Sunday, December 23, 2007

Promised Pictures

This is obviously too much hair for any one!My stylist "Logan" and I . . . pre-cut. . .
option one... option two.
If you want to check out more pics, there's pictures of our recent Sun Valley trip on Facebook. ("Friend" me, um-kay?)

Merry Friggin' Christmas!

namaste. Oh and yeah, that's Danny doing a head stand at the avalanche house in Sun Valley. Yoga is really coming in handy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Crimes Against Humanity (well, me and my subaru, at least)

So it’s been an interesting last few days. I went to my car in (the garage of) our apartment Tuesday morning to discover that not only was my laptop NOT in the car; the driver’s side passenger window had been busted into. . . glass shattered, my heart sank and I shifted immediately to panic mode.

I’d been violated.
I wasn’t safe.
I was already late for work.
My WORK LAPTOP WAS GONE! (wedding pictures, 6 years of corporate history).

So needless to say, we spent the day getting the window fixed, changing bank accounts and the like.

Fortunately, no one was hurt . . .

While sorting through my emotions that ranged from panic, insecurity and sheer angst . . . I asked Danny to help me find compassion for the person who did this.

“Why would someone do this?” I asked.

“Maybe their kids were not going to get a Christmas so they needed your computer.”

Yeah, maybe. I’m sure my wedding photos, employee performance evaluations and 2008 Recruitment Marketing Strategy for SkyWest Airlines will bring them a very merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays all.
And to all, a good night.

PS. Danny and I are currently watching all of the DVDs from “Freaks and Geeks.” Get it watch it. Love it. Laugh . . . a great replacement for the lack of new “Office” episodes.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why Norway is SOOOOOO much Cooler than England

Sissel vs. the kings Singers... MoTab 2006 Christmas vs. 2007.

Sissel, that little old grammy nominee featured in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's holiday program rocked the conference center roof off last year with her ethereal voice and spunky she-mullet.

Unfortunately, outside of a cool rendition of Jingle Bells, and an over-the-top version of 12 Days of Christmas, the six male vocalists of Cambridge fame "the king's singers" could not hold a candle to last year's Christmas Program at the LDS Conference Center. (Danny said we heard them last year, they were called "Voice Male" ... some cheesy boy band from provo that does Star Wars covers.

It's never a good sign when the organ solo gets more applause than the featured guests. . . seriously, watch the program on KBYU sometime in the future and you'll see what I mean. Also, you may catch a glimpse of Danny and I, as we were in one of the isles the performers "danced" down.

Anyway, to anyone thinking of headlining for the TAB next year. . . Better luck to you. . . until then, I'm picking up a copy of last year's concert performance and thinking of the glory of the norwegian mullet.

Baby, it's cold up north . . . but downright frigid in Cambridge.


PS. I'd like to say it's in honor of Sissel . . . so I'm going to (even if it's not), But speaking of norway . . . I got Danny and I those Norwegian ski sweaters to wear to Sun Valley tomorrow. We're going to look smokin' sipping non-alcoholic hot-tottys (sp?) and the like. It was our "first day of Christmas gift." I think he would've preferred a private adult-only screening of "Santa Baby," but a Christmas sweater will have to do for now. Rudolph, your nose is shinning a little too bright, if you know what I mean.

Yeah, I don't get it either. . . .

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Afraid to Wash My Hair

Alright, I know I promised pictures ... and they're coming, but they're on Danny's camera and I have no idea where that little plug is to pull off the pictures and (highly acclaimed) video footage.

Anyway, it's coming.

Today my biggest drama is that as soon as I wash this new-do, I will have no idea how to style it by myself. That will be the greatest test... how do I look when I'm not salon chic'd/sheeked/whatever, out.

Anyway, if this is my biggest problem of the day, I'd say I've got a pretty friggin good life.

Danny and I head to Sun Valley this weekend ... we are going to live it up like the Kennedy's or something.

I swear, why don't I ever take a ski day in Utah? I'm going to need to plan a little better.

So friends, my husband just returned from basketball practice with the boyz and now he's watching love and basketball... I don't really get it, but whatever.


*Pictures coming your way as soon as I find that little black chord. :)

Also, I LOATHE mtv. I also cannot stand "I love New York" ... not the bumbper stickers or t-shirts (love those). It's the TV show that annoys me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On the Chopping Block -- my Locks of Love

OK, my pretties . . . I know there’s no chance of “Suite Spots” becoming a cult pf personality if I only blog every two weeks or so…

But in my defense, I had two dinner parties the past two weekends and that takes the time right out of me! Seriously, 20 people over two Friday’s ago … all in my living room mind you, and our church Christmas party for about 170 on Friday, last. Which was kind of interesting, it was like the biblical parable of the fishes and the loaves because we only had RSVP’s for about 130-something people, and really had around 170 show up.
(Good thing I set extra tables for overflow!!)

OK, so onto more serious things . . . THIS MORNING I AM CHOPPING MY HAIR OFF. You know that song in the late sixties/early seventies (Maybe it was by the Byrds?) “It’s the Time of the Season for Love”? Well, it’s the time of the season to be giving, and so I have decided that December is the month to really give something to those less fortunate… so I’m donating (for the second time) to Locks of Love.

For those of you that don’t know about the program, they use hair to make wigs for kids with cancer. It’s a tremendous program and really one that makes it so you can’t regret cutting off 14 inches of hair (although they only ask for 10, I’m going to go probably up to my chin this morning . . . and my tresses are down to the “twins” right now, so there should be plenty of love to go around.

Anyway, I’ll check back in later today with some updated photos/video of the process.

Just in time for the New year – a new me.


PS. I’m even going to lose weight today . . . my hair must weigh at least 5 lbs right?!?!? ;)