Thursday, November 1, 2012

#1: 30 Days of Thanksgiving

Totally stoked that Halloween is over. Zoë spent 48-plus hours (on and off) puking and with the Big D. It definitely looks like she's on the mend--but happy to be past the worst of it.

In other news, for Hallow's Eve we handed out local apples purchased from the Farmer's Market, mini compostable pumpkins, fruit leather and play-dough (from China).

The takers in apples and play-dough were split evenly - a few fruit leather partakers and some pumpkin snatchers. The apples I understand - a lot just seem to start noshing as soon as they grab them. But I imagine the great pumpkin choosers get home and think: "what the hades was I thinking? It seemed so novel at the time."

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