Sunday, February 26, 2012

"All done Jesus" and other awesomeness

In an effort to feng shui my life, this week I worked on a few of our 'junk drawers." (Has that show Hoarders made anyone else a little freaked out about their extra "stuff?") Anyway, I cleaned out our medicine cabinet (I can't believe that Hoodia didn't make me a size 2!!!), and a couple of other shoe boxes full of crap. (Exhibit A to the right, had Vitamin C that expired in 2006.)

In one of them I discovered a mason jar I had kept in the kitchen to write down funny things Holden said/did. One, recorded said "All done Jesus." (Labeled 3/15;) I wish I would've recorded the context in which it was said, but it make me smile just thinking about him saying that. Since currently most of his sentences contain references to Transformers, Super Heroes, Bad Guys and the All-Spark.

One other AWESOME thing Holden said happened after I told him he needed pants on to play in our sunroom. After the kid uses the bathroom he has a tendcy to just leave his pants by the toilet. He hasn't mastered the art of just pulling them down enough not to pee on them so he can easily pull them back up. So needless to say, he's half-naked quite often. So I said to him, "Holden, you need pants on in the sun room. I don't want people looking at your private parts." And he looked at me and said "Jesus made them special."

So awesome! With all this Sandusky crap, and crazy John Powell and his creepy Dad, and all the horror stories on the news about awful things happening to kids, I've felt a sense of urgency in talking to Holden about strangers and creep-ohs, and so I was trying to help him understand about his body. At the same time, I don't want him growing up with a repressed sexuality that haunts him later on. So I explained that God had made his body special, and his private parts are only for him to touch (preferably in the bathtub when washing) or Mom and Dad, or the doctor (in front of Mom or Dad). That sounds kind of confusing now that I write it down, but my point is, he gets that God made them special... and that they're private. Now if he'd just put his pants back on....

In other news (and yes, I'm seeing how many paragraphs I can start a sentence with the word "In")...In other news, on Day 2 of Lent I wrote:

"I may have given up refined sugar, but I didn't give up white flour. I think I ate half-a-loaf of sourdough last night. I made a salad for dinner and thought, croutons are awesome... so I warmed a bit of olive oil and butter (mmmm, butter) and made some croutons. Home-made croutons are the best. Every time I make them I think, "Why would you waste time with anything else?" But the irony is, people don't really "waste their time" with croutons, do they? They specifically buy them so they won't waste time with croutons. But I'm just telling you, I think the ones you buy from a store are worthless. Why waste a carb or 60 on something that tastes like cardboard diped in butter (mmm, butter.) I don't ever buy croutons (unless I'm in charge of them for a big church function or something odd like that....not interesting.)

Any who, my processed-sugarless-Lent is going fine. I get the urge to bake chocolate chip cookies about, hmmm, once every hour or so. But this body needed to do something different.

Oh and just for the record - I plan on splurging on Zoë's blessing day. It will be my own "Fat Tuesday" on Sunday March 11th. I'm hoping to indulge in those awesome brownies that have marshmallow smacked deliciously between layers of cake and frosting. Just so you know...I'm ok with it, hope you are too.

This post wasn't supposed to be this long. I just wanted to write down what Holden had said before I throw that paper away and forget. So on that note, I'll sign off:

All done Jesus.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love-handles for Lent and other musings

Totally got a kick out of this Lent word-cloud

Yesterday I tweeted that I was giving up my love handles for Lent. Obviously it was a joke... but the more I thought about it, the more I figured I was kind of serious. Much like with Holden, with Zoë I lost a bunch of weight fast apres delivery... then I hit a plateau. And that plateau happened to be about 8 lbs more than I weighed before I got pregnant (the difference with Zoë is that I started about 10 lbs lighter than I did with Holden). If I were a superhero, I would've been called "Super-Chubs."

Anyway, my point is, I've got some lovely love-handles... top grade. Just squishy enough for excellent muffin-topping; yet giggle-tastic so it's hours of fun for the whole family. Act now, and you can receive my front-bum at no extra charge!

I don't want to be obsessive about losing weight. I know I have plenty of milk for Zoe; so I really dont think that's going to be a problem if I ease up a bit on my caloric intake... (for some reason, there is a direct correlation to milk-prduction and my int-ake of cupcakes and cinnamon rolls. it was the same with Holden... it's like I start lactating and my internal GPS starts playing the role of Siri "I have found 12 dozen cupcakes within a 5 mile radius." Only in my case, it's a 2 foot radius because I keep baking the friggin' things.

I need an overhaul.

I'm not a horrible eater. I bake most of the "junk-food" I consume...and ironically, it's made with organic cane sugar. Ha! But I recognize that doesn't make it healthy.

I read this Louise L. Hay article about heel spurs (mine has reappeared and is ever so annoying).
She advocated taking in more protein and green veggies. (Makes sense. I've been waking up lately craving green smoothies, but then end up eating... yes, cinnamon rolls, instead.)

Ms. Hay says that "metaphysically, feet symbolize direction as well as our understanding of ourselves. The heels are 'shock absorbers' for the family, both within and without. The spurs can be a deep-seated fear of the unknown and a sense of total vulnerability."

