Thursday, November 29, 2012

#27: 30 Days of Thanksgving

So I've skipped a week plus- I plan on making it up. But let's just work on this amazing week because Tuesday afternoon we made it into Long beach, drove to Anaheim and enjoyed character dining at Goofy's Kitchen.

Zoë, just shy of a year old is spooked by the characters without real faces (though she was ok with Minnie).

Thanks to my in-laws for the start of an amazing Disney Vacation. (They took the whole family for Christmas!!!)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

#28: the nut guys

This was in my drafts... set to post on November 28. Never put it up. It's from our latest trip to Disneyland.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

#17: 30 Days of Thanksgiving

So I have lots of things to be thankful for today -- entertaining, a fun family and friends, a husband who "knows the drill" when I'm party planning. My house smells of diffused Tea Tree oil and is basically clean (looking, DON'T PEAK IN MY CLOSETS OR DRAWERS!!!!)

But life feels pretty beautiful... I am kind of bummed it's raining because I had all our windows cleaned at the end of October and the sun room looks so amazing with clean windows... so that's kind of a bummer. But I've got my health and my family is good.

Old picture, but still good. 

And maybe, just maybe the Utes might win tonight?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012

#15: 30 Days of Thanksgiving

It's already Third Thursday... can you believe it? That's what I'm thankful for. That I have this amazing friend and boss who has given me an opportunity to share one of my passions with hundreds or thousands of people once a month.

I still remember when Marie (author, editor, crafter, Mommy-Blog Cult of Personality, in the best possible way) told us she was going to start posting daily. THe funny thing is, I don't remember where we were (maybe dinner, maybe a gals retreat?); but she told us and at the time I was thinking "that's some serious dedication -- pretty cool." And then it BLEW-UP... went completely viral and it's not by accident. She's a talented and dedicated lady who has worked hard for the success she's seen -- book deal, HELLO!

Marie and I have been friends since Elementary School. I am lucky for so many reasons to have had her as a friend all these years.

We'd often chit-chat about environmental causes and taking a more natural approach to parenting and health. She's even called me to consult on products businesses want her to use/endorse/advertise. I guess that's really where this whole thing started... I mean, obviously my professional back ground is in writing and public relations, but to do it for the planet? DREAM JOB, CHECK!

Holden selected the photo from Make and Takes

Thanks Marie and Make and Takes.... and Planet Earth.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

#14: Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

Sometimes being a Mom is hard, and somewhat thankless...
and nursing sometimes feels the same way to me. 

But then again, sometimes if feels like this:

From the Blog OhBaby
Thankful Zoë's a good nurser, and even though we've had our share of troubles (a couple of bouts of mastitis, plenty of plugged ducts, a nursing strike, etc)... we keep figuring things out and making it work. 11 months and going strong. Yep, sometimes motherhood makes me feel like WonderWoman.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

#13: Thirty Days of thanksgiving

What am I grateful for today?

Well, I could say that I am grateful for this boy and his sweet Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin. It was a gift. The man said, "You could make pumpkin pie with it." 
To which I responded: "I've done that before -- never again." 

Pumpkin Pie made from scratch -- and I mean REALLY from scratch. No canned Libby's; no crust from the freezer section of your grocery store.... made from scratch pumpkin pie is NEVER worth the return on investment. You would have to really, really, really love pumpkin pie... which I do not. I'm perfectly fine biting into the ones made from Costco and not feeling the least bit bad about it...

So one time (a couple of years ago) I made one from scratch, and vowed to NEVER do it again... Except today Holden wanted to make pie. And we had no agenda or "project" set in stone for Tuesday -- so I got suckered in. 

That picture above? Yep, that's Cito showcasing the Jack-o-Lantern  pumpkin we just gutted for pie. Here's a little interesting factoid: if you're going to spend the time making pumpkin pie, you might want to use a PIE PUMPKIN. They are sweeter, they are not as watery... they are not ginormous and take 90 minutes in an convection oven to bake just so you can start mixing in the ingredients. 

Yes, you read correctly. You have to bake the pumpkin before you can even start mixing the ingredients for your pie. Also, I would like to point out that after this step Holden retired to the basement and did not help with the rest of the process... Zoë was having one of those awesome days where she only likes to sleep in 20 minute segments and both children desperately needed long naps today -- didn't happen. But what did happen was a disastrous kitchen:

Yep, I'm airing my dirty laundry... or at least my wicked-messy kitchen. Ug. 

