Monday, November 28, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: (11/28/11): Baby Z Update

OK, no baby -- yet...

But progress people!!! THat's what we've got. We are 70% effaced and at a 1.5 (OH YEAH! That's a whole half a point from last week...I'm surprised this baby just hasn't fallen out of me today.)

The non-stress test for this week looked fine (Baby Z passed!), and my amniotic fluid is normal...again. Huzzah.

I recognize I've been a little quiet lately, but the stomach flu hit our house with a vengeance. First Holden -- for 24 hours; then about 12 hours later....Danny. He took the 24 hour cycle, lost about 12 pounds and 12 hours following him I got my chance at greatness. (I can't think of a way to explain it without being vulgar or sharing details that may in fact pass on symptoms of the stomach flu directly to you.)

So let's just say my stomach was churning and heaving and convulsing and I lost 6 pounds over the weekend. I had high hopes the cramping in my stomach would start some contractions and send me into labor, and it definitely brought some on, but nothing stuck (including any Thanksgiving leftovers I had partaken in earlier on Friday for lunch.)

The good news was, I woke up Sunday morning without cankles and no longer feeling bloated. Totally awesome.

Who gets that kind of a gift in their pregnancy past 40 weeks? See, every cloud has a silver lining.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/22/11): My Mom

"Mama Suite" with a few of her Grandchildren

Today I'm super grateful for my Mom. She (and Danny's mom) have been so helpful with taking care of Holden.

This morning my poor little guy woke up at 5am throwing up... and continued to do so until this afternoon. I spent time this morning at the Chiropractor's office trying to get this baby turned (s/he is currently posterior) and my mom sat with him and cleaned up after him when he threw up all over our couch, and then again... and washed the dirty blankets and sheets.

She has so much going on, but has helped me so much. I just want to keep this short and sweet and tell her I love her.

Thanks Mom.

(PS. I'm not really sure what's going on with Holden's immunity system lately...flu, croup. I wonder if the stress of Baby Z coming is getting to him?)

Monday, November 21, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/21/11): More Good News Baby Z

Embracing the Early Ultrasound due date of November 23rd, I approached my (almost) 40-week appointment with a little trepidation today. I still hadn't been 'checked' -- operating under the impression that no news was good news.

As you may recall, with Holden after my induction started and we had undergone about 18 hours of intervention, I was dilated to a 1.5 and still not I really didn't want to hear that I wasn't progressing.

When the nurse asked if I wanted to be checked, I responded "not really"...but figured I'd leave it up to my midwife (Lisa).

"I think we should check you," Lisa said.

And guess what?

I'm 50% effaced and dilated to a ONE!

Now I recognize for some, that would be seriously sobering news. But for me, it was such welcome news I started crying and hugged my Midwife.To me, it said "Guess what Sabrena, your body IS capable of doing this. You're not broken. To top it all off, my NST and today's "mini-ultrasound" showed for nearly the 3rd week in a row my amniotic fluid levels are normal.

OK, sure Baby Z is still posterior, but I have every confidence in the world that Baby Z and my body will find a way to work that out too (the fact that I'm going to a Chiropractor for the "Webster Method" on Lisa's recommendation doesn't hurt, either).

Friends, you're prayers and positive energy is SERIOUSLY working.... keep it coming.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/20/11): The List

Since it's Sunday I just wanted to write a little bit about Holden and church and religion and spirituality.

I love it when he prays. It's usually the same prayer, but it goes like this:

"Thankful for Jesus Christ, and prophet and Holy Ghost. Name of Jesus Christ A-men!"

And when we drive past church he always tells me that "Jesus Christ, and Prophet and Holy Ghost help us." He loves to go to church -- especially nursery. He's got an amazing teacher who teaches him so much. I know she loves him, and it's obvious that he adores and loves her.

That's all for now -- I'll return to my regularly scheduled "snarkiness" tomorrow... or later.

