Monday, October 5, 2015

That time I signed up to make soup at church...

Greetings blogosphere. It's been a while, eh? Instagram and FB make it really hard to blog.
But I wanted to share this great recipe for soup I'll be sharing tomorrow night at our church tomorrow night.

It's my Grandpa Tony's funeral tomorrow and I realized I wouldn't have much time to make good on my promise to bring pumpkin soup. So here's what I worked out today.

Hope you enjoy!

Busy Pumpkin Soup
You can make it ahead or serve immediately, depending on the errands you have for the day.

·       1 medium sized yellow onion, chopped
·       2 TBSP butter (or substitute oil, if you’re vegan or adverse to things tasting amazing)
·       1 medium-ish sized butternut squash: peeled, seeded and cubed
·       1 largish apple: peeled, cored and cubed (preferably not red delicious)
·       1 can 15 oz. pumpkin (or a couple of cups of fresh pumpkin peeled and cubed if you’re feeling crazy-ambitious)
·       32 oz Organic Chicken Stock: you can substitute regular chicken stock – who knows if the organic chickens were even happy? Or stick with the vegan option and just use a veggie stock… but let’s be honest, it probably won’t taste as good. #justsayin.
·       ½ - 1 tsp of ginger (powder or fresh)
·       1 – 3 tsps of sugar / honey (sweetened to taste)
·       salt to taste
·       fresh cream to taste 

1.     Realize you signed up to bring soup to an event, and that you are supposed to have a recipe…but the soup you signed up to make, you haven’t used a recipe for in years… so you make due.

2.     Realize you have a pretty busy day the day the soup is “due” so the following steps are done 24 hours prior to soup’s actual debut.

a.     Sautee onion and butter until your kitchen smells divine
b.    Try to distract your three year old as she asks to watch T.V. for the 5th time today
c.     Add in the apple for some sweetness and let things almost caramelize – it will smell like the Autumn Fairy sprinkled magical Fall-dust in your home
d.    Cave and turn on a show for the 3 yo.
e.    While the onions and apples are sautéing, start peeling the butternut squash and ask yourself why you didn’t just buy the pre-cut variety from Costco. Remind yourself the drive was too far, and vow to do better next time.
f.       Add the squash. If you’re using real pumpkin – prep the pumpkin and then take a picture for social media of your awesomeness because the world should be validating your major skills in the kitchen. #masterchef #pinterestworthy #homemakingSKILLZ
g.    Drizzle in a little of the chicken stock. Add a bit of the sugar and ginger.
h.     Mix in the remaining stock and add the pumpkin puree.  
i.       Let things simmer (in the pot, and in your home if need be) until the squash is soft and can be easily blended. Grab a glass of water because you probably need to hydrate.
j.       Put your Blendtec / Vitamix to work and create something akin to babyfood… remember to have space for the heat to escape or there will be explosions (just sayin’ for a friend).
k.     At this point you can either chill the soup over night, or get ready to serve.
3.     (Reheat) or add liquid (water, or more stock) and seasoning (sugar, salt, ginger, cream) to taste.

4.     Pat yourself on the back and think about ordering take-out next time.