I think saying it took more than 4 hours to bake this pie is playing it safe. We basically started after Holden got home from preschool just after noon, and it was cooling from the oven when Danny got home after five. Also, somehow my hot pad stabbed it in the side... so it doesn't even look pretty. 

As far as taste, it was was actually pretty good. I've never had Jack-O-Lantern pie before, so I don't have a lot to compare it to.  My evaporated milk was more than year past the expiration date so I used sweetened condensed milk instead (but I had already mixed the sugar in with the pumpkin so it was doubly sweet). Also, I ran out of vanilla last week and only have vanilla beans on hand, which I refused to waste on something I wasn't even sure would be edible. No Allspice and I was short an egg too... did I mention that Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins are really watery? 

After draining and pureeing and pureeing and draining, it's incredible the pie is even edible. But yeah, it's pretty good. Since the pumpkin is not real strong, it kind of tastes like a ginger and cinnamon custard with a hint of pumpkin... and the crust. Well, I am a big believer in butter for pie crusts (the only thing one really ought to use Crisco for is making soap.) Anyway, the crust is divine... 

Holden wanted to try to the pie. When I cut him a piece, he pointed to inside the crust and said "I just don't like that stuff in there." Sooooo, I'm thankful I learned AGAIN that pumpkin pie should come from a can... or costco. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

#12: Thirty Days of Thanksgiving

This family... yep, thankful for them

Sunday, November 11, 2012

#11: 30 days of thanksgiving

Yoga Bebe?

Last Christmas I got Holden a yoga mat. I didn't expect it to be his favorite gift, but I was hoping once he had his own mat he'd be a little more interested in one of my favorite things in the world. We had been participating in Mommy & Me classes since before he could crawl, and I was really hoping he'd create this passion for it.

Yeah, that never happened.

But this little one is already more interested than her brother ever was, and plays in and in our yoga mat collection without any sort of 'nudging' on my part.

So I recognize a HUGE part of yoga is the practice of "non-attachment." Yes, I know I need to let go of my happiness or sadness that might be attached to any outcome, but it was so fun watching her giggle crawling back and forth on the kids mat last night.

It's not very yogic of me, but I really hope we get to share this love.

Namaste Zoë-Bug. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

#10: 30 days of Thanksgiving

Here's a few things I was thankful for on Saturday:

Studded snow tires (seriously, we can get ANYWHERE in my car now)

Utah Red Zone: I picked up that darling gingham dress for Zoë she wore to Friday's basketball game

Date-day: so when Danny's aeound, I switch from a Zone Defense with the kids to man-to-man. Usually I'm with Z and he takes Holden (this is also how we do bed time routine because Z still nurses to sleep). But Saturday morning we switched things up, and Holden and I went to the children's theater and saw "Dinosaurs-The Musical!" And Danny and Zoë had a Daddy-Daughter-Date. I picked out Holden's clothes but left Z's wardrobe up to my husband. He did not disappoint...and I mean that in the most beautiful way possible. He got her showered and hen dressed her in black and purple: so they could match each other. What a sweet heart!
She loved the game, and he loves her, and I love them both. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

#9: thirty days of thanksgiving


Here's a little secret my husband may not even know about me - I like building snowmen.

As most of you know, the snow began DUMPING in Salt Lake early Friday morning and so while Zoë was taking a morning nap, Holden and I built 3 snowmen... They were big, but not super structurally sound, so this one was all that was left for a photo-op. Oh and it's Optimus Prime. You could probably tell, but I am just reinforcing the obvious.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

#8: thirty days of thanksgiving

Doug Fabrizio

SWAG from the KUER Members Benefit Wednesday Night

I've been listening to Doug (pretty much *religiously) since I first became a SAHW (stay at home wife). As a SAHM (mom), he's a pretty normal part of our day.

Doug introduced me to barefoot running, helped alter my perceptions and views about vaccinations, overhauled many serious misconceptions I held about conventional-wisdom in parenting (through the book "NurtureShock"), and continues to challenge my beliefs and world view -- how wonderful!

Through my work on the Howell Campaign I got to meet him in September. Here we are at the Hinckley institute of politics.

We ran into him last night at a KUER benefit held at new Rio Tinto Museum of Natural History. Danny and I visited with Doug about Scott Howell, and touched on the future of politics in Utah. 

FAB-rizio indeed.  

