Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Blessing, and anniversary

Two years ago, this was the first Sunday in May, which also coincided with Holden's blessing day at Church. My dearest friend Lindsay Morgan took the pen and jotted down the beautiful things Danny had said and blessed our little guy with.

I found them to frame them and put them in Holden's room last week, and thought it was worth documenting and writing down a bit of what I remember.

Your Father has blessed you with amazing talents and desires. Take a look-see:
  • Knowledge that the Lord loves you
  • A Cheery disposition
  • Blessed with Faith
  • A keen attention to the feelings of the Spirit
  • Patience, and the ability to use it through affliction and hardship
  • To be civically minded, seek opportunities to serve others and those that are less fortunate
  • A keen intellect, with a desire to learn academically and spiritually
  • Blessed with a respect of women, especially your mother
  • No desire compromise any daughter of God
  • A desire to serve a full time mission
  • That you may find a choice daughter of God, and enter the temple with her
  • A personal relationship with God and Christ
  • The ability to communicate through prayer
And all other blessings that God sees you stand in need of.

I love you, Little Bits. Oh and before I forget, I love how when we're at a restaurant and I ask you if you want noodles or pizza to eat, you say: "Zee-Pa!" I just didn't want to forget to write that one down either....

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