Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I may not have 'flow' in motherhood. But I've got pretty awesome kids.

Also "Nix the Pancake Mix" is up, and on the Make and Takes website....yes, this month's Sustainable Living challenge has to do with being your own Betty Crocker and giving up the transfats, HFCS, or whatever else can be found in your breakfast batter mixes. Check it out.

Zoë turned Six-Weeks yesterday. Her update is HERE.

Holden turns three in less than two weeks... that is called craziness, and also possibly 'monkeys jumping on the bed.'

I didn't take these pictures btw. Allison Davis did...and I am so thankful for the moments she captured.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Six Week Zoë Update

The way you do the things you do:

  • Your little coo's and smiles that are starting and becoming more frequent
  • How you snort when you get really hungry and are nursing (thank you for being a good nurser!!!!)
  • A hairline that resembles your fathers, though your skin coloring is more like mine (my Mom says I was a very pink baby - for the record, Holden was clear.) Also, you have your brothers eyes, which makes you look similar -- but you are the prettier, more feminine -Mexican version of him.
  • Already 12 pounds! A week and a half in newborn sized clothing, 4 weeks in 0-3 mo. clothing and we're just starting in on the 3-6 mo tops! (Your legs are still 0-3, thankfully!)
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep... you are such a good sleeper. I credit your disposition and that we embraced co-sleeping and rooming-in with you from the beginning. (Seriously, at least one 4 - 6 hr stretch a night... this is MONEY!)
  • Your cry -- it doesn't happen often, but it breaks my heart when you're in the car and it happens, because I know something's wrong.
  • The rolls & chub on your legs - I love it. I want to squeeze it all the's more precious than diamonds.
  • Either you're not great at burping, or I am not a good burper -- but either way, we are not a fabulous team at this.

Zoë, I love you so much. I love that we share a name, and that the umlaut at the end of Zoë looks like a crown. I love that you are gorgeous when you sleep -- seriously, sometimes I can't stop starring at you. I love that your brother sees you and says "It's so toot, Mommy." And that he already loves you. I love that our family feels complete with you, and that I have a special friend. I love that you took a bottle from your Daddy yesterday (that makes two total!) You could've shattered his confidence (seriously, he was worried about the rejection), but you did fabulously!

I love to tell it.
I love that you came on your own terms, and not a minute too late!

I love that we are an eternal family, and that we have so many adventures ahead of us.

Happy Six-Weeks-old Day, Zoë. We're glad you're here.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Zoë's Birth Story!!!!

I finally did it! I finally got Zoë's Birth Story written for her, and me ... and you, if you're interested. It can be found here. Hard to believe she'll be six-weeks this Wednesday. Should you chose to partake in the novella, I hope you enjoy hearing about our journey.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Now that I've got your attention, a few thoughts on mine (and other motherly issues):

  • I visited the Lactation Station today to pick up some nursing/pumping supplies and they gave me a handout, where I read that "women who are breastfeeding one baby normally make between 19 to 30 oz of milk each day." That means that right now, my bosoms apparently think they're feeding twins.... (no seriously, Zoë's eating well and gaining weight, and I'm still pumping an extra 15 - 20 ounces a day just for relief --and because I got Mastitis over the holiday-- but who wants to hear about that? Eeek.)

  • I should be writing Zoë's birth story, right now... or taking a nap while both my little ones are asleep (we often, ok usually, enjoy family naptime from 1 - 3 or so at the Mangum casa. SCORE!). But instead I have these random thoughts I feel like I need to get out of my head. (**Editor's note: about two seconds after I wrote this, Zoë woke up...of course.**)
  • Today we crossed that threshold...that scary reality of firsts that eventually had to happen: Running errands as a threesome. That's right: me, Cito and Baby Z hit Smith's Marketplace and the Boob-Store (see above) without Danny, or my Mom or anyone else to help endure the possible storm that I was sure would come. Actually, Holden totally cooperated and Zoë spent most of the time asleep in the sling...expect the worst, hope for the best ... I guess. The one downside being that Zoë had worked herself into some semblance of an awesome little schedule that has been providing me about 7 hours of sleep at night (and often a power nap during the day)... I hope I didn't ruin her.
  • You know how when people are pregnant, or going to become parents, or having another kid and you ask them "Do you want a boy or a girl?" and they say "I really don't care," they may be telling the truth... but I wasn't. I TOTALLY wanted a girl for this round, for multiple reasons. Danny and I said we're done if it was a girl. Plus, as darling as boy clothes are, I wanted a girl to dress her up in cute feminine clothes, have someone to get mani-pedis with, and have the relationship with like I have with my Mom... Plus (and here's one of the biggest reasons): I did not want to deal with the morality or emotional taxing that came with the circumcision debate/choice. So while I said I didn't care, it was mostly because I didn't want to scar my future offspring by vocalizing perchance I'd wish they were a different sex...Oh and I really wanted to give my daughter the middle name "Suite" just like her two other female cousins; and though Danny said if we had a Zeke he could have Suite as him middle name, I really preferred the sound of Zoë Suite Mangum to Zeke Suite Mangum.
  • I wonder how many times in her life my daughter will be called Zo Suit Mag-num. I'm betting a lot....

And yes, I'll get to the birth story... goal is the 7th for her 1 month anniversary. And pictures... yes, more pictures...

Photo courtesy of this place....

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This year I'm not setting a goal to eat less treats, lose weight, or never get mad at my 2yo when his ears aren't working (his ears have been broken a lot more lately- why else wouldn't he mind?)

I'm not going to set a goal to run a marathon (though it could happen) or have Holden diaper free by three (the kid knows how to use the potty and has for sometime- when he ultimately decides underoos are cool is his choice, not mine.)

But I am setting intentions this year;

It is my intention to nurse Zoe through the year (and then evaluate). My milk supply, her needs (physically and emotionally) will take precedence over my desire to again run longer distances or fit back into a size 6 (Though I must say the weight seems to be working itself off much easier with her than with Holden... Maybe it's a breastfeeding verses pumping thing?)

It is my intention to soak up her babyhood. To not be overlyzealous for 'firsts' and let her readiness direct developmental achievements. To savor this special time I will NEVER get again.

It is my intention to be kinder to my husband... To remind myself constantly why we fell in love and treat him the way I did before two kids a mortgage and grown up things got in the way of our giddy-splendid-love affair.

It is my intention to be more spiritually minded.

It is my intention to practice more yoga this year- on my mat, not just in my heart.

And it is my intention to write a best-selling novel so that I can FINALLY afford buy a pair of Manolo Blaniks and have a personal shopper at Nordstrom.

Obviously this list-like me- is a work in progress.