PS. For those of you wondering about the 'progress' on Baby Z's arrival... well that makes two of us. The 18th has obviously come and gone (my "Estimated 40-week Due Date" based on my lunar cycle); so now we embrace the 23rd (the estimated due date based on the early ultrasound). Prayers are welcome... positive birthing energy encourage! (But let's be honest, I may have a super comfy womb, I know this baby will come when the time is right.)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/19/11): My Favorite Wild Thing

Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak

The reason Holden does not look up is because he's simultaneously playing some bubble game on my iPhone. The kid's a multi-tasker. I especially love having him 'read' this story to me. But doing it from memory is pretty dang impressive.


Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/18/11): Spray Tan Spectacular

So I don't know if I'm really thankful for this next bit, but I feel it bears sharing...albeit not too many of the details.

Well, I'll just jump right in, as I can't find an easy way to transition into this one.

Last night I got a spray tan -- well, an airbrush "tan" from Electric Beach. My intent was a quick Mystic, but the airbrush was just $5 more and I got suckered into the idea that it was better coverage and more equal, etc etc.

The difference is that instead of being administered by a machine, it's a girl that sprays you...and you're naked. Awesome, because if there's one thing my 180-lb body (yes, you read that right) enjoys being right now is naked, especially in front of people.

Why would I do such a thing:
Temporary Insanity?
D - all of the above? Hmmmm, most likely.

I joked that I wanted to get a spray tan before the baby came (and a pedicure, and a little waxing done)...part of it was for Saturday Date night, but I think another part of it was to 'feel pretty' in Labor & Delivery.... it doesn't really make sense, unless of course you take into account that with my last child I ended up looking like this:

So yes, I'd say it's fair I'd like to avoid looking (and feeling) like that again.

So let me just give you the round-up of the high points of last night's tanning excursion, and I'll reiterate:

Giant 180 pound pregnant female naked in a rom with bright lights...

The girl/administrator instructs me to put barrier cream (lotion like substance) on my feet and hands..."What about elbows?" I ask. "Oh only if they're really dry." She responds. Lady, I'm pregnant. I think to myself. My body is like the mojave desert.

So the barrier cream...I'm at the point where "slip on" shoes are about my only option, and bending over is not really in the cards right now... and trying to balance on one leg to lotion my feet was about as accessible as my size 6 jeans currently being held in storage in my basement, with no real anticipated date of retrieval.

Then they have you stand on this pedestal-like stage, to emphasize EVERYTHING... the good and the bad (there's only bad at this point).

One of my faves was the sweet girl saying: "I hope when I'm pregnant I have a giant belly like you." Awesome.

I had no choice but to give into the ridiculousness of it all, and so I asked her if she wanted to give me a six pack.

She didn't.

Let's have a safe -- and pretty-- birthing my friends.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/17/11): Green Thanksgiving ideas

Today I'm grateful for Green Thanksgiving ideas.
I've put together a few sites and thoughts on the subject to check out
for my monthly bit at Make and Takes.


Make and Takes

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/16/11):Brothers in Law

Or Brother in Laws? (Pretty sure it's Brothers-in-Law).

Either way, I have the best of them. Today I'm honoring the two married to my sisters because Dave (Cicely's husband) is celebrating his 30th birthday today, and Wade (and Cassandra) are celebrating 13 years of marriage today.

Cicely and Dave at our Wedding Reception, August 4, 2006

The Smith's: Max, Wade, Cassandra & Tatum
August 4, 2006

I am grateful to both of them for loving my sisters, and putting up with our crazy insane family.

PS. Last year when I posted about them, apparently I used the exact same photos. Guess I need to update my photo bank.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: (11/15/11):Nesting

I'm not a huge fan of blogs that go on and on about homemaking accomplishments -- maybe just because I am jealous I'm not more productive most of the time. Problem is, if I am super 'productive' in home-making, it most likely means my child-making has suffered (i.e. Holden and PBS Kids have spent more than "quality time" together.)

But in my efforts to get things ready for Baby Z, I've been working on the following projects the last few weeks... crazy fanatical homemaker, or just normal "nesting"? Hmmm, you decide:

  • Bottled Plum jam totaling more than 22 cups of preserves
  • Salsa, sweet and sour sauce, BBQ sauce and spaghetti sauce from more than 70 pounds of tomatoes, 25 pounds of onions and 25 lbs of apples (obviously the red delicious were not used for spaghetti sauce).
  • Apple sauce bottled and frozen (ready for baby food!)

