Monday, January 28, 2008

This is pretty bad...

OK, so remember before I cut my hair and I told you I was going to post the footage from "the night before the cut?"

Well, I've got it... I finally found a way to load it. And man, it makes me nervous watching it.

#1 Because I am a freak

#2 Because I've got a freakish amount of hair (no wonder Danny wanted me to cut it)

#3 BEcause I'm a freak with freakishly long hair

The good news is, now apparently, I'm just a freak with a bob, so that's the good news.

No but seriously, this is the video we took before we chopped it all off and gave it to locks of love. I was sitting on our bed, no make up, in a knock-off Juicy Couture jump Suit (sooo 4 years ago, I know)... anyway, our house was a disaster (what's new?), and I suddenly felt the urge to whip my hair around like some sort of Victoria's Secret model (except this footage makes me look more like a plus size model for JC Penny or something... a freaky JC Penny's model.)

Self deprecation is so hot right now. Cheers! ssm

PS. I saw Juno for the 4th time in theaters tonight. It's pretty much my favourite movie from any of the Y2k varieties (except maybe Garden State.) It's like Gilmore Girls has suddenly returned, but instead Alexis Bledel is suddenly a 16 yr old Ellen Page... charmed I'm sure.

I've officially gained 20 lbs since my wedding day... Does this blog make my butt look bigger?

And can anyone answer this question that is out in the blogosphere: when someone posts a comment on my blog, where is the appropriate place to respond to them... I mean, is it in the comments? Is it on their blog? Is it on my blog in an entry? I mean, where's the "Roberts Rules of Order" or whatever the L it's called for proper blog chatting?

And don't even get me started on facebook... I can't keep up with that to save my life...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Things I Love about my new pad

• Having my little sister and nephew upstairs! (And I also appreciate my brother in law)
• The friggin size of my new kitchen… it’s seriously 5 times the size of the old one in our apt
• The fact that when I do dishes, I can look down on the world… erm, I mean, I can look down into the valley at the lesser people… um, I mean, we have a really great view of the simple folk. ;)
• It’s really warm in there… the insulation is much better than our electric-gas guzzling-making-Vice President-Gore cringe former apartment.
• The bathroom has powder blue walls… my husband digs this. He’s comfortable with his sexuality.
• The commute to my mom’s no longer takes 20 - 35 minutes in traffic… it’s exactly a mile away
• I went to yoga in the morning… I mean, the 33rd studio is like, practically down the street and so I got up before the butt-crack of dawn and was downward dogging with the best of them at 5:45. Sun Salutation – hello!

And PS. Brett Favre is breaking my heart tonight… I mean, he is just breaking my heart.

Also, Have I mentioned lately that my husband is hot? Just in case you were wondering, I married a delicious younger man… full of patience (um, it’s obvious he’s patient if he’s been with me for 3 yrs, eh?)

OK, time for bed (or at least time to say gnite for the evening). I’ve got meetings in SG tomorrow, so that means I’ve got to be at the airport at 6:10… so while the rest of the world is sleeping in/enjoying the slopes… I will be doing my best to fulfill my responsibilities as middle management.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Celeste and Milo

So Celeste (my younger sister) has been living back in SLC for about a year ( I think.) Danny and I are still in transit between the dowtown pad and moving into the basement apartment below Milo (Cicely's son.) At least we have a bed here.

But it's nice because I get to spend sometime with myu nephew (and Cicely, my other younger sister).

OBLIO may make have to breakout for a reunion tour.... [for those of you not "in the know," OBLIO was the grrrl-riot band Cicely and I formed in the basement of our SG pad back in 2002. Needless to say, there was a lot of x-boyfriend angst that went into our lyrics...

Anyway, Cicely, Danny, Milo and I are headed over to Mama Suites for dessert...

And I know my friends outside of the state of Utah think I should be happy "Mitt" took Michigan... but I am really only routing for him because if Huckabee wins, I'd be tempted to do something drastic.

I'm still shooting for the Dems... whomever it is we pick!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sleepless in Suburbia or Why It's Not Cool to Flash Your Sunday School Class

So last night I was so worried about leaving my car in the secured-parking-lot-that-isn't-so-secured, I decided to head to suburbia eventhough our place wasn't (and still isn't) all the way packed up. . . we're in-between places right now (I won't go into details because I think my husband would not really appreciate it too much).

Instead, I'm going to tell you a little story about the time I flashed my gospel doctrine class my black thong while teaching sunday school at the singles ward. The reason why I'm thinking about this right now, is because I was telling Danny about a compliment I had received from our Vice President at work today. She had told the entire dept at our meeting in SGU about New Hire Orientation and was very generous with her compliments about my presentation style. So I was telling Danny my time as a "gospel doctrine" teacher was paying off...

"Did you flash your thong?" Danny asked as I was explaining my win to him. "Because that's always a crowd pleaser."


The story goes that a girl in my office had purchased a darling size 12 skirt from Ann Taylor (or some other suit-type business like joint). It was too short for her, since going through the temple and so she asked if anyone at the office wanted it. It was an adorable navy pin stripe and I never turn my face at a good deal -- especially if it's A.T. so I thought, "Hmmm, a size 12. I'm really a little bit smaller than that, but it will give me a little room to manipulate if I eat too much at Sunday dinner and find myself with a food baby..."

So one fateful Sunday afternoon, I dressed in said skirt paired with a white button down shirt (untucked) on top to hide how "low-riding' the skirt was.... no harm no foul, right? WRONG!!!

