Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sabrenas

Oh brother . . .
Spencer Hyde warned me that if I didn’t keep my blog updated that I wouldn’t have a fan base . . .

Anyone out there? Anyone, anyone? Buhler . . . Buhler?

Anyway, Danny is watching “Ice Truckers” and I ought to be reading Harry Potter or at least getting my thoughts organized for work or something, but there are a couple of things I wanted to write about.

First – I’ve been noticing a lot of interesting smells lately . . . not to mention that little voice in my head that tells a story when there’s good sights, sounds, etc. I keep wanting to write them all down for you/me; to refer to later, but for some reason I chicken out, convincing myself I’ll remember. . . but I always forget.

Second – I’m hosting our church “Luau on the Lawn” Wed night. Everyone’s invited. Tricanosis free (I know that word is not spelled right; but you get the idea). It’s at the church – 6 pm til sunset. ;)

Third – I got a haircut and I don’t know how to style my hair by myself without Logan (my stylist). It looks fabulous – like a Victoria’s Secret model from the neck up or something. But I can’t do it myself . . . soooo, I haven’t washed my hair since Friday and don’t really planning on getting it wet anytime soon. ;)

Fourth – Ice Truckers would not be on our television if my husband had more than 4 channel to watch.

Fifth – there are a lot of pregnant people in the world. Andy Warhol once made a comment about ppl getting pregnant . . . that he just can’t believe people are still getting pregnant. It’s crazy. . . Seriously; there’s a person inside of that lady’s belly. . . like an alien in that Sigorney (sp?) Weaver movie . . . hmm, what was the name of it? Oh yeah, that’s right . . ..ALIEN!!! (Sometimes when I eat too much, I complain that there’s n alien baby inside of me. . . . I’m practicing. Also, I’ve bought a lot of flowy shirts that provide plenty of weight gain should I be abducted by aliens . . . or if Danny and I decide to get pregnant, you know . . . in a year or so. . .

Sixth – I can’t stand the owner of the Crandall Canyon Mines. What’s his name? That Murray dude. He is so offensive. . . first off, referring to the original miners trapped saying “we’re going to get the bodies out” . . . then preaching about unions and environmentalists. . . blaming on earthquakes . . . speculating, hostility. . . he’s the poorest excuse for an executive I’ve seen in a long time. . .

If it weren’t for his mines providing jobs for people, I’d do everything I could to bring down his business. He disgusts me. I pray for the family . . . Let’s stop our coal/oil dependence NOW!!!
Sixth – My little sister Celeste is a beauty. She may not realize it; but she’s a beauty . . . and such a generous heart. She’s going to make someone an amazing wife someday. Mark my words.

Seventh – If I become famous do I have to go to prison? Or is that just if I’m really thin and famous. . . I’ll keep a little junk in the trunk just in case my blog gets discovered like Perez Hilton.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lagoon Season Ticket Holders, Yeah Baby!

Well, Danny and I are pretty hip . . .Old, married, aging hipsters.
We had date night at Lagoon and managed to meet some real nice 15 year olds from Pocatello . . . they've been to lagoon 5 times already this summer. I swear, I don;t remember being that cool at 15. But then again, I don't remember much about being 15 because I so wrapped up in myself, it's kind of hard to pin-point any details.

But, I have to give a little props to Laggon. (Yes, I said "props." I'm trying to bring it back like all of the best lines from Alecia Silverstone in "Clueless."

That new "wicked" ride, is definitely worth the price of admission.


Yoga Star(Up)date 08.14.2007

Yesterday my yoga teacher gave me a special stone necklace to ward off evil energy . . which is nice, because I was starving this morning after i presented at our "New Leader Training" . . . and the location was right next to a McDonalds; so needless to say, the stone came in handy when I walked inside for my frunit-and-yogurt parfait [I don;t think that their parfait is really french; but don;t tell Nicholas Sarkozy that]

Vive la Big Mac!!!! Just kidding; I don;t eat meat . . . I'm a veternarian. ;)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

So You Think [I] Can Dance?

WRONG! I am like a limping lama on the jazz floor. . . an ape on Xanax has more coordination than I do. . . in my defense, my dance expertise lies somewhere between a summer at age 10 at the Butler Dance Academy which basically had me in a black leotard and bouncing around to the vibrant and poppy sounds of “WHAM!” (Seriously, did we really not know George Michael was gay?) . . and . . .

