Saturday, February 18, 2012

Holden 3 Year Review

Wow Bud, three years on February 1st?!?! Pretty awesome. Here are some things worth noting about you~

You are a terrific big brother to Zoë. You often ask where she is (usually sleeping). You call her “my baby.”

You ask to hold her sometimes and have often commented on the fact that she “has no teeth.”

Quirky and Fabulous

Instead of saying ‘she,’ you have a tendency to combine it with the word ‘her’…so when talking about females it often comes out “shers” (eg. Shers is eating some milt.)

You pronounce Milk – Milt. In fact a lot of your “k” sounds end with a “t” instead.

Things You LOVE

Transformers ~ Superheros ~Dinosaurs ~ Cars
(just in general, not specifically the Disney-Pixar themed toys,
but you play with those too.)

You like to steal my phone and watch “Weet Woo!” (For any parents out there with kiddos that find themselves on YouTube, this is the greatest invention…it filters content on the web specific to a child’s age… the biggest problem is that Holden can literally disappear with my phone and could entertain himself forever without my involvement. Not necessarily the “media policy” we’re striving for at the Mangum household.)

You like to help me mop the floors and clean the toilets. (And truth be told the mopping of the hardwoods IS actually faster with your help then when I do it by myself. How about that?!?!)

You love taking showers/baths.

You are FINALLY wearing big boy pants (why did you hate them for so long?)

You like to help me bake…I need to remind myself to enjoy having your help more often; because how long does a boy ask to cook with his mom in the kitchen?

We’re working on – putting your coat on by yourself, getting dressed by yourself. For all the things you like to do independently, you have never been real interested in this.

You love whole wheat cinnamon rolls – you would eat them every day if given the option. Seems like we’re baking these about every week or so nowadays.

You like playing with paydough, fighting bad guys, anyone’s toys, making up songs and “watching shows.”

Some of my favorite phrases you use:

"You will never defeat me."

"The Hult is misunderstood." (Hult=Hulk)

"Come on!"

"That’s a great idea!"

"It’s a piece of my home planet."

"Spiderman helps us." (This is also often replaced with the Prophet, Jesus, etc.)

"Will you wipe my bottom?" (I know it sounds odd that I like this one, but to me it means my three year old has just gone #2 in the potty, by himself, without any coaxing from me and is just waiting in the bathroom...and I had no idea it had happened. Awesome.)

Life with you pretty much rules.

Holden at iFly for his 3rd birthday

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QNC said...

I can't believe he is three already! Where does the time go? We need to have you guys over for dinner sometime. Is Zoe leaving the house yet?