Apple and cherry pie from scratch, baked and frozen for Thanksgiving.

Veggie Lasagna and Chicken pot pie assembled... ready to thaw and bake (so I don't have to!)

Christmas presents purchased and wrapped (well, not all of them... but about 70% complete!)

Christmas card envelopes addressed, picture collages ordered and picked up, letter written: just waiting to be stuffed and mailed.

Four IKEA drapes hemmed (that means a sewing machine wasn't involved...but way to much bending over was.) Still have four more to go, but not really sure if my lower back can take on the rest of this project.

A Gallon of home-made granola so we have some cereal in this house (man, someday I really wish I just bought a box of Frosted Flakes and called it good!)

Six dozen "Monster Toot-ies" for the nurses, doula/s, midwife/s and hospital staff for labor (Holden has named our signature oatmeal, chocolate chip-sometimes featuring coconut- cookies Monster Cookies). I'm thinking some carrot sticks and hummus would be a delightful addition.

OK, so enough of the list... Baby Z, this is what we've done instead of repainting a nursery or remodeling a kitchen. I feel like this is a much better deal.

Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/14/11): good news!

Today I am so thankful for good news!

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night literally thinking Baby Z had just dropped...I could no longer feel him (her?) under my rib cage. I tried not to get too excited about it...but my Midwife verified today that the baby did appear to be lower.

She also mentioned that I looked smaller.... that my belly didn't looks as big, and when she measured I was back down to 37 weeks which made her think my amniotic fluid levels might have gone down (maybe to normal?!?!?)

I was also informed that Baby Z is currently posterior, but she gave me some things to do to get the baby in the right position (pretty much yoga poses so it's not going to be that big of a deal for me)... so I am not real worried about that piece. (I mean considering the things we've had to worry about, that's nothing!!!

After my midwife appointment I had another NST scheduled (Non-stress test) and they checked my fluid levels and for the first time in months I was measuring.....NORMAL!!!!! YEY! And Baby Z had plenty of movement... the nurse said Baby looks great. I am so happy to have some good news and see some 'progress.'

Not that it's up to me, but Saturday would be a really great day to have this baby: My doula just got called to jury duty until Thursday and my Midwife is already on-call Saturday... so I figure not only does that work best with their schedules, but it gives me time to finish getting Holiday Cards addressed & mailed, get a pedi (seriously, maybe a spray-tan? I mean, "if you can't tone it, tan it")... watch the Utes play (labor through the game), check into the hospital that evening and amongst lavender scented oil and Indian Chanting music in the background, let Baby Z fall out of me in a beautiful peaceful/orgasmic birth.

Don't you think that sounds perfect? yeah, me too... let's go with that game plan. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/13/11): Danny

I don't want this to get too sappy. But this weekend I was especially grateful for Danny. Not only did he let me get caught up on some much needed shut-eye Sunday morning by keeping Holden entertained, he somehow managed to cross off a "To-Do" list from Hades (or his wife, kind of the same):
  • Weather stripping doors,
  • loads of washing and folding laundry,
  • Taking care of Holden,
  • Vacuuming
  • etc, etc.

The man's a saint. (I don't tell him I'll just do it publicly and pretend it makes up for it.)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/12/11):The Blessingway

Today was an amazingly spiritual day...and not just because the Utes chalked up their third Pac-12 win.

I was given an amazing gift today -- a BlessingWay for me and Baby Z by my dear friend Hot Courtney. (You may remember her from posts such as Bounce House Demise or mentions in "Intro to Pole" and "Starts with Baseball, Ends with Alpaca.") Courtney is a fun, spiritual and uplifting woman who I am so blessed to have as a friend. After attending a BlessingWay for a friend, she offered to host one for me, and I couldn't be more grateful.

So just as background, Blessingways come in many forms... my understanding is that they originate from the Navajo culture and have been adapted over years.