Oh, and there were those community ed classes at some Rec center in Chicago . . . but I think the most challenging part of that stint was trying to stuff my chubby little 7 year old thighs into a brown leo-tard. . . (“Tard” being the most descriptive way to describe my dancing career).

So here I am, approaching 30 next month, and my friend Marie gets this idea about us taking an adult dance class. . . It’s “primarily jazz with some lyrical and hip-hop,” she muses over email . I had to consult Websters to find out what the words even meant . . . I mean, I’m familiar with hip-hop but mostly from my days of listening to BoyzIIMen in the 90s. ;)

My friends are amazing dancers . . . even though they haven’t really done it in years, they’re all so coordinated. I tried to muscle my way through the warm ups (soooo thankful I’ve been gaining some flexibility with yoga, because it would have been even more embarrassing.

Their bodies are all flowy and beautiful . . .

I think dance is such a beautiful art form; so expressive and a friggin great workout. . . I seriously got a cramp in my butt-cheeks as we were warming up . . . a lot of pelvic thrusting going on in that classroom (which if I keep up, could come in real handy for my 2nd anniversary). Good thing I’ve got time to plan!!!!

I tried to show Danny what we did in class when I got home; he was “amused” to say the least, but quite supportive. (Class is once a week; 8:30 to 10pm every Thursday if you’re interested).

If we work hard, we get to be in a recital in June . . . I don’t know if I’ll be ready by then . . I’ve got quite a learning curve, and all the other ladies in my class are on the fast-track with their muscle-memory; but I plan on watching “Girls just Wanna have Fun” and “Flashdance” each weekend, and renting some “Best Of” episodes of “Dick Clark’s American Bandstand,” supplemented with MTVs “The Grind.” That said, I think I’ll be ok . ;)

I Have an Official New Name

Today, I officially became Sabrena Suite-Mangum. . . yeah, I know you thought I already was . . but I hadn’t made the official swap with the DMV or the Social Security Office.

Legally, I was still just “Sabrena Suite” up until about 12 hours ago . . . well, the LDS Church seemed to refer to me as Sabrena Mangum as of August 1 (at least, that’s what everyone in my ward calls me) . . . but now I have officially joined Danny’s name with mine.

WHAT A DAY?!?!?!

Btw, does the Social Security Office remind anyone but me of George Orwell’s description of the “Ministry of Love” in 1984? Seriously, the creepy elevator . . not to mention the place smells like the infamous days of viaduct fame. . . (urine, kids poop and alcoholics – soooooo nasty!).

I am so over that experience. . . but thankfully, I have a name to prove it.

Turn Down Service

My husband just informed me it’s midnight, so I think I ought to stop blogging and go to bed . . . or at least read a chapter of Harry Potter. ;)

LOVE ya, Mean it!



Sunday, August 5, 2007

One year down . . . eternity to go

The Marriage - Part 1

Soooo, Danny and i celebrated our year anniversary on Wed. . .

It didn't quite turn out how I had expected. . . We were both in SGU getting ready to head to Lake Powell for the weekend. I left early while he was still sleeping. We rushed through a lunch appointment together adn he spent most of the day studying while Max and Tatum (our niece and nephew) played in the basement and kept him from getting his studies accomplished in a timely manner. i worked in at the office until 7:45 and then we finally got together and went to dinner with Cassandra and her kids . . . completely romantice, eh? Just like we imagined . . .

Maybe next year will be more like we had dreamed. ;)

I will say Danny salvaged the night . . . he gave me some beautiful pearls (necklace, earings, and a bracelet . . . I didn't really get him anything).


Watching it right now . . . even the local variety bites the weenie with relish.


Saw it in Lake Powell with Danny's family . . . I am never getting those two hours of my life back. . . curse you Optimus Prime!!!Which leads me to wonder if my little silver Subie transforms into a robotic lesbian . . I should check the warranty.


Tell your friends to come to the Career Fair we're hosting for SkyWest on Tuesday. 10 am to 7 pm; at the Red Lion hotel in dowtown SLC. . . It will help me with my job. ;)


I better finish now before our free wireless internet goes out. . .