serve basis.

It also looks like I'll also be making another appearance on FOX's weekend morning show next month -- most likely Saturday the 19th . The focus will be on the benefits of Kids Yoga and easy ways to get your little ones involved in body movement and creative exploration yoga-style. I'll let you know more details as they firm up.

In the meantime, if you're wondering about the bajillion benefits that can come from kids practicing yoga, check out this awesome article that ran last spring in the Columbia Tribune. And then join us for a class!

Namaste friends.

*Whit and Bridge and any other DG's - do you get nostalgic and think I'm talking about your college stomping ground when you read that?
**Danny's Man-Crush. My husband was once asked who he would most like to go to lunch with if space and time were of no consequence and he responded, "I know I should say like Ghandi or Jesus, but I think Id have to go with Dan Patrick."
**It would be more truthful to say he was protesting Down-dog. If I remember correctly, I was anxious to get a photo of his yoga skills and he was anxious to prove he wasn't interested in showing off for the camera. But you get the idea.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another (yogic) TV spot

Ok friends!

I got the link this time for my spot on FOX 13 "Good Day Utah" for Saturday's morning spot. Thanks to my sister for pinch-hitting as our model/demonstrator at the last minute. That meant I didn't have to pull my hair in a pony tail for television. HUZZZZZZZ-ZAH!

So while not a lot has changed since I did TV interviews for SkyWest, one key thing made a huge difference for me: Mainly that I would've been fired for wearing yoga pants on air as a corporate, it's just part of the wardrobe. Love it!

OK, so it was a lot of fun to do. If you missed the link on Facbook, and want to check it out, just click here.

Luvs for the New Year. And Namaste.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Situation -or- All Snookied Out

So yes, that is me. With plastic press-on nails and a 'poof ' on my head that rallies any Jersey Shore cast member (and it's done with out help from an infomercial bump-it). Danny and I attended a costume themed New Years Eve party and *won the costume contest!

*FINE PRINT: Ok, we actually took second because the host and hostess of these parties ALWAYS have the best get year they went as American Gladiators. This year they were David Bowie from the Labyrinth and that Jennifer Connely character... AMAZING! But we took home the prize because they are gracious and pretended like we were almost as awesome as they are.

Danny of course was "The Situation." And I obviously was that Snooki bit (though, I could've played this much better a year ago -- 20-plus pounds heavier and a few cup sizes larger. But no worries, I just stuffed two socks in my bra to help make up for 'lost times.')

Danny's sister Suggested the idea...and even helped provide a bunch of the wardrobe. (Her husband went as a 'tool' for Halloween, and she works at Bebe, so her wardrobe has a plethora of shorty skirts to chose from).

In addition to my horrid plastic press on nails, I opted for some delightful blue eye shadow, and I made sure and got a spray tan with the full level 3 bronze dye to get as orange as possible. (Oh, and MAC bronzer - bronzer - bronzer also helped!)

The dude at the tanning salon (who strangely resembled Danny in his costume) told me that the added dye would wash off with water so no to shower until my 'event' was over. Which meant I got to spend the day (and night) smelling oddly like teriyaki sauce. Don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about...

But the best part of the 'Mystic Aftermath' had to be at Bikram Yoga on New Years Day. Since I had in fact left the dye alone, and did not shower before sweaty yoga, I was not 7 minutes into class I bent over for 'hands to feet pose' and noticed giant beads of orangish-brown sweat dripping down my shins like someone had in fact poured teriyaki sauce on my legs.

Ringing in the new year with STYLE!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Theme! (and intentions)

Happy New Year all!

This is a two fold post - first, it serves to get all that resolution crap out of the way. But second, and more importantly, I'm announcing the THEME for 2011! (Can you stand it!)

OK, here's the deal. I'm don't want to make any resolutions this year (they sound so 'U.N. peacekeeping Mission' to me, eh?) Some years I make them (not Un Peace Keeping Resolutions, but just resolutions), and some years I don't...

But I definitely have a "To Do" list.

This year I'd like to:
  • Make my own cheese (even just once)
  • Get a 'real' blog and a grown up website
  • Do the splits
  • Dry tomatoes
  • Plant and harvest potatoes & corn (and a bunch of other stuff; but I didn't do these last time)
  • (Take a more active role?)/ Better support Holden in becoming an EC graduate and Diaper Free!
  • Paint our bedroom "Still Moment" by FreshAire
  • Bottle so many cans of Spaghetti sauce/tomatoes that canned tomato sauce will be rendered useless to me
  • Get a pedicure (at least) quarterly
Moving on:

I like how in a lot of Yoga classes (and I often do this with my students), the instructor will invite you to 'set an intention'. The first time I heard this, I thought "Oh, set a goal." And as if the teacher had read my mind, she said "This is not a goal" and something about the interconnectedness of everything and how setting the intention makes it already realized (which sounds a lot like THE SECRET to me, but I dig it.)

And this year's intentions:
  • Be kinder to my husband, and more patient with my child
  • Eat consciously for a more sustainable planet
  • (a subset of the last bullet point, but a key) Eat animals that have had happy lives (call it wild, free range, or whatever you please. It's more than 'organic'... it's about sustainability and consciousness. Besides, I'm usually a vegetarian in the summer anyway
  • Run, Run, Run
  • Yoga a go-go
  • Make a Baby
Which leads me to the year's theme (and thanks to everyone who submitted ideas):