An awesome quote from

There are many different rituals/experiences/etc that can be used for a Blessingway - from changing the mother to be's hair, to feet washing (or pedicures), chanting, painting henna on mom's belly, etc.

We opted for a Bead/Necklace ceremony.

Courtney had brought a beautiful quote about motherhood and divinity, and then told everyone to share about why they brought their bead and share any positive thoughts about natural childbirth/positive wishes they had for me in my birthing adventure.

We started with me sharing my feelings about Natural Childbirth and why I had chosen this path... and I totally got all emotional talking about my wishes for Holden's birth, and how it didn't work out exactly how I wanted... but that this is something I had desired for as long as I could remember; even before I was old enough to know what an epidural even was.

And then we went around the room and these amazing women -- awesome friends and family members of mine -- took time to share with me their souls as well. I felt so loved and supported. Everyone one should get the opportunity to hear such positive things and feel so adored. It was like I had been Eulogized, but instead of listening in on my own Funeral, we were celebrating a new life joining us.

It was so intimate and spiritual that I almost feel protective of the experience. Like I ought not just throw it out to the blogosphere (I know, this coming from the girl who blogs about sex with her husband....but I guess even I have my limits.)

So now I have this awesome necklace with these charms and beads that I can wear at and during labor to remind me of the strength of women in my life... to remember how supported I am and that they believe in me and that I can do it.

I really feel like the Lord's hand is in this birth -- and yes, I can spew the Sunday School answer that "His hand is in everything." But whereas I may not feel as connected to Baby Z as I did with Holden in utero, I feel like I have more faith in God for this birth experience and His will.

I know that will make the difference -- wherever it leads us. I have such peace about Birth Experience. And while I am continually trying to let go of expectations, I feel so much more open to possibilities and experience this time around.

Thank you to Courtney and these amazing women for helping me understand that today.

Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/11/11): Modern Medicine

Wednesday night, and all day yesterday Holden was running a fever... I don't know exactly what degree it hit; but he was definitely warm and his feet were hot (which after more than 2 1/2 years with this kid I know how to tell if he's got a temp.) We took it easy yesterday (which was good for me as my body could use some down time); I addressed Holiday Card envelopes in bed while he watched shows, we both napped and then he hung out at this grandma's while I taught yoga yesterday evening.

His voice was kind of groggy by nightfall; and at about midnight the seal cough came in... me with my wishful thinking was hoping it was not croup. But by this morning it was pretty apparent that's exactly what it was.

Even though he woke up joyful at 6:45 turning to me and saying" "Mommy, I pay wiff my toys." And created this awesome Robot with his blocks:
Here he is showing it off and giving it the reverence it deserves:
But by this afternoon, this was a fairer representation of our little guy:
He's been going from breathing ok, to having that horrible stridor/ Darth Vader sounding seems to scare me more than him.

The doc gave us a steroid to start him on (which you people know I loathe even giving the kid Tylenol), and I somehow forced it down him crushed in between a layer of whipped cream. It appears to be helping...though the doctor said the second night is usually the worst.

My heart just aches for him. He's such a healthy seems like even when he's exposed to something, he'll show a sign of starting to get sick and then "BAM!" Like a superhero his immune system sweeps in a knocks it out. I think this is second time he's been sick with cold this year... and he's 2 and 1/2...a veritable WALKING PETRI DISH!

So I guess this doesn't really sound like a post about Thanksgiving... but I am Thankful we could get him into the doctor's today before the weekend. I am thankful that he can take this medicine to help him breathe. And I'm thankful that I can be here with him, and for an awesome husband who negotiates schedules to make everything work.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/10/11): My Midwife

I am so thankful for my Midwife (ok, technically Midwives, because I am with the Midwife group up at the U.) But Lisa K, is the one I consider 'mine.' She was the first one I met with when I was looking for someone to take me as a VBAC candidate; and she's got such a calm demeanor about her. I love that she's totally on top of things, but doesn't hesitate to follow up with the resident if there's a question about standard of care. I also love that she doesn't shy away from the old school Midwife tricks of the trade: Evening Primrose Oil, Raspberry Leaf Tea, etc. And she'll say, "these are what the old-schhol Midwives did..." all while explaining there's no real scientific backing... but what have you go to lose, eh?

