Sunday, October 13, 2013

September Round-Up

Social Media makes it so much easier to adhere to the Mormon dictum of journal keeping. But since the advent of Facebook and Instagram, I have a hard time remembering to update this thing... But I'm going to give September a go.

We had out open house & garage sale. I made $250; which I kept joking ending meaning I made about $1.50 an hour. ;) 

This is my friend Kai - who attended my Monday morning Yoga class at WAY
While he was in town from San Francisco for the Affirmation Conference -- which
I also attended in September. It's for LGBT's in the LDS Faith and their family and
friends to raise awareness and help end bullying, depression
and suicides throughout the community. 

This is Me & Z at H2BLOW: a "blowout bar"  getting my hair lovely
for datenight for my bday.

This is the blowout- plus a braid... trying new things at 36!

This is how I started my bday: Teaching Yoga Playdate with Z.
I brought balloons representing each color of the chakras and
sent the kids home with the color of their choice.
Also, Zoe thinks "burrito" is an actual Yoga pose. 

This is my fancy friend Marissa. She was in town on SkyWest
business and carved out some time for lunch on my bday. We met up at
City Creek because we're fancy like that and we both love Nordstrom.
(She can afford it more than I can though...)

This is Zoë at The Little Gym. She loves the song with
the shakers at the beginning of class. She's afraid of
her male teacher. She likes the bars and beam and running
around crazy. I LOVE attending these classes with her
and wished I would've just forked over the $$$ with Holden; because this would've
been a much better fit for him than FREE classes at the Library. #neversatstill!

Here's two of my favorite people in the world. 

Also in September our family sang in the Primary Program
(that deserves it's own entire post.) But here's Z trying to keep entertained
on the Friday afternoon practice her brother attended.... 

Part of September also included attending a special "Board of Directors"
preview of the new "Saving Lives" exhibit at Discovery Gateway: the children's museum.
We don't get there very much anymore; especially now that my Dad and Danny
are no longer acting Board members... but it's always nice to have an official excuse to visit.

"Could you hold on just a minute, I'm very busy and important."

So happy in the water feature... and so much better than her playing in the bathroom sink. 

I have said before that it's ALWAYS worth it to let this one dress himself.
Oh how I love my little Hipster Cowboy.

Here they are Sunday morning... before the big performance.
Who knew massive breakdowns were just two hours away.
They look so angelic.....

Did you know that September was National Yoga Month?
The studio I teach at "We Are Yoga SLC" was instrumental in getting
Gov. Herbert (who knew he was so progressive?!?!) to sign a State Yoga Day into a Resolution!
I helped with a bunch of the PR; and was honored to be a part of this event!

I was asked to help "assist." But I learned I mostly like to
give adjustments when I'm teaching the class; so I spent more time
welcoming people and helping out with getting waivers signed, etc.

One of my favorite pics from the event at the Capitol.
About 200 people in the rotunda gettin' their down doggie on!
(Though, this picture is technically a forward fold). 

Another thing we're loving about September is Holden and school.
Here he is at Back to School night showing us how to unroll and roll up
a carpet. His school "Elizabeth Academy" is pretty much too amazing for words.
It needs a separate post as well. 

The last weekend in September was celebrated with a GIRLS DAY OUT!
These fund five ladies and I did the Rivalry Relay; taking turns on a 60 mile course to
run from the University of Utah to BYU in a day. 

My sweet friends at MonkeyG (who I do occasional yoga modeling for) hooked
us up with discounts on gear like these fabulous red leggings and
"Practice" t's we wore at the finish line. 

Just gettin' my yoga on and representing the Utes!
And wearing horrible shoes that I abandon on my second run and
just went barefoot because there were sidewalks and
I really don't likeshoes... still. 

Here we are at the finish line. Skyline Ladies still lookin' hot after almost 20 years.
Seriously, it's been almost 20 years? Frightening.