Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/20/11): The List

Since it's Sunday I just wanted to write a little bit about Holden and church and religion and spirituality.

I love it when he prays. It's usually the same prayer, but it goes like this:

"Thankful for Jesus Christ, and prophet and Holy Ghost. Name of Jesus Christ A-men!"

And when we drive past church he always tells me that "Jesus Christ, and Prophet and Holy Ghost help us." He loves to go to church -- especially nursery. He's got an amazing teacher who teaches him so much. I know she loves him, and it's obvious that he adores and loves her.

That's all for now -- I'll return to my regularly scheduled "snarkiness" tomorrow... or later.

PS. For those of you wondering about the 'progress' on Baby Z's arrival... well that makes two of us. The 18th has obviously come and gone (my "Estimated 40-week Due Date" based on my lunar cycle); so now we embrace the 23rd (the estimated due date based on the early ultrasound). Prayers are welcome... positive birthing energy encourage! (But let's be honest, I may have a super comfy womb, I know this baby will come when the time is right.)

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