Thursday, June 16, 2011

Third Thursday = Guest Bloggin'!

It's that time of the month again. (Ew, not that time. I'm 17 weeks preggers remember?)

Nah, it's time for my monthly bit at Make and Takes.

Check it out HERE.

Peace love and farmers markets....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Holden Helps the Guys

It's officially summer time at the Mangum household. How do I know? Because my hair is getting washed almost every day from time in the swimming pool, there's usually dirt in my fingernails (even with the pool time) and my son seems to look less like me each day as I turn a deeper shade of brown and he is doused in California Baby Sunscreen ensuring none of his Mexican heritage shines through (seriously, could the kid be any whiter?)

We spent the morning in the yard: shoveling, watering, digging and even tasting (we have RADISHES! Wahooo!)

The landscapers have also been here a few times already this summer and the yard is coming along splendidly. They were here last night finishing up the border around our front lawn and getting the bark laid to help aid in weed protection.

Whenever they are here, Holden is convinced he needs to "help the guys." THat's what he was saying right before Danny caught him on the iPhone doing this:

Today he helped in a different way. After I had prepped the last few areas for beets, pumpkins and cucumbers, Holden helped me sow seeds of love and then some.

It started out fine. A long thin strip just smaller than an inch deep to drop in the beet seeds. Before I could blink, it moved from meticulous movement to handfuls of seeds being thrown over a 6 foot strip of earth. Holden's "beet row" is going to be a glorious mixture of beet greens and root veggies. I gave up caring that wasn't going to look exactly as I had planned. I know it will be perfect.

We moved onto the squash and the two "mounds" I prepared for hills of 6 seeds each, turned into two entire packets of seeds being dumped into a little patch of ground about 4 feet long and a foot or so wide..

It's going to be epic.

I love my little gardener.