I love that after hearing my birth story with Holden, instead of saying "eek, sounds like you're broken," she followed up with "Hmm, sounds like you needed a little more time to ripen." Exactly... like a piece of fruit, the female parts just need time to ripen.

On Wednesday I had yet another ultrasound (I swear it was my 5th...or more!) and they measured me at 40 weeks 5 Days (I am technically somewhere past the 38 week depending on which 'due date' you're using: Nov 18 or Nov 23). Baby Z weighed in at 8 lbs 14 ounces (give or take a pound)...I'm obviously taking a pound and going with the 7 lb route. But she called today to make sure I wasn't stressed out, and assured me that at this point (and from feeling the baby at my appointment on Monday) that she didn't think I had a nine pounder inside of me, and there was no reason to jump to the conclusion that I needed a c-section. She said, "I still think the best course is to just give your body time to do what it's supposed to do."


I just hope my body decides that it's ripening time sooner than later.

PS. Here's a random thought... since I'm delivering at the U, and my uterus will obviously be involved in the blessed process, I'm pretty sure the cheer "Gooooooo Utes!" is taking on a whole new meaning for me at this juncture in my life.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/9/11): Holdenisms

Kids say the darndest things, eh?
Holden, last month pre-hair cut. Danny took him 'hiking' up silver lake

Here's a list off the top of my head of things I love to hear from Holden (and somethings he says that aren't my favorite, but still crack me up about him.)

  • "Oh-tay, fine." This statement usually comes after I tell him we have to do something he's not particularly fond of doing before we can do something he is particularly fond of doing
  • "Love you Mommy." It doesn't matter where or when he says this. I never get tired of hearing it... especially when he says it just out of the blue.
  • "You want cuddle wiff me?" He'll say this early in the morning, after he has crawled into bed with us
  • "Don't do that Mommy."
  • "Shankt you." I don;t know how to exactly describe how he says Thank You, but he's really good at using that phrase.
  • "Oh sorry bout that." He apologizes for things that don't necessitate an apology... like when he bumps his head, or I tell him to say "I" instead of "me" ... then I have to explain to him he doesn't need to apologize. But apparently he's already caught on to the idea that when someone corrects you, it means you've done something wrong... which breaks my heart a little bit.
  • As he reaches for my iPhone: "I pay with your phone"
  • To me and Danny: "You be Batman, I be Superman and you be Wonderwoman"
  • "What this do?"
  • "What her/his name?"
  • "Goooooooo Utes!"
  • "I pay football."
  • "You wanna pay {soccer, football, baseball, tackle, etc} wiff me?"
  • "Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost and Prophet help us." It might also be worth mentioning that when praying, Holden loves to give thanks for Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost and Spider Man. Apparently God the Father has been replaced by a superhero in his world.
  • "Oh hi, my name Holden, this my Daddy." He's very good at introducing his Dad.
He has also started telling us stories. They always start:
"Once upon a time, there was a" {bear, pumpkin, ghost, pirate, spider, etc.}
"And this" {bear, pumpkin, ghost, pirate, spider, etc. does something... changes every time.}

I need to get one on video, and him reading "Where the Wild Things Are." He had a period of time where it because his favorite 'bathroom time' reading material and so the kid's pretty much got it memorized. It's awesome. I love it when he reads it to me.

I've backed away from the crazy canning and obsessive nesting the past couple of days... and as such we've been spending a lot of time reading and snuggling. I feel like I'm operating against a clock in which I have no idea how much time till the buzzer sounds (kind of like overage in a soccer game.)

I hope I never forget these moments.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: (11/8/11): Validation

So last night we met with our doula(s)* for (what appears to be) the last time before labor. I'm feeling much more calm about this experience. i explained to Emily (our main doula) that I was surprised that I hadn't actually typed up my birthplan as this time with Holden it was about six pages that I was trying to reduce to a single front sided sheet of paper (how's font 8 sound?)

