Thursday, September 27, 2007

My “Gratitude Attitude” list (originally written on Thursday, September 19 enroute to Lake Powell)

OK, so I figured I better “count my many blessings” because I think I was sounding like an ungrateful prat about not having accomplished anything by 30.

And just for the record, this is not being broadcast in real time format . . . I am writing this on Danny’s Mac Book on Thursday as we are en route to Powell (has anyone noticed how much cuter of a city Kanab is than its name leads on?) . . . But all things equal, this post will probably not be posted until Sunday night or something . . .

But that is two blogs in a week! And normally, I am operating on a once a week schedule. Although, when I am a stay at home mom, I fully plan on blogging everyday. . . not so much because I see myself having more time as mother, but mostly because at my home office “blogspot” will not be blocked by “The Man.” (the man of course being SkyWest Airlines Information Technology Department.”

OK, back to my list of things that make me cooler than the average 30-year-old 150 pound mormon smug married:

1. I get paid to write. . . where as most of my life, people have been telling me to shut up . . . or in my father’s case “think before you speak,” for the past few years, people actually PAY me for my words. Although I no longer have my “Oh so Sweet” column for St. George Magazine, and I haven’t written anything for “Sports Guide” in over a year (although they still give me a byline in their publication under “contributing writers” or something); I have been doing the SkyWest Magazine bit for years. . . my current piece in the Delta Connection edition is about Sage’s café in SLC. . . so thank you “Suite Spots” the printed version . . . the perks have been great
2. I’ve done some SERIOUS traveling. Prior to age 30, I had been to NYNY, Chicago numerous times, lived in Chicago and “the OC” . . . and vacationed to Hawaii a couple of times, Tokyo, Paris, Geneva, Rome, Mexico (eeew, I don’t really love that place though), Jamaica and parts of the Carribean. . . and done a very brief (very brief) stint studying in London and DC. That’s friggin awesome. . . . oh, and Canada was nice too, eh?
3. I played in a friggin rock band . . . so what if we never officially recorded an album, and our parents were our biggest fans (which isn’t saying much, because my Dad still kind of makes fun of us for it). . . but how many people can say they played in a band. . . and it wasn’t JUST a garage band. “Oblio” the greatest band that never made it big, played the main stage at the St. George Arts Fest (although admittedly, it took us longer to set up our instruments than to actually play our set). Cicely, I LOVED that time of our lives. . . it was like that theme song from Dirty Dancing . . . "Now I've . . . had . . . the time of . . "
4. I ran the Media Relations office for a multi-billion dollar airline for five years. . . . that’s weird. . . sometimes I forget about what my job used to entail
5. I create advertising campaigns for a multi-billion dollar airline now . . .
6. I was a flight attendant . . . that’s funny. . . I mean for so many reasons. . . I traveled the world on someone else’s dime; and half the time I was getting paid to lay out at hotel in Monterey or Pam Springs, CA. Totally worth it . . . although I don’t think I could ever go back to doing it again.
7. I played college sports . . . granted, it was ONLY NAIA and it was at Indiana Wesleyan University . . . but I was an NCCAA All-American (not to be confused with the National College Athletic Association, this is the National Christian College Athletic Association). . . proving that Mormons ARE Christians because would they have given me a national honor if I wasn’t actually one of God’s chosen? I don’t think so . . . 10 million-plus protestants can’t be wrong.
8. I lost like 30-plus pounds this past year (I also gained back like 35), but hey . . . let’s celebrate the positive.
9. Oh, and the Marriage and Sex thing . . . in that order . . . still very very thrilled about that whole arrangement.

So here’s what I think, I’ll say it in lyrical format because I kind of think I have a natural knack for poetry:

When upon life’s billows you re tempest tossed,
If you are discouraged thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings . . . name them one by one
And it will seriously surprise you what you’ve freakin’ done . . . with your life.

(I feel like those lyrics are a little familiar, so I may have gotten my inspiration form a Van Halen song or something . . . but you get the idea. . . )

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thirty and Flirty and Thriving

Funny, remember that line from "13 going on 30" with Jennifer Garner-Affleck? Well, today I officially became 30; which is odd, because if I lived in France, I would’ve been 30 yesterday – so actually, even with all that talk about me wanting to move to Paris . . . well today, I’m really grateful I’m a US Citizen. But if I broke my arm today, I’d be back to wishing I was a France-ite, Franisian . . . ok, French again ;)

I’m not bummed about turning 30 or anything.

I have pretty good skin with relatively few wrinkles (I attribute this to never being a smoker and being a little bit chubby – fat people hardly ever have wrinkles on their face.) Also, I hardly have any gray hair – I say hardly any, because there are a few that pop up now and then; but I have so many other fabulous hairs to counter act the negative affects of a few renegades, that I’m not about to get all torn up about it.

