Thursday, April 30, 2009

What else are you going to read?

So I know it's not like me to post back-to-back days (unless of course I'm workin' the 12-days of Christmas angle). But we've got some contributors for Our Favorite Birth Stories! Huzzah!!!

The first is a friend from work, Staci Martin and her baby Miles. Obviously by her "apres delivery" picture, you can see she's somewhat of a beauty.

The second story comes from a college friend -- my "blessed" days at IWU (Indiana Wesleyan University.) We played volleyball together; and now she's the mother of three and has taken the time to record the birth of her twins: Irey & Cohen.

Hope you enjoy both! And of course I'm extending the invitation for you to join in as a contributor.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Daily Ten (minus 5)

One: The loneliest number, or so I’ve heard. Also, we’ve hit the 100-day mark for Mr. Obama. I know it’s a shameless plug by his people for his work, but it’s also a pretty cool interactive graph. Check out how your state’s been affected by his intro in office by clicking here. And if you want something that's not from the Obama camp, and you don't trust MSNBC, check out the latest from the WSJ (yes, the Wall Street Journal; not exactly known as the beacon of liberalism.)

Two: Swine Flu… chalk it up to “the next great pandemic,” or is it? Add this one to SARS, Bird Flu, West Nile, Killer Bees and the like. My cousin, avatar “Darth Spencer,” is always just one (or more steps) past the line of political correctness. You may recall the piece he wrote about developing a clone army of Nancy Pelosi’s to fight in the Iraq war? (Truly fun for the whole family.) Check out his latest op-ed piece, and then repent because if you find his humor even remotely enjoyable, you're most likely sinning.

Three: Just so everyone doesn’t think I’m writing a blog strictly based on how perfect my family/life is (my friend Becca Winegar nee’ Whipple hates those kind) Holden went from one “wake-up” during the night on Friday to a 12:30, 3:50, 5 and a 6:15 "fun time" this morning. Although, he did keep going back down until his "good morning smiles" at 9:45. You win some, you lose some.

Four: Can you dig it? I couldn't ... really. Volleyball on Monday night was a trip. My body did not move how I remember it doing so in college. My hands barely graced the top of the net when I'd jump (if I had the strength to do that) and my "soft hands" were more like bricks. My serving was sporadic at best, but truth be told... it was awesome to play again. Even for all the drama, there were a few times when I'd "connect" with the hitters and it reminded me why I loved the game so much. Hopefully I'll get a chance to redeem myself again someday.

Five: Number of articles I was a allowed to check out of the county library with my “new” account. I haven’t checked out a book/media from the county library in over 20 years. You might think, “Oh because Libraries, like public schools and roads, are clear evidence of this country’s early start towards the slippery-slope/downward-spiral of socialism and must therefore be avoided at all costs?” But actually, it’s just because I really like to buy books so I can underline and mark them up. Plus Barnes & Noble has a barista where I can get a hot chocolate if my little heart so desires. And the carpet’s newer too…

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birth Day Holden! In your honor...

Well, Holden hit the 12-week mark today. I think I love that he was born on a Sunday. For me, Sunday’s are such a beautiful day to reflect on things you’re grateful for – experiences, family, and the like. It’s such a natural fit to look back at the Sunday he joined us in this world officially.

With that particular issue (no, more appropriately deemed “miracle”) in mind, I’ve decided to start another blog. No politics, and certainly I'm hoping it lacks pretension… holden's birth was the single most spiritual experience I've ever had in my life; and it didn't seem right to be "just another blog post" or buried at the bottom of this blog (maybe you feel the same way about your children?) So I’ve started with Holden’s Birth Story (though many of you have already read it), and invite the rest of you to share yours.

Hopefully, this will be a space for new moms (and others) to recognize and rejoice in what moms before them have been through, and celebrate the best (and worst) parts of L&D. Advice, insights, etc... from hypnobirthing and cesareans, to epidurals and home births... I want to hear about it all!

If you're willing to share your birth story, I'd love to have it be a part of "Our Favorite Birth Stories." Perhaps a link to your blog where it's recorded, or you might want to take a moment to record what you remember? Let me know and we'll work on the best way to share your story.

Please email me if you're interested. (Dad's are welcome too!)


PS. On a separate note: Holden only woke up once on Friday night! He's sleeping so much better; and we're not even doing any "method." Just a couple of stories ("Goodnight Moon" & "I Love You, Good Night") and a kiss on the forehead. He's such a stud!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yet Another Earth Day Post

So I actually had this written yesterday, but I kept trying to dowload the awesome pic of Holden in his "Let's Go Green" tee I got him for yesterday's blessed event (and I'm not talking about "Administrative Professionals Day," though I wish the best to all of you formerly-known-as-secretaries.

Besides, I’m sure you didn’t think you could escape some green pontificating from moi, eh?

From Dr. Seuss's "The Lorax"

“Earth Day is the first completely universal holiday that the world has ever known. Every other holiday was tied to one place, or some political or special event. This day is tied to Earth itself, and to the place of Earth in the whole solar system.”
-Anthropologist Margaret Mead, 1977

So why should we care?

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately. The other night at a dinner party, a friend of a friend (who I would now consider a friend) asked me why I try to buy organic (especially for Holden). It was weird because for all my efforts in trying to make conscious choices for Holden, I drew a blank when she asked me…

I felt like Sir Galahad from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where he can’t remember what his favorite color is… “Blue. No yell—aaaahhhhhhugh!” And then explodes and dies.

It was like the only thing I could come up with was akin to “Because the cool kids are doing it.”

But the truth is, there are a myriad of reasons to go green (even though I will be the first to admit, I’m basically average at eco-consciousness. I could be sooooo much better!)

