Sunday, August 31, 2008

IRONMAN: The Flip Flopper, and what's wrong with that?

Oh my pretties, what a great weekend:

I’m pretty sure I felt Holden (although, it could be gas… you never really know, eh?)
I’m 5-days away from my ½ way mark of this pregnancy.
I’m still riding high of the DNC, and the Utes victory over Michigan.

I’ve got a lot to be excited about. But I’d like to take a different approach for this post and move into “movie reviews” of sorts instead. ;)

So IronMan… seen it? Pretty much everyone has but me. Besides the catchy theme song made popular by Ozzie, there wasn’t a lot that got me excited about seeing this flick -- which probably explains why I hadn’t seen it until last night at the dollar (fifty) theater. We’re spending the Holiday at George’s House (St. George) and my father likes to keep a 1:1 (minimum) stat as far as the ratio of movies to days we’re here. But I have to say, the critics were right. It’s surprising and worth and watch – even if you’re not a sci-fi, comic book, or explosion type of person when it comes to your favourites in cinema.

So here’s how I see it… and I think there’s a philosophical lesson that can be drawn between this movie and the political climate of our day:

Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr) makes WMD’s* for a living. His father helped create the atom bomb, and he’s made big money creating weapons that are responsible for taking millions of lives across the globe. So when he discovers (shock me, shock me!) that his weapons are not ONLY used by “the good guys” (yes, the Americans)… but have fallen into the hands of evil doers in the Middle East, Stark decides he needs to change his ways, change his company, and stop making things that only destroy.

With this (and breaking out of the clutches of the evil doers) he comes to create the ultimate weapon to help save humanity – himself as a superhero – and the storyline continues.

So what can we draw from the “changed heart” and example of Tony Stark – my new favourite superhero? I say, when you’re involved in something, and its morality is going south…(and regardless of if that is a movement, a group of friends, a career, or an war in which thousands of lives are being lost) … when you realize that what you’re involved in is the equivalent of moral and ethical suicide, there’s no shame in changing the course. I actually believe that CHANGE is the moral high ground in cases like this.

Last election, Republicans BLASTED Democrats who originally voted for the war, and then after seeing it for what it really is, and the Dems said “We need to get out! Turn the ship, turn the ship!” They were labeled as “flip-floppers.” First of all, what a stupid phrase.

But seriously, when in this country did we decide that it’s so wrong to see the error of your ways and make a change for the better? When did repentance become such a negative thing?

Thankfully, my candidate for presidency opposed the war from the beginning (Go Barack! Huzah for change!) But you’ve got another candidate, who this week will try to distance himself from the president and current administration by saying he’s a maverick… that’s he’s different from Bush (even though he’s voted with his policies more than 90% of the time). Come on McCain, I’d give you permission to be a flip-flopper on the war in Iraq, but you have to see the error of your ways first. (Though, this doesn’t mean I’d vote for you. McCain and I probably disagree on the issues 95% of the time.) ;)

In the meantime, my choice for president is easy. I’m voting for someone who believes that America deserves more, that basic health care is right and not a luxury, who’s economic plan is to give tax relief to 95% of Americans (yes, he’s going to tax the rich, novel idea) and help the middle class get back on it’s feet, who is vocal about his love of God, family and family values, who understands the world has always been “more impressed with the power of our example, than the example of our power,” who opposed the war from the beginning and wanted our focus to be on Bin Laden from the start, and who strongly believes that we have responsibility to take care of those less fortunate than ourselves (you know that principle, it’s the one that’s taught in Sunday Schools across the country.)

Yeah, this election, I’m not stuck voting for “the lesser of two evils.” I’m thrilled to be voting for Barack. Cheers to realizing that the world can be a better place (whether our heroes are dressed in titanium suits or pounding the pavement for change.)

*Weapons of Mass Destruction: What we went to war with Iraq over. Remember, our President pitched to us that the war in Iraq about WMDs and the threat that Sadam posed. (When no WMDs were found, it suddenly changed to an issue of civil rights injustices… but really it was about finishing his daddy’s vendetta in the middle east). George took military force that could’ve been used to hunt down Osama Bin Laden and put us in a war that, like Vietnam, HAS NO END in sight with the policies of the current administration (and presumptive Republican nominee McCain)…And this war would conitnue to have no end in sight if this country makes it second biggest mistake in foreign policy in the last 8 years and elects McCain – because his platform is to continue the course!!! The first biggest blunder being electing George Dub-ya.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Photo of the Day!

"Ohhh, yeah... I think that's going to be real nice for you."
Tatum and Max*... Tatum found my grandma's old wig
and decided her brother needed a fancy "up-do."
This kind of thing makes me so excited for fun with my own little guy. I am definitely at the stage where people are wondering if I am just getting chubs or if I'm preggers... I wish I had a sign, "BABY ON BOARD" or something.
*Tatum and Max are Cassandra's kids. They currently reside in CVG (Ohio).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sleepless in Salt Lake

It's about 5:30 in the morning and I've been up since 4 am.  I woke up to some odd sensation in my lower abdomen.  I'm officially 17 weeks today, so I guess it could be Holden* kicking but I mostly just felt like my naval had expanded and hardened overnight.  And I don't think this is my normal "food baby" type symptoms.

Speaking of food babies... I feel a little like Phoebe from friends when she tells Joey "The Baby Wants Meat!"  I made a pot roast for dinner a couple of days ago and it was slow cooking for a while (also because if I take it out and let it get cold I'll see the nasty fat congeal and most likely loose my protein shake)... but anyway, I made a roast thinking Danny would be so stoked red meat graced our house for the 1st time this year (I don't think that's an overstatement)... and last night I was totally craving -- not only the flavor -- but I actually had like 5 bites of the thing.  Which may not sound like much, but for a gal that gave up hamburgers at 12 and spent part of her collegiate (and post collegiate) years as a vegan/vegetarian, it's a pretty significant step. 