I confided to my husband last night (and now I will confide in you – the internet. . . . the web . . that grants access to millions of people to read my thoughts and feelings . . . more appropriately the three of you, of those millions on the web, that actually read this blog . . . wait, is readership up to three yet?) . . . Well, I told him 30 is just odd because I thought I’d be more successful by now in the material realm.

Like, I’d thought I would have published a book by now (although the magazine columns do offset the burn a little), and I thought I would’ve climbed a little higher on the corporate ladder. . . but I do have a lot to be thankful for. . .

Like my frigging husband. . . he is my greatest accomplishment, though to be honest I don’t really have anything to do with how he turned out up to this point . . I mean we've only know each other 2 years. . . so I guess I'm really taking credit for something I ought to just be thanking my mother in law for. . .

On a separate note . . . Sex is a pretty big accomplishment . . . for a while there, I was FAST approaching 30-year old virgin status. . . glad to say we’ve crossed that threshold.

PS. I called my dad tonight to tell him “thanks for conceiving me.”

I got really good presents for my birthday. . . a few that I’d like to highlight:

• A super galactic ion hair straightener (sp?) from Danny . . . that normally is like $200 something . . . but he had his stylist buy it for me, so I am hoping it really wasn’t that much . . . because we will have to stop donating to charity for a good while . . . and by “donating to charity” I mean, I will have to start cooking dinner again. ;)
• Really neato flip flops that mold to your feet (a super thoughtful present since all of my flip flops are so worn out that wearing them is like walking on cement since they’re pretty much worn completely through
• He also sent me flowers at the office and had ppl emailing and calling me all day.
• But my favorite present (well besides the flowers at my office from him), are the “vegan society certified Earth Shoes” . . . they’re negative gravity or something . . . I don’t exactly know what it means besides the fact that they are supposed to help with alignment of your spine (aka proper chakra aligning goodness) and they’re made of vegan approved components (again, chakra aligning goodness).

AND PS. HOLY FRIGGIN HELLO JORGEY! And it’s ok if you think healthcare is more accessible with HMOs. . . they might be. They’re just too bloody expensive!!!! But sooooo good to hear form you! Everyone, meet “Jorgey” . . . aka Ashli Jorgensen Storheim. . . everyone, meet Ash.

She was key in coining the phrase “choch” for the masses at Skyline highschool. . . don’t ask me why . . . her and Sarah Stohl Balmires just made the phrase have staying power, even if it was said long before SHS.

PSS! I made Danny watch Flashdance last night . . . and then I proceeded to do my best Jennifer Beals impersonation . . . unfortunately, I was a little more “tommy boy’ maniac than super sexalicious appeal. . . good thing my husband loves my extra junk in the trunk. ;)


yours truly

Also, I am not a fan of Celine Dion. . . just so we get that straight. Not a fan. In case you were interested. . . not a real fan.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Socialism, Life - what not . . . truth be told, this post kind of sux

No Way! Has it already been a week since I’ve blogged?

So today is September 11, 2007 – I don’t want to get all sappy on you about my patriotism and what not; I mean everyone’s got a story. . . but I will say I chose to exercise my love of country by getting out and voting in the primary for the Mayor of SLC. It’s actually pretty cool to live downtown because you get to vote for the mayor of your state’s capitol city . . . and how many people get to do that, eh?

I’m not going to tell you who I voted for unless they won . . . but I will say it wasn't the old man in biker shorts (not that there’s anything wrong with that); and it definitely wasn’t that Beuhler dude . . . besides the fact he's a republican (sometimes there can be something wrong with that), but because it seemed that a lot of people that were endorsing him also had “pro school voucher” signs on their lawns. . . my sister sends her kids to private school. Her husband is a doctor . . . they don’t need help from the government funding their children’s upper middle class white suburban education . . . however, there are plenty of schools in utah and teachers that I’m pretty sure could find a great place to use those funds.. . .

But no political diatribes tonight (STILL LOVING FRANCE AND UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE).

Just thought I’d update you on my week so far. . .

Monday – started out at the airport on my way to Denver at 5:30 . . . spent all day working and tried to get out of DIA on a 6:51pm flight that didn’t end up leaving until 8:20. I finally got home at 10:00 that night. . . and procedded to open a facebook account to cross-promote my blog.

PS on the POSTS
PS. Holt, Rob, Stohl and Annie – props to you for posting comments. I FRIGGIN’ LOVE COMMENTS. And Rob, I know you told me how to get the blogs cross promoted, and I am going to do that someday . . . does someone want to login and do it for moi? ;)

Danny and I had two light bulbs burn out this week. We’re living on low-lighting and trick mirrors as Andy Warhol would say.