She said that it could just be 2nd child syndrome; but also that I have more faith in my providers...which I think makes sense. So much of what I outlined in my birthplan last time, is just standard practice for the Nurse Midwives at the U (I plan on delivering at the University of Utah hospital if I don't 'accidentally' just give birth in my bathtub at home.)

And I certainly could go on and on about all the things I am thankful for when it comes to the quality of care I've received up there...but what I think I'm really thankful for, is that this time I feel like no matter what happens I will feel more validated in my birth experience.

After Holden was born (via cesarean), I had a lot of guilt, frustration and depression about my birth experience. To try and console me --or just help me snap out of my post-partum funk-- many loved ones would counter with the phrase "All that matters is that you have a healthy baby," (and some would add 'healthy mama.') But I have come to realize that isn't ALL that matters. A woman's birth experience does she brings her child into this world matters a lot -- and for some more than others.

Yes, of course I'm thrilled that Holden was ok, and I was ok... but that didn't stop me from feeling what I did...and then I had to add guilt to it, trying to figure out why I was so upset when I had a beautiful baby to celebrate.

This time, it will be different... and not necessarily because I'm going to have my fairy-tale natural birth. That may or may not happen.

I may or may not even have a vaginal birth... but I'll be better prepared for any scenario; and know that I've done everything I can to make the best possible scenario for me and my baby...and if a c-section really is in the cards: with health care providers letting me hang on that full 42 weeks, with two doulas and the like, if it comes to that I'll know that this time my birth wasn't high-jacked by the medical community... it just wasn't meant to be.

And that my friends, is called validation...and I imagine that birth experience comes with a lot more peace when you get 'healthy baby, healthy mama.'

*We've had two back up doulas on this journey because the original gal we wanted is in nursing school to be a Nurse Midwife, and was afraid her schedule wouldn't permit her attending our birth. But now it looks like we'll just have both gals for the big reveal! Huzzah.

Image from Ask Liza

Monday, November 7, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: (11/7/11): 540 Sateen

Sometimes we can just be grateful for the simple things... like electricity, or iPhones or bed sheets. (Read on).

Monday is usually a cleaning day round here...even though it seems like my home is in an eternal state of disarray, I like things to at least be straightened. It's getting harder and harder to scrub bathrooms and mop floors with my ever expanding condition (although I did manage to lose a pound at the doctor's this week - think it had something to do with my cankles FINALLY getting under control.)

So Monday's also a laundry day (what day isn't laundry day - sheesh?); and I usually change the bed sheets on Monday's as well. Two of our bottom sheets for the King were so worn out, they literally ripped from overuse; so thankfully I got to invest in some new sateen dandies.

When we were married, pretty much all the sheets I registered for were 600, 800 or more thread count (I fell in love with 800-thread count egyptian cotton at the Madison Hotel on a fam trip to Memphis.)

Image from Kiwi Collection

But do you know what is a close second? 540 Sateen from Costco... no joke.

We bought and put these new babies on this week and even with waking up in the middle of the night for pregnancy bladder, I am sleeping like a queen. (540, what a strange and delightful number).

Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: (11/6/11): Snow Day!

I can handle snow in November. October is just ridiculous, but November...I can handle snow. And I am especially grateful for a husband that is willing to take our little guy out to play in the snow. Holden LOVED building his first snowman. I'm so grateful for my boys.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: (11/5/11): Locks of Lovely

Thankful for a hair stylist that can still make me feel pretty;
even with a giant belly, wobbly bits and at 38-plus weeks pregnant.
Logan, you are a miracle worker.

I've talked about him before, but if you want his magic on your hair, ask for the "Victoria's Secret." Logan can be found at the Landis Aveda salon. He's a miracle worker.

Friday, November 4, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: (11/4/11) At this point, just grateful:

So as I near the end of this pregnancy, there are certain things I can be thankful for (since it's hard to find a silver lining outside of "baby will be here soon" when you look like a bloated hippo).