And then asks "Do you feel out of step with everyone around you?"

I wouldn't say I feel out of step with everyone around me; but I am having a bit of a time trying to figure out what/where I should be stepping. I have questions about how I'm raising Holden... the right choice for pre-school and schooling in general. I wonder if Zoë is getting the full attention she needs, and I know that Danny is constantly at the short end of that stick.

I miss working out, going for a run, and my yoga practice is definitely suffering.

Perhaps I am living the oxygen-mask analogy...neglecting myself, and thus everyone else around me suffers. The irony is that I'm not playing the martyr. I am not putting everyone else ahead of me out of selflessness. I'm just making poor eating choices and struggling with time-management.

That said, I am turning over a new leaf for Lent.

I think I'll give up desserts and processed sugar. That is one of the healthiest things I can do for myself... there by choosing into my best self, and thus being better for all those around me.

On a separate but similar note, I'm sure my husband just wishes I'd spend more time...well, I don;t really need to say it do I? I mean, my father-in-law reads this, you know.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cassandra in a Word-Cloud

So, today is Cassandra Suite-Smith's birthday. For those of you in the know, you know she's my older sister. For those of you not in the know, you now are in the know; otherwise, you are in the know, now...WOW.

So my sister is a somewhat private person, so I probably should've just written this in a card to her -- but it's nice that you know a little bit more about her.

So here is a word cloud of my sister.

tenacious beautiful rock-solid-bod LOVES HOLDEN
great mama Loving Wife Health-and-Fitness-Nut
Yoginni Runner-fast runner-super fast runner good cook
ATHLETE excellent party hostess thoughtful
assertive (and yes, even at time aggressive) passionate
believer strong-willed dedicated indefatigable

And just for good measure, a video of Cassandra helping Holden rock climb from last summer.

Love you Cassandra, hope you have an amazing day. You totally deserve it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Zoë's Birth Announcement

Pretty ridiculous...I have a bunch of these addressed at my house, and they have been for a couple of week... but i am having a hard time making it to the post office for their 'special' pricing... LAMENESS.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Holden 3 Year Review

Wow Bud, three years on February 1st?!?! Pretty awesome. Here are some things worth noting about you~

You are a terrific big brother to Zoë. You often ask where she is (usually sleeping). You call her “my baby.”

You ask to hold her sometimes and have often commented on the fact that she “has no teeth.”

Quirky and Fabulous

Instead of saying ‘she,’ you have a tendency to combine it with the word ‘her’…so when talking about females it often comes out “shers” (eg. Shers is eating some milt.)

You pronounce Milk – Milt. In fact a lot of your “k” sounds end with a “t” instead.

Things You LOVE

Transformers ~ Superheros ~Dinosaurs ~ Cars
(just in general, not specifically the Disney-Pixar themed toys,
but you play with those too.)

You like to steal my phone and watch “Weet Woo!” (For any parents out there with kiddos that find themselves on YouTube, this is the greatest invention…it filters content on the web specific to a child’s age… the biggest problem is that Holden can literally disappear with my phone and could entertain himself forever without my involvement. Not necessarily the “media policy” we’re striving for at the Mangum household.)

You like to help me mop the floors and clean the toilets. (And truth be told the mopping of the hardwoods IS actually faster with your help then when I do it by myself. How about that?!?!)

You love taking showers/baths.

You are FINALLY wearing big boy pants (why did you hate them for so long?)

You like to help me bake…I need to remind myself to enjoy having your help more often; because how long does a boy ask to cook with his mom in the kitchen?

We’re working on – putting your coat on by yourself, getting dressed by yourself. For all the things you like to do independently, you have never been real interested in this.

You love whole wheat cinnamon rolls – you would eat them every day if given the option. Seems like we’re baking these about every week or so nowadays.

You like playing with paydough, fighting bad guys, anyone’s toys, making up songs and “watching shows.”

Some of my favorite phrases you use:

"You will never defeat me."

"The Hult is misunderstood." (Hult=Hulk)

"Come on!"

"That’s a great idea!"

"It’s a piece of my home planet."

"Spiderman helps us." (This is also often replaced with the Prophet, Jesus, etc.)

"Will you wipe my bottom?" (I know it sounds odd that I like this one, but to me it means my three year old has just gone #2 in the potty, by himself, without any coaxing from me and is just waiting in the bathroom...and I had no idea it had happened. Awesome.)

Life with you pretty much rules.

Holden at iFly for his 3rd birthday

Friday, February 17, 2012

Third Thursday on Friday

I feel really blessed that I have this part-time gig as a writer for Make and Takes. While I do miss the swanky dinners and plush thread-count of posh getaways that accompanied my work for SkyWest Magazine (and the original hard copy of "Suite Spots") when I was a travel writer, I've got to say this feels pretty good.

This month I have two postings. Todays, found here that has a few quick tips on greening your kitchen (super easy, like picking the right size pot for stove cooking); and one later this month... stay tuned for details!

