Friday, October 19, 2012

Fast Friday (Cause that's all I've made time for)

Yesterday was third Thursday at Make and Takes. So I was doing some blogging over there.

Today (Friday) is a standard blogging day for the WE. So you could check out my article here. Also, remember how I get all crazy political every four years to coincide with the Presidential election? Well, I've been quite restrained on my blog (and facebook too, I think); but I make no apologies for my Twitter Feed (I think it can be viewed on this website under the heading "Suites Tweets.")

In other news, last week I bought myself a salad spinner. I've had my heart set on one of those things for ages, so yeah - it's kind of a big deal. Also, tonight I ordered business cards for "The Shakti Suite" - my business. They read "Yogi. Writer. PR Goddess. Green Mama. Altruist."

But most importantly, have you seem this "Ganesh is Fresh" picture of Zoë?

One of our sweet neighborhood friends brought these awesome t-shirts back for my kids from India (along with some banging bindi's for me). Public Shout Out to Sandra!!!!! (I have been meaning to call, and thank you personally...)

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