*technically I spend more time a week with Doug than I do at church.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#7: 30 Days of Thanksgiving

So mixed emotions about the election: Was saddened to see Utahns overwhelmingly stuck with Orrin Hatch... but comforted that they elected Matheson (my aversion and fear of Tea-Party Republicans --i.e. Mia Love is probably only matched by some of my conservative's distrust of Obama). Stoked about Ben McAdams, and the President (obviously) but the biggest dissapointment of the night came from the bile on facebook from so many people I know who call themselves Christians. (Let's not go into examples - I was so disappointed. And if that's what I sounded like after George Bush took office, I'm disgusted with myself -- and asking for forgiveness.)

So while some of my friends and family members have convinced themselves that the end of the world is most certainly upon us (December 21st is coming soon), and are in mourning... I offer a message from The Church of Jesus Christ or Latter-day Saints (ahem, the Mormons).
Thankful for THIS message and hope that wether you're a member of the LDS Faith or not, you can glean something from this example.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

#6: 30 Days of Thanksgiving

Today's art project: Baby in a Papoose.
I mistakenly asked if it was a gingerbread man, he said
"No it's a baby, with blood coming out of his mouth".
.. I'm assuming that's just left over excitment from Halloween?  
Of course I'm thankful for the right to vote -- but I voted early, so today is just a waiting game. So I'll share the conversation I'm thankful for after I picked up Holden from pre-school this morning.

Me: So did you guys talk about voting today?

Holden: No, indians. 

Me: Oh, about how Columbus came, destroyed their lands and gave them small pox?

Holden: No, just when a mama has a baby she puts them in a pa- pa...papoose. 

Me: Oh that's so cute... and way better than small pox.

Monday, November 5, 2012

#5:thirty days of thanksgiving


So here's a sample of the text message antics Danny and I were dealing with this evening. The drill at our house in the evenings is that I pretty much handle Z for bed and Danny takes care of Holden. For the better part of a year, Holden has been so easy to get to sleep -- a story (or two) and then the promise: "be back to check on you." 

Zoë is still nursing to sleep so Danny is usually done with his parental bed time duties WAY before me. 

However, just this past week or so he's suddenly requiring a little bit more hands on attention... and so thus this message between the two of us as Zoë was crawling in and out of the master bed (our mattress currently on the floor for safe co-sleeping). 

He had just texted Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight update about the President's chances for tomorrow:  

How did husband's and wives communicate before text messaging? 

#4: 30 Days of Thanksgiving

With all the election craziness, we almost forgot to stop and enjoy Fall. 

True Story: I don't think I've ever actually raked up leaves for Holden to jump into prior to today. I put Zoë in the Ergo on my back and put together a pile from the Elephant Heart Plum tree in our front yard.  Danny was driving up from work just as Holden started his dance with Autumn. 

Dinner was not ready yet. 

It did not matter in the least. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

#3: 30 Days of Thanksgiving

This awesome Daddy (and husband).

Danny and Z at Holden's Pre-School Halloween Program 
OK seriously, if our home was a music festival it would be called PUKEFEST 2012 or LollapaPUKEza. Z must've caught the flu because she had been puking and had an upset stomach basically Tuesday - Friday. I caught some variety of it, and as such Danny came home early from work on Friday and has been taking care of all of us, and the house all weekend.

So while I'm not grateful for skickness, nothing gives you gratitude for your health, and for loving family members taking care of you in a time of need.

Friday, November 2, 2012

#2: thirty days of thanksgiving


Church Halloween Party 
Seriously thankful for this good natured, happy and delightful 25-plus-pound 10 (almost 11) month old.

I love her curls.
I love her laugh.
I love her chunky thighs.
I love her cuddles.
I love her baby steps. (But they are bittersweet).

I love we've made it almost 11 months nursing with no signs of stoping any time soon. (Judge me, don't judge me--it's really between me and Zoë. But I'm proud of us because it has come with plenty of bumps in the road.)

I love how she plays with and wrestles her brother.

I don't love her fascination with stairs and fire.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

#1: 30 Days of Thanksgiving

Totally stoked that Halloween is over. Zoë spent 48-plus hours (on and off) puking and with the Big D. It definitely looks like she's on the mend--but happy to be past the worst of it.

In other news, for Hallow's Eve we handed out local apples purchased from the Farmer's Market, mini compostable pumpkins, fruit leather and play-dough (from China).

The takers in apples and play-dough were split evenly - a few fruit leather partakers and some pumpkin snatchers. The apples I understand - a lot just seem to start noshing as soon as they grab them. But I imagine the great pumpkin choosers get home and think: "what the hades was I thinking? It seemed so novel at the time."