Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Musings from Nowhere

As a narcissist once profoundly put it, “We don’t have much time, so I’ll just tell you about me…”

The funny thing is, even though Friday was my last* day of work, I feel like I haven’t stopped moving (kind of like the little-guy in my ute). As I told some of my lady friends over dinner this week, “Being a stay at home wife is exhausting!” That’s right, I said it… and ’m not even really a stay at home mom right now… I mean, I’ve got Holden; but I’m not sure if he shifts my status to the latter group as he doesn’t really have a choice on joining in my excursions or not.

When my boss asked me what my plan for my first week off was, I responded with vigor:
“Doctor’s appointment and yoga on Monday (ok, and a spray on tan**), birthing class and dentist appointment Tues (Huzzah! No cavities or peridontis!!!), Thursday some QT with Logan my hair stylist, and Friday is GIRLS DAY with my two of my BFF’s from St. George (Ms. Snow and Ms. Honey). Um yeah, that’s really their names. We’re thinking of putting together some Christmas cards “Love from Hoey-Suite-Snow” or something…

Today I shall spend the majority of the day (once yoga is complete) getting reading for “Young Women in Excellence” tonight. Does anyone but me find it funny my church has me working with young impressionable teenagers? Obviously they did not look at my seminary attendance record/are not too familiar with my Spring Break escapades and beyond… thank goodness for repentance.

So lets close on a high note

Things I’m fully and completely grateful for:
• My blood pressure (while normal my entire pregnancy) dropped significantly this week – lowest it’s been my entire pregnancy. My husband thinks it’s because I’m not “working.” (He obviously does not understand the rigors of being a kept woman).
• Our home – it’s so awesome to be in East Milcreek. Our house needs so much work, but it’s ours and it has history and I love it…
• My sisters. Anyone that knows my sisters knows how friggin rad they are… we each have our quirks, but Sassa, Celestial and Cic (pronounced Sis, how fitting) are my best friends and I love them all.
• Holden – the kid is such a rockstar. I can already tell.
• Danny – I think he wants us to adopt next round… I don’t think I’m a miserable pregnant… but I think he’s getting tired of me complaining about not being able to bend over to put on my shoes.

PS. Barney Frank (D-MA) is a little out of control… I just heard him on NPR’s morning edition, and the kat’s a little crazy. But I like a little nutzo in my politics so I’m not too fearful.

*Technically I’m just on a “leave”… though my entire future has not yet been decided. I’m not making any official decisions until Holden and I get a little more time to get to know each other

**”If you can’t tone it, tan it.”