At one moment while teaching Sunday School (in a singles ward mind you) I turned around to post something on the top of the chalk board where that line of coarkboard is.... well, I'm only 5'5" ... and even in heels it was a stretch. So much of a strech that my shirt didn't cover my lower-lower back when I stretched my arms over head... and my skirt was hangin so low that my panties were sticking out of the top of my skirt like some sort of Britney Spears / "hot for teacher" video (only I don't think it was sexy... just inappropriate, you know?)

The worst part is that I had no idea it had happened, until my neighbor mentioned it to me before sacrament meeting....

Needless to say, I had some repenting to do for my lack of panty lines in church.

Now is probably a good time to step away from the computer . . .

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pursuit to Life, Liberty... and Safety?

OK, well... I really ought to be cleaning, packing etc right now.  We're relocating back to SHS territory, asap. 

I just kept getting more and more fed up with our apartment folks, and decided I didn't want to be here anymore. I told them I didn't feel safe after my car got broken into... the window bashed out and everything. They were really decent about it (once I took it up the chain of command to the regional manager and their corporate office). So we're getting out of our lease -- and had made the decision to move back to East Millcreek in the basement apt of my grandma's house (my little sister Cicely, her husband and nephew live in the upstairs of her house)... we said we'd be out by Jan 31.

Anyway, we decided over the weekend it was the best idea -- more room, 1/3 the cost for rent which gives us more money to put into a house whenever we finally decide to buy, and a safer neighborhood... although I will admit, it's not like it's the hood.  All the cars parked outside on the street are fine; so someone's got it in for the "secured" parking lot at Park Capitol apartments. 

So the plot thickens as three more cars got broken into last night in our parking garage... so it kind of solidified we needed to be out of here sooner than later (read: tonight).

It's so sad because we have LOVEd being downtown -- there's so much to do, it's so easy to navigate... we love public transportation and being able to walk so many places. We live a block from the temple, you know? 

It's beautiful downtown.  
It's hip downtown. 
It's delicious downtown... but I don't feel safe. 

And so we're moving back to suburbia... we'll be less than 8 blocks from each of our parents. I'm glad we had at least a year to be somewhat removed ... I'm excited about being close to family, but I do think it's good we got a little bit space in the early moments of our marriage. 

I'm sorry this post is so melancholy... I'm just in a sad reflective place... perhaps I ought to put that energy into packing boxes and getting us moved out. 

See you in suburbia all... "safety first" I guess. 


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Procreate in 2008 and other Uses for "The Secret"

The secret to good French Onion Soup is patience… well patience, a good merlot and really expensive cheese. New Year’s Eve we had all three (seriously, we made this!!!).

Of course, the patience was not supplied by moi – I am so lacking in that area that it’s disgusting. But Danny’s buddy Quentin and his wife made the trek to Sun Valley for a New Year’s getaway fete.

It was amazing, the onions were caramelized…. The merlot was this adorable boxed wine variety we got called “French Rabbit” that was perfect for cooking… the focaccia bread we bought a few days prior and never consumed had nearly hardened, so needless to say it was perfect to place on top before we let the gruyere (fancy cheese) melt into a pristine state of perfection.

Danny had about four bites before declaring it too rich (the “caramelizing” also takes about 4 TBSP of pure butter for 4 servings).

So why do I share this story of soup de jour?

Well, I’m cooking French onion soup right now (it’s already failed miserably from New Years Eve’s creation . . .. no patience for the caramelizing..)

But I was trying to cook from our house. Prior to this evening, I’d only had saltines, a handful of wheat thins and some OJ.

I told Danny I didn’t want to “DIET” in 2008. The word is sworn off from my vocabulary… but I did think it might be a good idea to start making healthier choices. Like what would I eat if I were carrying a child, or nursing, or if I had an infant to feed?


But eventually we’ll get off the birth control (both forms we’ve currently invoked) and have to start thinking about the pitter-patter of little feet.

Like I said, procreate in 2008.

So I find it a little ironic that I want to start eating healthier, so I’ve had no meat, chicken, or pork for two days… I’m abstaining from fried foods, and I’m trying to limit my intake of sugar. (Although, I did have a vegan brownie last night with soy delicious “ice cream” and organic sugar from Sage’s Café)… but like I was saying, I want to start eating healthier so I start cooking with merlot. Our house smells divine. ;)

Here’s something else that’s ironic… Danny got me this fabulous COACH bag for Christmas. It’s the new “patchwork” design and I’ve been coveting the design since the violet and cow print was introduced almost 2 years ago… I never got one, until now.

For the cost of my handbag, we could have more than half a month’s rent… or I could feed a child in Africa for a year… that is so not yogi-like of me. I better start praying to Vishnu or something.


Part II: More on the Secret

So I have this friend and she is going to REDEFINE the ballsiest thing ever done with the secret... she is getting married on August 8th.

Screw getting rich, loosing weight, falling in love (although, I anticipate and hope the "love" portion would be part of it) ... she has picked a date for her nuptials.

The catch? She is not currently partnered with anyone. She's dating around and just trusting that love will find a way to her by the end of summer.

I love it!

She even called the SLC Temple and reserved the date... and I guess when they asked her the information on the groom, she said she'd have to call back because she was driving in her car. Just "save the date" you know?

Knock and ye shall receive.

In an effort to help the universe support her efforts, I ask that none of you read this and think "yeah right" ... but join me on beautiful side of "belief in miracles" and trust that I will be posting more on her love life soon.

It reminds me of my new year's resolution before I met Danny. "I'm going to the temple." I didn't know how, or why, but I had committed to going to the temple in 2006 and said that whatever the reason I would be ready ... and viola! Danny found me.

In fact, it took Danny and I less than 3 months to pick a date... and BYU co-eds I've know much less than that.

She's got the faith of a mustard seed, I'm just excited to see what the universe has to deliver.