Image from "BlogHers ACT; Canada" (It's a pretty cool photo, eh?)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentines Song for You

Since both my babes were born (and even when I was a baby), my Mom has sung this song to us and her Grandkids. My Grandma would sing it as well.

The other night Holden and I were laying in bed (thus why it's video but only sound available -- we're in the dark). Anyway, he started singing it...

I love you, my puchen
My little tiny puchen
I dream of you
The whole night through
My puchen I love you

I don't know what a "puchen" is, or how one would even spell it...perhaps some Russian or Slavic term of endearment? Feel free to shed some light if you know. But it melts my heart every time he sings this song... also, sometimes he replaces Zoë's name or "transformer" for puchen. If he sees his sis and Optimus Prime as equals I am convinced more than ever he adores her.

Happy Valentines from the Mangums.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life and Death...and Volleyball

Oh Blog, how I love thee. If only I could find a way to just dictate from my brain the constant barrage of chatter and "posts" that fill my head daily... my mental health would probably be more sound and this would be a much more accurate journal.

But alas, it's hard to write about life when you're living it. That's why I need a Siri.

Any-who. This has been an interesting week. We were in recovery mode from celebrating the boys' birthdays (Holden turned THREE on the first, and Danny 29 on the fifth.) We had a superhero get together with family for Holden, and headed upstate to "The Barn" in Eden for a Superbowl weekend that included another jaunt at iFly for indoor skydiving. (More on that in another post, another day.)

What's on my mind is Volleyball, Life and Death.

Not that volleyball is life and death, but as many of you may have heard, Coach Lori Richards passed away from breast cancer last week and services were held Thursday and Friday. I drove down to Orem for the viewing with Zoë on Thursday evening and caught up with these girls for dinner and a night of memories, laughter, plenty of tears and to honor this amazing woman.

(And yes, I'm on my tip-toes and they're all hunched over in flats...)

There are a few things I took away from that night -- in no particular order.
  • I have pretty much ALWAYS been eccentric. Flashbacks to my college wardrobe remind me it wasn't so much "clothing" as just a "cloth" around my bottom as the mini-skirts, tiny-girl-tee's and Baby Doll dresses I wore did not leave much to the imagination. (And the girls mentioned something about cartwheels in the shower apres practice? I have conveniently forgotten this scandalous piece of info. Surely it was someone else, not moi.) Couple all of that with my love of politics (I helped charter a chapter of College Democrats of America my sophomore year at UVU), and I equaled one fantastic juxtaposition of oddness & excitement. "Let's go dance at Club Omni! PS. Have I convinced you about the atrocities of supply-side-economics yet?"
  • Lori was and is well loved. The viewing started at 6, and when we rolled in at 6:30 the line of friends already extended down and past the entire hall surrounding the chapel of their Ward building. (More on lessons from Lori later).
  • I have always been blessed with incredible friends. I'd like to think it's the principle of like-attracts-like, but I am more inclined to believe God is sending me constant angels in the form of strong, thoughtful, energetic and inspiring ladies to help be my guide. This was true at UV, at IWU and even post college.
Just a sampling of the amazing stories and lives these gals are living (From left to right in the picture):
Brandi just recently married. Spent life as a single-mother to a now 15-yo and is planning on having another!
Jess - my Texas rose! More knee surgeries than MJ's nose jobs. Diagnosed with and battling cancer - is fighting it and winning!
Crystal - pregnant 5 times (6 total babes)...gave her first up for adoption to give the kid a better life, has three of her own, and was a surrogate to twins (one of the babies ended up passing away before birth.)
Kelsi - more connected than Kevin Bacon. Grew up in California, played VBall at UVU, served an LDS mission (Called to SLC - ha!), Assistant Athletic Director at some liberal arts college in Wisconsin and getting ready for baby #2 (just 16 months apart from her first).
Brenda - amazing Mom, beautiful family. Brenda has always been the strong-silent type. Amazingly smart, but so quiet about her accomplishments. It's possible she's received a Nobel Peace Prize in the last 15 years, but we'd never know it because she's that humble.

With the recent addition of Zoë, GNOs are few and far between. I was so fed Thursday night -- emotionally, spiritually. And I freaking laughed my arse off (oddly enough, it came back. Must be the peanut butter chocolate bars I've been helping myself to as of late).

Lori taught me a lot of things -- so much on the court, but more even so off of it. My Freshman year I remember thinking that I had arrived. I was playing college sports (on scholarship!), was living on my own (with roommates), had no curfew, no parents dictating my schedule... FREEDOM, FREEDOM, FREEDOM! It was awesome.

I remember telling Lori how amazing I thought it was.

"You know, it just keeps getting better," she told me. How could I believe her? Better than this? I can't imagine growing up and being tied down with the responsibilities of being an adult with a family could be better than this. But she reiterated...with that million dollar smile and huge eyes that sparkled, oddly enough I knew she meant it.

And she has been entirely right.

Thank you for that Lori, I reflect on it often. It does just keep getting better.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Holden -the interview

OK, technically it's May 9th, but I just got Holden's 3 yo birthday interview posted, and it can be found HERE.

Happy Birthday Bud.