Monday, November 24, 2008

A Night at the Emmas

OK, so it may sound completely crazy that my Church lets me work with the youth... but nonetheless, it's happened. Here's some highlights from our "Night at the Emmas -- Young Women in Excellence." 
Here they are in their formal "modest is hottest attire"  

We also had them each decorate a section of table showing who they are, things they love and talents they posses.  These teenagers and tweens are deep.  It amazes me everything they're doing: piano, violin, viola, singing, sports... the extracurriculars are astounding...
And of course, no awards night would be complete without a red carpet to accept thier "Emma" on stage. The girls' dads escorted down the red carpet; and Danny (he's such a great support) helped them walk up the "steps." Two little bits about that #1 - once they had received their award, their "acceptance speech" was saying a value that was extra special to them (for those not completely following, the YW values are: faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice &  accountability, good works and integrity.) 
The "Steps" were make shift from a primary room step and a table to get the appropriate hight for the stage -- not too sturdy for heels. We obviously need and eagle scout to build something more suitable...  anyone know of a dude trying to get his Eagle?  I've got a great service project idea!!!
We also had "walk of fame" stars in front of their section of table...

And yes... you guesses it "the emmas!"  The actual awards we gave as trophies are pictured below.

The Night at the Emmas idea came from someone else, who I would give credit to, but I basically got a piece of paper from the YW Prez we were combining with... so I don't know who to attribute the idea to. But I did not come up with the idea to spray paint Mrs. Butterworth's bottles... I only wish I was that brilliant... but they looked AWESOME!! You could even see the features on her face... and now, the girls not only have a memoir from a great night -- they have a delicious topping for pancakes and one more item to add to their food storage... because I bet that stuff has a shelf-life measured in half-lives. ;)

Special thanks to my husband who helped out SOOOO much! I was playing point on this project, and I swear I was ready to have conference calls to get things completed.  My "task list" looked like the minutes from one of my division meetings; and I kept thinking I should have an assistant to follow up... I've been spoiled by (my) "Nicole" at work. But everyone pitched in... and Danny was especially helpful.  That man is so great at entertaining...he took pictures, and helped with set-up and tear down, and like I said, helped escort the girls up the stage with the "hand off" from their fathers.  He's such a gem.  I can't imagine doing these types of things without him. By the time we got home (and I had been on psychotic "prep mode" for about 72 hours,) I was exhausted.  He said he can finally "keep up" with me... because he thinks my pace on pregnancy, is like an average person's... ot true, but still kind of adorable. 
Anyway, I was totally breathing heavy and had probably lifted way too many things being preggers... not to mention I was in 3 1/2 inch stilettos so my back was a little shot. ;) Self induced obviously -- you don't have to feel sorry for me. Anyway, he just told me to lay down and took care of everything... helped me "slip into something more comfortable"... which meant yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt... and eventually it was time for sleep!
I know this post is already super long but I also just want to mention, some of my girlfriends hosted a really sweet baby shower for me and Holden this weekend.  It was such a busy day, with 1/2 of them going to the game with their families and a million other things going on... but I was so happy to see them.  So those of you that made it, thank you so much!  It was so special.  (Even Brandi and Marissa -- yes, Honey & Snow -- flew in from St. George and we spent all day together Friday and then they came to the shower Saturday too.) 

Also on Saturday -- Danny also surprised me with an extra ticket to the Utah game.  He was going with my Dad (7th row, 50 yard line... the seats are really amazing!!!) But my Dad got injured that morning taking my mom to Twilight (Danny and I saw the 2:40 AM showing Friday morning!); so my old man gave Danny the extra ticket. I think it's so cool he took me instead of one of his buddies. I mean, I get winded walking up the Skyline High school bleachers, so it was kind of a gamble...but it was awesome.  I think I almost went into labor 9 weeks early from the excitement! Go Utes!

And yes, I said 2:40 AM to see Edward. Danny knew I wanted to see it so bad (I even had a shirt made that said "Edward's the father- my baby's part vampire") Thursday night at 9 pm he said, "see if there are any seats left" (we like reserved seating). Danny said we could go home, sleep for a few hours, wake-up, see the movie and come back and sleep from 5 am until he had to go to work (which is basically 2 more hours of sleep.)  How could I say no?!?!!  We went in our pajamas... and even though the movie was not the best I had ever seen, who cares?  It's Twilight -- it's Edward Cullen... and I will remember the night for the rest of our lives. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Musings from Nowhere

As a narcissist once profoundly put it, “We don’t have much time, so I’ll just tell you about me…”

The funny thing is, even though Friday was my last* day of work, I feel like I haven’t stopped moving (kind of like the little-guy in my ute). As I told some of my lady friends over dinner this week, “Being a stay at home wife is exhausting!” That’s right, I said it… and ’m not even really a stay at home mom right now… I mean, I’ve got Holden; but I’m not sure if he shifts my status to the latter group as he doesn’t really have a choice on joining in my excursions or not.

