Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Afraid to Wash My Hair

Alright, I know I promised pictures ... and they're coming, but they're on Danny's camera and I have no idea where that little plug is to pull off the pictures and (highly acclaimed) video footage.

Anyway, it's coming.

Today my biggest drama is that as soon as I wash this new-do, I will have no idea how to style it by myself. That will be the greatest test... how do I look when I'm not salon chic'd/sheeked/whatever, out.

Anyway, if this is my biggest problem of the day, I'd say I've got a pretty friggin good life.

Danny and I head to Sun Valley this weekend ... we are going to live it up like the Kennedy's or something.

I swear, why don't I ever take a ski day in Utah? I'm going to need to plan a little better.

So friends, my husband just returned from basketball practice with the boyz and now he's watching love and basketball... I don't really get it, but whatever.


*Pictures coming your way as soon as I find that little black chord. :)

Also, I LOATHE mtv. I also cannot stand "I love New York" ... not the bumbper stickers or t-shirts (love those). It's the TV show that annoys me.

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Darth Spencer said...

Hey square. I Love New York is on VH1. I guess its all Viacom, but come on.