My Pocket Book
: Living green can save money. I know, it often seems like an impossibility when you’re forking out $3 for one organic piece of produce, but there are loads of ways to save money by living green – from tax deductions, electricity bills and better eating. Simple Debt Free Living has a great article about saving green – backs that is…

My Religion: Hailing from the Judeo-Christian belief that God created this world we live in and put man and woman on the earth to be stewards over it, I think there’s a pretty strong case for taking care of what God has given us…

My Health: Going green, organic, etc means les pesticides, toxins, free radicals, hormones and all sorts of other crappy things that make you feel crappy. I’m sure there is some sort of scientific evidence out there for this…

My Posterity: Call me an altruist, but I want to leave this place (planet earth) in better shape than I found it. I want Holden to be able to walk outside without having harmful pm2’s attack his lungs. I want there to be trees for him to climb, animals to see, healthy food to eat, clean water to drink.

More on my favorite "green picks" for baby and family later. In the meantime, "Let's Make Earth Day Every Day" and not just because I failed to post on my blog.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Take a Hike

Sunday we decided to join the Smith's (Cassandra's Family) and take a Sunday hike up Ensign Peak. As I mentioned last post, Holden had basically been living in the pack the few days before in Seattle. Here he is with his fancy new visor that Danny said he could not wear outside the house... which doesn;t make much sense to me, as why would he NEED to wear it inside?

Oh I'm sorry... Did you say you wanted a close-up of the awesomeness? I can't believe he didn't even try to take it off. Cool is, as cool does, after all. Oddly enough. Holden is about the only person I know (besides Brandi Honey) that wears a visor...outside of poker games, you know?

Holden and Daddy-Danny rockin' it at the lookout point.

Another angle for your viewing pleasure.

Cassandra and her family (and Mama Suite).

And yes, the picture of our little fam (plus Tatum) is at the top of the page. But I'm also adding it here for posterity.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Pitter Patter of Little Tweets

So we got back from Seattle last night (as you may have seen from my "tweets"). Holden is the best traveler.

As much as I never want to put him down (and seriously could cuddle him a whole flight and beyond), I'm a safety kid and my training as a flight attendant in my past life means we are car seat on the airplane (pretty much unless I'm changing his pants.)

But he mostly sleeps the whole flight, and if not... he's so even tempered there's really not much of a difference. His ears don't seem to bother him, even if he's not sucking on something. I don't get it. What can I say? The kid was made to be a jet setter. I heard Salt Lake's getting a Tokyo "direct" in June... maybe it's time to take him international?

Anyway, we had a great time with the little guy and Danny's parents.

He spent more time sleeping in the "jeep pack" than in his co-sleeper I think. We hit up Pike's Place market a few times; had chowder and dinner at Ivar's and went to the Mariner's game. It started at 8:10 pm MT so Holden only made it through a couple of innings before we brought him back to the hotel; but I think it was more about the photo op anyway.

You can check out the collage of pics here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Because I didn't post it on FB...

There's a video similar to this on Facebook, but you don't get to see the totally awesome dog ears on Holden's cap. I was so sad when he outgrew the "bear hat." Thank goodness we have this new dog-cap or I would find yet another thing to mourn.

If you click here you can check out additional pics of the little guy...

Also check out my gorgeous friend Becky Wilde, now Benson (I think that's her new name) at her nuptials with more Facebook pics...

For you SLC Mommies-to-Be... Pre-Natal Yoga kicks off tonight at 6pm at the Yoga Cottage. It's my first time teaching a pre-natal class, but I'm super excited. Details at

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweet Release, Finally! (Or in the immortal words of Olivia Newton John “Let’s Get Physical.”)

So there are definitely some things a post-preggers woman is supposed to steer clear of for a better recovery… no heavy lifting and avoiding certain “physical activities” is another. You mothers (and fathers I suppose) know what I’m talking about. For most women, the doc gives you a six week window. But if you had a c-section, that time frame is pushed back another two whole weeks!

Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t exactly in the mood to be working-it gangbuster-style post-partum, but eight weeks is an awfully long time. Though it seems like so much longer. Certainly there comes a point during those 10 lunar months of pregnancy when one just doesn’t navigate the ins-and-outs of “physical activity” like one used to.

But with Holden’s 8 week birthday a week ago Sunday, I am happy to report that after a SERIOUS DRY SPELL the drought is over!

I admit, I needed to take it slow at first… didn’t want to be in over my head with advanced positions and the like. And granted my stamina just isn’t what it used to be. But it felt so great to be engaging in “physical activity.”

Just thinking about it makes me smile…

Hmmm, everyone knows I’m talking about attending my first yoga class post-natal, right?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shot through the Heart...

So I'm not a huge fan of Bon Jovi. I'm not a fan of Holden being in pain either. But today, it was practically unavoidable. Today was his 2 month checkup. And you know what that means...

We thought about not vaccinating (I know, super controversial right?); but in the end after reading numerous articles, talking to the pediatrician and trying to make the best decision possible for our little guy, we opted in.

And he was a champ. The nurse worked fast (Holden had fallen asleep between the doctor checking him out and her arrival); so obviously he woke up, but as soon as she was done pricking our guy I picked him up and he only cried for like 15 seconds. Needless to say, he's had a big morning, but is sleeping now.

Also, in case you're wondering, an update on his stats (and yes, he's 8 weeks, LONG and a CHUNK!!!):

13 lbs 4 oz (84% isle)
25 inches (97% isle)

It's weird to juxtapose that with his week checkup: 37% isle for weight at just over 8 lbs.

They keep telling me I can't over-feed him, or spoil him with love...