When my boss asked me what my plan for my first week off was, I responded with vigor:
“Doctor’s appointment and yoga on Monday (ok, and a spray on tan**), birthing class and dentist appointment Tues (Huzzah! No cavities or peridontis!!!), Thursday some QT with Logan my hair stylist, and Friday is GIRLS DAY with my two of my BFF’s from St. George (Ms. Snow and Ms. Honey). Um yeah, that’s really their names. We’re thinking of putting together some Christmas cards “Love from Hoey-Suite-Snow” or something…

Today I shall spend the majority of the day (once yoga is complete) getting reading for “Young Women in Excellence” tonight. Does anyone but me find it funny my church has me working with young impressionable teenagers? Obviously they did not look at my seminary attendance record/are not too familiar with my Spring Break escapades and beyond… thank goodness for repentance.

So lets close on a high note

Things I’m fully and completely grateful for:
• My blood pressure (while normal my entire pregnancy) dropped significantly this week – lowest it’s been my entire pregnancy. My husband thinks it’s because I’m not “working.” (He obviously does not understand the rigors of being a kept woman).
• Our home – it’s so awesome to be in East Milcreek. Our house needs so much work, but it’s ours and it has history and I love it…
• My sisters. Anyone that knows my sisters knows how friggin rad they are… we each have our quirks, but Sassa, Celestial and Cic (pronounced Sis, how fitting) are my best friends and I love them all.
• Holden – the kid is such a rockstar. I can already tell.
• Danny – I think he wants us to adopt next round… I don’t think I’m a miserable pregnant… but I think he’s getting tired of me complaining about not being able to bend over to put on my shoes.

PS. Barney Frank (D-MA) is a little out of control… I just heard him on NPR’s morning edition, and the kat’s a little crazy. But I like a little nutzo in my politics so I’m not too fearful.

*Technically I’m just on a “leave”… though my entire future has not yet been decided. I’m not making any official decisions until Holden and I get a little more time to get to know each other

**”If you can’t tone it, tan it.”

Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh the Blog Drama!

Danny told me politics would catch up with me.. and they did. A super Tuesday and the Utes beating TCU on Thursday night (ok, taking home a win is more like it) with a busy Saturday (and 17 comments on one entry) later... has made this mommy a bit tired.

So I thought I would take a break from the soap box, and share some promised pics... I know, I hardly ever post them... ENJOY!

Danny and I passed out Halloween candy on the 31st and then hit up a swingin' singles party... (well, not that there were swingers there... you got what I was saying, yes?)  We didn't stay long as the party started after we are usually going to bed. But before we get into that....

This is a pic from earlier last month... I know I posted the black dress pics already... but I think my little sister Celeste looks really cute in this picture.  And my mom is such a little hottie... I think it's awesome how my belly reflects this light like a giant silver balloon... that's so delicious.

Here's a great picture of me practicing hypno-birthing. ;)  Just kidding, Danny was just taking random pictures of me; also I enjoy looking at my chin before I broke out with 3rd trimester acne... My face does not look like this anymore... 

I have always said I hope our girls get the Mangum legs... Holden can have my Mack-truck thighs as long as he gets some length from his Daddy... doesn't Danny-boy make an AWESOME Bleaker?  Complete with orange tic-tacks!

This next one basically showcases how I am not as cool as my husband or Juno... I'm not quite as thin as Ellen Page... but I think the best part of my costume is that the belly is legit (Danny's friend Renn asked if it was real... apparently it's been a while since we've been around his old crew in public.) 

More belly pics... THis is also from that night out on the town... the other day at the office this guy told me I looked "miserable."  I said thanks. And this pic was like 4 weeks ago... ahhhh-some.  I even try to wear stilettos so I'm not frumpy and I still get comments like that?!?!? Sheesh!
The happy couple... ready for a night on the town Halloween style. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

America -- doin' a "solid" for itself. . .

I don't think words can really express how I feel about this election. 

I didn't vote for Obama because he is black. (I didn't vote for Hillary in the primary because she was a woman.)
And I didn't vote for Obama just because he's a great orator, a celebrity or "cool." 

Sure, I voted for "change." 

But not just change the cryptic, dubious, enigmatic, ambiguous .... not this vast undefinable or  unknown. 

I voted for a foreign policy based on diplomacy, instead of force.
I voted for better schools.
I voted for health care:  a basic necessity -- not a privilege.
I voted for the economy -- where the middle class is not shouldering the tax burden, and the American dream is attainable for all (not just those of us who have parents and in-laws who can "help out.")
I voted for helping my brothers and sisters -- regardless of their station in life. 
I voted for responsibility.  
I voted for family.
I voted for fiscal responsibility -- not uncontrolled spending. 

And I voted for the first Black president of the United States of America. . . not because he's black.  That doesn't matter to me when casting my ballot... but the significance of America making that choice, well, like I said (and as I think Pat Bagley perfectly put it) ... well played U.S. I'd say America's done itself a "solid."

PS. I can only assume that Horiuchi benefited from the "suite-mangum BUMP" after my endorsement... as one poll showed him behind before my post... ;)

I'd also like to congratulate the UTES on being 10-0... they must be living right off the field, eh? 


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day... Why so glum outside?

The anticipation is killing me. . .

Will SUPER TUESDAY actually prove to be super? Actually, I feel strangely calm… I feel like I’ve done what I can do, I’ve cast my ballot, I’ve spoke out about my opinions and endorsed a few candidates all out.

Now it’s just the waiting game.

But yet, I feel strangely calm. What is this? False hope? Who knows.

I guess I'll need to check back in post election.