At this point I'm thankful:
  • I can still wear my wedding band and engagement ring
  • I've only had problem getting into one (ok maybe two?) public restrooms*
  • I don't get/have stretch marks...I really doubt they'll manifest themselves in the next two weeks
  • My blood pressure has been normal the whole time
  • My wardrobe may not be glamorous but thanks to a kind sister and my last baby born in Feb, I've got plenty of Fall maternity clothes to wear
  • I can see a light at the end of the tunnel...I think

Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: 11/3/11 Some friends

I've written and re-written this post a few times today... but it's eight at night and I need to get something out to the blogosphere to keep the 30 Days of Thanksgiving going...

So I'll say this - I have awesome friends.

Thank you Lindsay for joining us Tues night for leftovers. I love it when Nina stops by. If you were here right now, we could laugh about my cankles like we did after Holden was born and I thought my cesarean stitches were literally going to come apart.

Thank you Brandi for flying up yesterday to SLC to spend 7 hours with me, mostly just talking (my favorite part). I'm glad we got to celebrate your birthday, but it really was amazing just having any excuse to have you here.

And thanks to the ladies from Wed night GNO (pictured above just before I purchased a day old glazed donut from Fresh Market, though we're missing Becky, Becca and Cass in the picture). These gals took me under their wing years ago, right after I had graduated from IWU and moved back to Utah - boyfriendless, jobless and pretty much friendless. Some of them I've lived with. All of them I have annoyed/offended many a time, but they still manage to put up with and include me. I love them dearly. (Gotta cut footloose - yes, we saw it last night).

I have a lot of other friends that worth a mention of two, but I just felt like with the whirlwind of friendspotting Tues and Wed this week, I just had to say thanks.

Part of me feels like I'll be disappearing off the planet once baby gets here (that's what happened with Holden)... are we really just a couple of weeks away? It's hard to believe. These last hurrah's are more meaningful than ever.

Thank you friends.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: (11/2/11) Baby Z the Enigma

I am thankful for you, Baby Z. Even though I really don't know what you are... I mean we've ruled out UFO artificial insemination and whatnot, but your gender continues to elude me. People often ask what I want: girl or boy? I respond "yes."

I may have mentioned before that it would seem a little easier if you were a boy -- because we've got all that Boy stuff already: clothes, toys, baking stuff. But we can't decide on a middle name AND I am not looking forward to the whole circumcision debate again: both sides seem to be a lose-lose to me. So Zeke, I hope when you're older and you read this, you'll forgive me talking about your 'special parts' to the world.

That said, maybe we won't even have to worry about the c-word. Because maybe you are a Zoe. And if that's the case your name is easy: Zoe Suite Mangum (yes, with out the hyphen... but isn't it cool our names will sound the same? I never had a middle name, so my hyphen is the closest thing I've got... though some would say just taking Suite as my middle name would've solved that whole problem anyway. But that would've been too easy on my marriage.) I digress.

If you are a girl, we'll probably need to get one of those kid-kitchens to go with all of Holden's baking stuff...and you'll definitely need some will be fun to shop for you, though I'm pretty sure we'll need more disposable income in this house: I often joke with your father that we are not wealthy enough to have a girl at this stage in our relationship because I have seen what's out there for wardrobe options with girls, and it's scary how much money I could spend.

I am excited for you to get here. Due date ranges from the 18th to the 23rd depending on which model you chose: and you're measuring big from what the ultrasound says, and I'm already measuring 39-40 weeks (at 37-plus weeks)...and with the extra fluid, it seems there are a few indicators that you may be coming sooner than later... though it seemed your brother would've stayed in utero for another month if the doctors would've let him.

You're still so high up, it's really unbelievable. I've got such a short amount of time left and I have yet to use one of those belly-belt things that I swore I used with your brother 6 months in: trade-offs, eh?

What can I say except that I am excited to meet you. I'm glad you're already a part of our family, and we're all looking forward to you being here... though I keep reminding myself babies are much easy to care of inside the womb than out of it, but hopefully this time I'll remind myself to enjoy it, instead of being worried I'm doing everything wrong.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: 11/1/11

Totally thankful I have a tough kid who doesn't get offended when I laugh at him...especially when I should be a little more compassionate (this was posted to fb a few days ago, so you may have already seen it).