Sunday, March 11, 2012

A quick note about today...

I promised myself I'd be quick (because I am exhausted!)

But I just wanted to mention that today was Zoë's blessing day. She turned 3 months old on the 7th; and is already weighing in at a "healthy" 15-plus pounds. (As a lot of you know, Baby's a typically blessed as newborns -- but my parents have been out of the country, and schedules were not really matching up until today.)

Anyway, I love this girl.
She is perfection in every way.

She's a good natured baby -- an amazing eater, an awesome sleeper and has the greatest baby smile. I love her noises - her coos and ahs. I love how she looks for her brother when she hears his voice and how she lights up when he sings her a verse of "baby bumble bee."

And my heart was about to burst open today -- Zoë in the blessing dress my mom made, in Danny's arms with Holden sitting on my lap. (Neither of the kids crying.) Holdeb just kept asking "Where's Zoë?" He could hear his Dad talking but couldn't see him.

It was a beautiful blessing. I can't wait to tell you the details -- but actually I'm going to have to wait to tell you, because my legs feel like they used to after I'd been working at Mini Indy for SkyWest Airlines.... spent.

But you should know -- my day was perfect.

Just perfect.

I'll write more later...

But seriously -- perfection.