Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birth Day Holden! In your honor...

Well, Holden hit the 12-week mark today. I think I love that he was born on a Sunday. For me, Sunday’s are such a beautiful day to reflect on things you’re grateful for – experiences, family, and the like. It’s such a natural fit to look back at the Sunday he joined us in this world officially.

With that particular issue (no, more appropriately deemed “miracle”) in mind, I’ve decided to start another blog. No politics, and certainly I'm hoping it lacks pretension… holden's birth was the single most spiritual experience I've ever had in my life; and it didn't seem right to be "just another blog post" or buried at the bottom of this blog (maybe you feel the same way about your children?) So I’ve started with Holden’s Birth Story (though many of you have already read it), and invite the rest of you to share yours.

Hopefully, this will be a space for new moms (and others) to recognize and rejoice in what moms before them have been through, and celebrate the best (and worst) parts of L&D. Advice, insights, etc... from hypnobirthing and cesareans, to epidurals and home births... I want to hear about it all!

If you're willing to share your birth story, I'd love to have it be a part of "Our Favorite Birth Stories." Perhaps a link to your blog where it's recorded, or you might want to take a moment to record what you remember? Let me know and we'll work on the best way to share your story.

Please email me if you're interested. (Dad's are welcome too!)


PS. On a separate note: Holden only woke up once on Friday night! He's sleeping so much better; and we're not even doing any "method." Just a couple of stories ("Goodnight Moon" & "I Love You, Good Night") and a kiss on the forehead. He's such a stud!