I want our baby to eat meat... I mean, hormone free and organic beef is obviously preferable, but I'd like him to "eat meat sparingly." I picky enough for this entire family.  I hope he takes after his father on this one.  I can deal with it if the kid's only real aversion is celery (yeah, Danny doesn't dig it.  Who doesn't dig celery?  It's practically a non-food, right?) 

Anyway, as far as the food's concerned: whatever baby wants, baby gets.  As long as it's not fried chicken. 

Namaste. I think I'll head to the yoga studio and get in an hour of "observation" time.  Just 6 hours to go and I'll be certified!

*Yep, it's a boy. Read the previous post for a few more details on the little guy. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Preggers Chronicles: Best Week Ever

Best week ever…. Isn’t that a show that comes on before TMZ or the Daily 10 or something? Anyway, what a tremendous week of maternal bliss!!! In no particular order (well, maybe chronological works best, but with headers so you can skip to the bottom to find out the most interesting part):

Monday, August 11: Doctor’s appointment… I meet my Midwife I’m “trying on for size” and we were freaking MFEO (made for each other… isn’t that on Sleepless in Seattle?). Get this: she’s a VEGAN mid-wife who did her Master’s Thesis on Proper Nutrition for Vegans and Vegetarians during pregnancy, and the paper was published. Sooo cool! She’s also having her second child this week AND having her 2nd cesarean …which makes me feel even better about things because I know she won’t be militant about the natural child birth thing if there are any complications.

Also, with her delivering this week and taking maternity leave and all, she’ll be out when I have my next appointment… so I get to see my crazy-cool Led Zeppelin loving OB in her stead… which is a good thing because then I’ll have 2 appointments with the guy before I deliver so we’ll have bit more familiarity incase his services are needed.) And I LOVE that the practice I’m at has the midwives in “cahoots” with an OB so you really can feel a lot better about complications.

But I LOVE her!!!! She gave me this HUGE packet of info, talked to me about yoga and postures and food and teeth whitening (you know I’m borderline OCD about my crazy fangs right?) and everything else I wondered about in the last 6 weeks … and well, she was just great.

So not only does she check out all my womanly stuff… I get to hear the heartbeat for the first time. Which I was totally nervous about, because what if you don’t heart anything? Or it’s abnormal… you know, all these things we’re making me nervous…. But our little nubbins is super active and the heartbeat was amazing!!! I got all teary eyed and was so happy to have some concrete evidence I could hear (not just measured by a urine sample.)

My paperwork had me at 14 weeks. My pelvic exam had me closer in 15… and when the last date of my lunar cycle was discussed again, I told them I really had no idea. All those numbers from the past couple of months had been guesstimates at best. Soooo, they suggested I get in for an ultrasound ASAP so we could get a better indication of really how far along I was/am.

So it turns out I’m 16 ½ weeks! With a new Due Date of January 23rd! Which means I got to cut off an entire extra 2 weeks of pregnancy… and considering I didn’t even find out I was pregnant until more than 2 months into my blessed state, I think ignorance is the way to go. I’m just glad I felt inclined to eat well, exercise and take prenatals when we were even thinking about possibilities… because, well… we never expected it to creep up this fast, obviously.

First of all, it was amazing to see our little guy. He’s so active and as soon as he flashed up on the screen his little hand was up in the air like he was waving (not to camera shy, must take after his mother on that one). He moved all around… and was kicking and dodging and it was so beautiful to see. His face (via ultrasound shadows) looked like the cutest little alien I had ever seen. It is humbling and magnificent to think that someone so blessed is inside of me:

Holden, welcome to the world (via my womb). I hope it’s comfortable and safe for you in there. I’ve been trying to eat right and give you plenty of activity/stimulation to keep you busy (and I’ve been trying to rest a lot, because man you wear me out!) I already feel this tremendous connection to you (and not just because you seem to hate fast food and fried food even more than your mother). Your Daddy thinks you look amazing too; and secretly, I think he’s already figured out how soon he can get you into little league. I told him you might want to do ballet like Billy Elliot… but whatever you want to be or do, you can. Your Daddy and I already love you so much. Thanks for the quiet messages you’ve sent to me. I love that we have our own unique way of communicating. I’m sure you’ll let me know when you get tired of the protein shakes (but I worry about your nutrition!) I got the memo on the french fries and the chicken LOUD and CLEAR! No need to resend that communiqué. 

I love you with all my soul and am excited to see you in about 5 - 6 lunar months. 


Oh yeah, ultra sound confirmed ... it’s a boy. ;)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just checking in


Just a little love from the SLC. I know you’ve probably all given up on me and my musings, but with the yoga teacher certification, and a week long va-cay in Hawaii sans my computer/the world wide intraweb (well, it was there but it costs like 15-bones a day), I decided you’d all forgive once I returned.

Besides, now that we’re all back together again it’s like I never left, eh?

So, I’m officially in my 2nd trimester… just over 14 weeks or so I guess. I’ve got a DR’s appointment on Monday – first time with the midwife. We’ll see how it goes.

Just watching a little bit of the Olympics… pretty cool stuff. Can’t believe the men’s beach volleyball team lost in pool play. I think they’ll come back.

As far as updates for the yoga bit:

I’ve got a few make up “observation” classes to handle this week, and teach my student a couple of lessons… but I passed my final as well as my final “audition” held a week ago, Friday. It was honestly one of the most exhausting things I ever done (that includes 3-a-days playing college volleyball; 28-day flight attendant training on emergency response procedures… or anything else I can think of.) Maybe it’s because I didn’t those things preggers….

Anyway, enough of that. Just wanted to check back in. I miss you people in my life.