Monday, October 29, 2012

The Greatest Superhero Man's Ever Known

The costume pre dance-wear
Holden invented a new superhero - his name is Captain Spears (I can only assume that's how you spell it). A couple of Saturday's ago, when I asked Cito what he was going to be for Halloween he told me about Spears; and with a little digging I discovered he wears "a mask, a brown cape and a diaper."

He dressed up (with black tights and whatever the male equivalent of a leotard is) and showcased Spears at his preschool program last week.

The other night I asked him what he was going to wear for trick-or-treating.

He said: "Baby Bup-Bup." Which apparently is Spears' nemesis (and brother).

Me: "What does Baby Bup Bup wear?"

Holden: "Just a gas mask, socks an shoes." (Now I know he's being über creative because anyone that hangs out with me knows that me and my kids maybe wear socks 8% of the time.)

Me: "where are we going to get a gas mask?"

Holden: "Oh it's just at Target."

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fast Friday (Cause that's all I've made time for)

Yesterday was third Thursday at Make and Takes. So I was doing some blogging over there.

Today (Friday) is a standard blogging day for the WE. So you could check out my article here. Also, remember how I get all crazy political every four years to coincide with the Presidential election? Well, I've been quite restrained on my blog (and facebook too, I think); but I make no apologies for my Twitter Feed (I think it can be viewed on this website under the heading "Suites Tweets.")

In other news, last week I bought myself a salad spinner. I've had my heart set on one of those things for ages, so yeah - it's kind of a big deal. Also, tonight I ordered business cards for "The Shakti Suite" - my business. They read "Yogi. Writer. PR Goddess. Green Mama. Altruist."

But most importantly, have you seem this "Ganesh is Fresh" picture of Zoë?

One of our sweet neighborhood friends brought these awesome t-shirts back for my kids from India (along with some banging bindi's for me). Public Shout Out to Sandra!!!!! (I have been meaning to call, and thank you personally...)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I've Been Doing

OK, seriously, I know I haven't been a round...

Here are somethings that need to be blogged about (in no particular order):

  • My mom, she turned 60 today
  • Our AMAZING trip to St. Regis splendor in 
  • Zoë hit the 10-month mark - trying to walk (growing up way to fast)
  • Our garden
  • Canning, canning, canning
  • Some Make and Takes blogs (oh, it's 3rd Thursday - check it out!)
And someday I will. But the truth is, I've just been so busy with the Howell Campaign - I've been keeping up on life via instagram and other social media.

Chat soon. 

This is Embarrassing....

So I got this message in my email tonight, from a friend's email. 

Dear Sabrena,

This is your blog. I miss you. So much. Your friend (rhymes with Mem-A-Lee) keeps pestering me to find out what is going on with you, but I just tell her that I don't know. Because I don't.

Maybe this (person I can't name) is some sort of lame-o who needs to get a life and quit living vicariously through you. Probably. But give the girl a break. She has two kids and an 88-year-old woman to care for. Cut her some slack. Give her a window to a much more exciting world.

No, you don't owe her this. She can just suck it for all I care. But you do care. Your public needs you. The Emilys of the world need you.


Your friend, Suite Spots

My mom turned 60 today. I best write something. My public (or my one reader) demands it...