Friday, April 26, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm a Soccer Mom!

Hope ya'll had a sweeet Earth Day. (You can check out last week's Make and Takes article by yours truly if you're feeling like you need a little more green in your life.) Truthfully, we are a bit behind schedule (forgot to read the Lorax, a family tradition); but we did get outside in the fresh air. I officially became a soccer mom, as Holden kicked-off the season with a .... well, I'm not sure what to call it. Definitely 'a success' because he liked it; but he hasn't quite developed that killer instinct for wanting the ball. Perhaps I was the same way at four?

Regardless, he's having fun... and I have another tremendous opportunity to practice patience and detachment. (Yoga is for life, not just on the mat.)

While all the grandparents and his father were telling him how fantastic his performance was, my words were more along the lines of: "I think you have a lot of room for improvement, and it's going to be so fun to watch you progress!"

Here's to the journey!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

To Make You Laugh

My sister is pretty funny. Her husband is also pretty hilarious. Together, they have created a genetic abnormality of hilarity that allowed them to make this child and this video:


I recommend checking it out. And donating a buck or few to the cause, because laughter is the best medicine and that's WAY cheaper than a co=pay at Instacare.

Goodnight lovlies.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Me and Fox News breathe and play together... seriously.

OK, so it's technically the local TV station (not cable news punditry) so feel safe knowing it is not in fact the end of the world as I've got nothin' but love for Kelly and the weekend "Good Day Utah" crew.

I was thrilled to be the 'Yoga Model' for this segment on 'Shedding the winter coat, and welcoming Spring with Yoga.' My teacher, Jami Larson is the studio owner and Director at We Are Yoga SLC gives some specifics.
Picture of Zoë the Yogi at the Studio a Few Weeks Ago

I also want to give a shout out to local Yoga Clothier "monkeyG" - I've been eyeing these watermelon Capri's at the studio for a while so finally purchased them for the spot. I'm also sporting their new 'sweetheart tank' in black. I heard through the grapevine, ok actually a couple of their employees, that the tanks is also available in a brilliant shade of dandelion yellow.

Must. Have.

But I'm a yogi, so I'm supposed to be practicing non-attachment: especially to material goods!!!! I'll keep working on it. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the segment.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Hair Blue Hair

This happened today (and yes, on purpose).

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TV Appearance and Yoga...lots of it.

I'm thrilled to be making another appearance on FOX13 this weekend. If you're in Utah, I invite you to tune in Sunday morning at 8:45 for a couple of minutes (it never lasts more than 5)... And you can be in your way to church before the 9am session begins!!!

I'll be playing more of a supportive role as a yoga model, accompanying We Are Yoga studio owner and director Jami Larson.

(Who said a 5'6" 140 pound women can't model!?!? Well most people, but the universe is making an exception for me this weekend.)

And yes, I shared my weight. I'm almost as shocked as you are.

In other Yoga News: I'm picking up some additional 6am classes at the studio. I think I've mentioned the YogaPlaydate class I've been teaching for a few months (which has grown into so much more than "mommy & me" or even just kids yoga. I invite you to check it out if you're in that unique phase of life.) We also kicked off the return of Mondays @6am at WAY (We Are Yoga) this week. And for the next few weeks I'll also be subbing the 6am Wednesday and Friday morning classes while the regular instructor is finishing up her 'AcroYoga' teacher training.

If you haven't tried out the studio, or Yoga at all, and are interested in checking it out, first class is always FREE if you're new to WAY... And I must add that the 6am classes are so small. Typically under 5 people - often its like a semi-private!!!

see what i've marked on the calendar?
You should mark it on yours too!
When you consider I charge my students $80 for a semi-private --typically $65 an hour, $15 each additional person - or $100 an hour flat rate for corporations etc--Suddenly FREE seems really cost effective, eh? Also the studio's also got great starter monthly pricing if you're new to WAY as well as punch passes that make it all more affordable.

I hope you'll join me. Yoga has been life changing for me. I threw out the Paxil, Xanax and the other mood-stabilizers years ago and opted for something to help heal and nurture my body, mind and spirit, instead. I hope you'll come join you and I can help you discover how it can bless your own life!!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

NOT on Target

The other day I found myself at Target (I know this is commonplace for many a female in my stage of life, but if I'm dropping $200 at a ginormous store I'd prefer it be at Costco on organic produce, pine nuts and fancy cheese.)

Any-who... I was on my way to purchase some knock off Robeez for a shower gift ($15 verse $35), and I wandered past the produce aisle and found this...

Ugh! Petroleum!?!? I don't care if it's "food grade"... The image of slathering an apple in Vaseline kept ringing in my mind.


If it were the 80s I might have said: "gag me with genetically modified Monsanto corn."

But here's the thing, I maintain that even with the external "coatings" I'm better off with an apple than fruit snacks (yes, even organic fruit snacks).

However, it made me so grateful that spring is here ushering in gardening season. So I have even more opportunities to grow, buy and eat local. I don't need the government's stamp of approval for organic when I put buy beets at the farmers market. I shake the hands with the farmer and ask about their practices.

I opt for the Farmer's Market / Food Co-ops before the grocery store and as such, am much less likely to buy processed food (there just isn't much to chose from).

We don't eat much meat (or poultry, or pig) so it helps reduce the cost of food; but when I do invest in 'animal' I buy high quality (preferably local, organic/ free-range). Yes it may sound like a skit from the pilot of Portlandia but making these small changes in not only what we eat, but how we purchase our food has made a huge impact in our overall health.