I turn 30 in a week. So does Marie Holt Lebaron. . . her blog and website are soooooo friggin’ cool. She’s super talented. You should check out her website. It will make you feel inadequate; but it’s totally worth it because you learn really neat stuff like what to do with left over crayon bits . . .

She also runs “the Stitching barn” and has my favourite bibs in the world.

YOGA & Dance Dance Revolution (without the nintendo "Power Pad")
Haven’t practiced yoga since Saturday, and I can’t go to dance this week because I’ll be in St George Wed and Thurs for work . . . I think I will miss yoga more than dance because . . . well, lets face it . . . I am a pretty crappy dancer, unless you’re talking about just rump shakin’ at the vortex (I’m kidding. . . I don’t do that . . .anymore). Sick, like I ever hung out at the Vortex . . .but i had a really portly roommate in college that wore a lot of parfume that sure liked to cage dance there. . .


STORIES (magazine features, etc)
I have a story due about Park City in three days. It’s like 1500 words and I am 1/1500 of the way finished. Good thing I don’t procrastinate.




Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Better to get sick in France, than to never get sick at all. . .

Sooo, Danny and I saw SiCKo -- the new Michael Moore documentary last week. And with my sister Cicely and David (her hubbie) having also enjoyed the latest installment from the contraversial filmmaker, looks like half the family is ready to pack up and move to Europe. . .

I thought Hillary 08 was my answer for the presidential election -- but after watching the movie, I learned that even she's been bought off by the drug companies . . . (makes me sad).

Anyway, if you have a baby in France, the government PAYS a lady to come to your home twice a week for a 4-hour period to let you run errands . . . or they'll come and do laundry, make dinner, etc. . . super cool.

But what about the taxes you say?

Bring em on! I say. I'd much rather pay extra money for family support than a friggin war we don't belong in, or bailouts for corporations. . . ps. Child Care in France is about a dollar an hour . . . hmmm, yeah . . . not so worried about taxes when the government really is providing goods and services.


And????. . . . not sooo worried about that one.

Last I checked, people in the states weren't freaking out about the government providing libraries, roads, schools (except those damn voucher lovers). . . not to mention Government subsizied STUDENT-LOANS for education. . .

All I'm trying to say is, if our prisoners are getting a basic level of health care, why not an average american who makes $20,000? I don't mind paying taxes for kids to go to school eventhough I don't have kids in school. Like wise, I wouldn't care to help pay for someone to get a basic level of heath-care . . . especially if we had programs geared to overall wellness . . . PREVENTATIVE is the answer!!!!

I can;t remember the last time I checked out a book from the library -- but do you hear me complaning about helping to underwrite that "socialized" program?

Bring it on!!!!

But what about the HOURS, WEEKS, MONTHS we'd have to wait for operations, care, etc if the palying field was leveled. . . Hey, this is AMERICA! ANything can be bought for a price. . . If you have the money to pay up the WAZOOOO for health-care, I say go for it. There will always be opportunities for ppl with $$$$ to buy priviliege. . . but I'm talking about a basic threshold for everyone. . .

Everyone deserves life, liberty and to be freaking healthy! I know so mnay hard-working americans who choose not to get help just because they think they can't afford it. . . RIDICULOUS!!! It's like oxygen -- ppl deserve to breathe. . . ppl deserve the ooprtunity to be healthy.

What about giving incentives for doctors who get ppl to quit smoking, are lose weight, or lower their cholesterol??? Instead of Medical directors gettting bonuses for how many ppl they TURN AWAY!!!! That's right! WHAT KIND OF A SYSTEM IS THAT!!!


But the way, it doesn't cost anything to have a baby in France -- medicine is preventative. Can you tell I'm sooo friggin pro-france. If I were any more pro-france, Preisdent Bush would consider me a threat to national security.


Not to mention, that country has really good chocolate crossiants. ;)

C'est tout!


ps. For anyone reading this who says, "Sabrena, you've never lived with Universal Heath Care, you have no idea how bad it is!" I'm pretty sure I can find plenty from the opposite camp who would disagree . . . take my friend Erin Allen; a Canadian (dual citizenship I believe). Having a baby in the states in October (she fell in love, got married and relocated to be with her husband state-side) . . . it will cost her about $1500 in the states to have the baby that would just be paid for by taxes in Canada . . . I heard her say that she wished she was having the child up North . . . no comments about concerns about level of care -- she believes care and attention is just as good across the northern border . . . she just thinks the Canadians have a better system, and I couldn't agree with her more . . . but i stil want to move to France. ;)