Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bad Guys

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So I've mentioned part of this on facebook, and to a few of you already -- but we have had a lot of "Bad Guy" talk at our house.

The other day I was reading The Economist. It was the issue just following Bin Laden being taken down. Opposite his picture, was a picture of Obama. Holden, interested in what Mommy was doing pointed to the pictures.

I showed him Osama and said "Bad Guy," and then he pointed to Obama and I said "Good Guy." Soon after he started assigning "Good Guy / Bad Guy" to everyone.

  • The dude with his hair slicked back? Bad Guy.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (or "Sharp Tooth" at our house)? Bad Guy
  • Dad? Good Guy... or Happy Guy.

He'll use Good Guy and Happy Guy interchangeably.

The "Bad Guys" are also responsible for a host of problems in our home.

Holden's Blue Bus missing? Bad Guys.
Lovely disappears? Bad Guys.

Mind you, this is not me making the assignments -- it's ALL Cito. Danny tried to tell Holden yesterday that T-Rex was not a bad guy, just misunderstood.I've been on 'repeat mode' with the phrase, "They're not bad guys. Some have just made bad choices."

Today, whilst riding his balance bike into the living room without his helmet, I asked him what was missing from his head. He told me (or at least tried to say) "helmet" to which I responded, "Where did it go?"

He immediately followed up with: "Bad guys took it."

Should I be concerned there are random villains constantly looming throughout my house and causing bedlam and mayhem?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Green Thumbs & Dirty Fingernails

Featured at Make and Takes

I'm guest blogging over at Make & Takes today for my monthly bit on living more sustainably for you and your family.We're talking about gardening with kiddos. There's a great pic (if I do say so myself) of last year's lavender garden and one of my faves of Holden with one of his little gourds. His hair is also ridiculously blonde.

Hope you'll check it out.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Barefoot & Pregnant: My IronGirl Details

Yep, that's right people. Turns out over the past three months-- that have included a raw food week, two triathlons AND pole dancing lesson-- I have also been growing a little person inside of me. Huzzah!

I'm just past the 12 week mark, so of course it's time to share the news with the blogosphere.

That said, I hope you understand a little more fully why my tri-training kind of went to pot last month. I finished the SHAC triathlon with a renewed sense of determination, getting a little taste of what this body could be capable of...and then that blessed first trimester exhaustion hit me, and my ever so familiar aversion to the nauseating scent of fried chicken. Once that happened, I realized it was time to find out if my (as they say in Juno) "Eggo's prego."

OK, so recap on the race (if you're interested):
800 m swim (17 minutes, 1 second): Super crazy turbulent waters. And we started pretty far in the back of the pack so by the time I got in the water I felt like a fish in a koi pond feeding. Swimming in open water is NOTHING like swimming in a pool. Form flies out the door to keep your bearings because you literally cannot see in front of you.

Transition 1: (6 minutes 7 seconds.) I should've practiced getting that wet suit off before race day... it was pretty comical. And yes, I kick it old school style started the bike in my swimsuit (no bike/tri shorts) and some vibrams. A piece of work I am.

14ish-mile Bike: (57 min 39 seconds): Yes, I'm disappointed in my performance here. But it's my fault. My chain fell off in the first 1/2 mile, and while I'm sure they had support teams all along the way, I think the race staff figured we could at least managed the first mile on our own. I was shifting on the uphill, and apparently my 'components' were off a little bit anyway... (And one would probably learn this if they had actually ridden their bike outdoors.) So failure to plan, is a plan to fail - eh? I had to stop twice (once to 'fix' it, and another because it never sounded quite right until around mile seven,) and even then I was somewhat limited to what gears I even dared use. I think it probably cost me about seven minutes... (frown and a huffy breath, here).

Transition 2 (1 min 55 secs): Dump the bike, grab some water and head out... don't even need to change shoes with the Five Fingers. Oh and I put on a running skirt, because as fabulous as my wobbly bits are, I didn't think Vegas was ready for my jelly....

5k Run (31:26): It didn't take long to realize that shoes would've been nice for the run. I was thinking it was 'trail running,' which is fine with the Vibrams. But a construction zone that is all rocks the size of my big toe and larger? Not really ideal for a newbie 'minimalist' (aka wannabe barefoot) runner like me. I felt like I had to be pretty careful about where I was stepping and I think that affected my pace a bit. I was hoping to be about 3 minutes faster on the run too...

So that takes me about 10 minutes off what I was hoping for. But Danny said I need to "stop being so 'effing' competitive" (no seriously, those were his words when I kept replaying my perceived failure to him, over, and over, and over again). And I didn't get much training in... e

So final time: 1:54:08

Looking back I'm actually pretty stoked to be under two hours... especially pregnant, right?

Speaking of this poor, blessed fetus in my belly... what I've already put the kid through!

Hey welcome to Suite-Mangum madness little one. This is just a sampling of what's to come for you!!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

BACK to Yoga on Fox

Holden shows his Dad a little Down-Doggie Action after a run

So I'll be doing another Yoga Segment on FOX 13 this weekend. Our focus will focus on a few sample postures for a healthy back and spine.

Where: Your TV (if you're local, Fox 13)
When: Saturday morning, 8:30ish
Who: Yours truly and my older sister Cassandra will be my demo girl/model
Why: Because the world needs yoga, and this is the closest I'll ever get to calling a truce with Bill O'Reilly


PS. I know I'm behind a bit on blogging... but I have a million (give or take a few hundred thousand) posts in my head about the IronGirl, our Disney Cruise and how happy my heart is it's time to work in the garden again. (I know, the carrot posts promise to be even more riveting than last year's. I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat. All in due time...)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Blessing, and anniversary

Two years ago, this was the first Sunday in May, which also coincided with Holden's blessing day at Church. My dearest friend Lindsay Morgan took the pen and jotted down the beautiful things Danny had said and blessed our little guy with.

I found them to frame them and put them in Holden's room last week, and thought it was worth documenting and writing down a bit of what I remember.

Your Father has blessed you with amazing talents and desires. Take a look-see:
  • Knowledge that the Lord loves you
  • A Cheery disposition
  • Blessed with Faith
  • A keen attention to the feelings of the Spirit
  • Patience, and the ability to use it through affliction and hardship
  • To be civically minded, seek opportunities to serve others and those that are less fortunate
  • A keen intellect, with a desire to learn academically and spiritually
  • Blessed with a respect of women, especially your mother
  • No desire compromise any daughter of God
  • A desire to serve a full time mission
  • That you may find a choice daughter of God, and enter the temple with her
  • A personal relationship with God and Christ
  • The ability to communicate through prayer
And all other blessings that God sees you stand in need of.

I love you, Little Bits. Oh and before I forget, I love how when we're at a restaurant and I ask you if you want noodles or pizza to eat, you say: "Zee-Pa!" I just didn't want to forget to write that one down either....