Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This year I'm not setting a goal to eat less treats, lose weight, or never get mad at my 2yo when his ears aren't working (his ears have been broken a lot more lately- why else wouldn't he mind?)

I'm not going to set a goal to run a marathon (though it could happen) or have Holden diaper free by three (the kid knows how to use the potty and has for sometime- when he ultimately decides underoos are cool is his choice, not mine.)

But I am setting intentions this year;

It is my intention to nurse Zoe through the year (and then evaluate). My milk supply, her needs (physically and emotionally) will take precedence over my desire to again run longer distances or fit back into a size 6 (Though I must say the weight seems to be working itself off much easier with her than with Holden... Maybe it's a breastfeeding verses pumping thing?)

It is my intention to soak up her babyhood. To not be overlyzealous for 'firsts' and let her readiness direct developmental achievements. To savor this special time I will NEVER get again.

It is my intention to be kinder to my husband... To remind myself constantly why we fell in love and treat him the way I did before two kids a mortgage and grown up things got in the way of our giddy-splendid-love affair.

It is my intention to be more spiritually minded.

It is my intention to practice more yoga this year- on my mat, not just in my heart.

And it is my intention to write a best-selling novel so that I can FINALLY afford buy a pair of Manolo Blaniks and have a personal shopper at Nordstrom.

Obviously this list-like me- is a work in progress.


Alicia said...

You always inspire me Mrs. Suite-Mangum. I think it's time I see that little Zoe bird in person. Love you always.

Erin said...

Your list inspired me! I adore you dear.