Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lagoon Season Ticket Holders, Yeah Baby!

Well, Danny and I are pretty hip . . .Old, married, aging hipsters.
We had date night at Lagoon and managed to meet some real nice 15 year olds from Pocatello . . . they've been to lagoon 5 times already this summer. I swear, I don;t remember being that cool at 15. But then again, I don't remember much about being 15 because I so wrapped up in myself, it's kind of hard to pin-point any details.

But, I have to give a little props to Laggon. (Yes, I said "props." I'm trying to bring it back like all of the best lines from Alecia Silverstone in "Clueless."

That new "wicked" ride, is definitely worth the price of admission.


Yoga Star(Up)date 08.14.2007

Yesterday my yoga teacher gave me a special stone necklace to ward off evil energy . . which is nice, because I was starving this morning after i presented at our "New Leader Training" . . . and the location was right next to a McDonalds; so needless to say, the stone came in handy when I walked inside for my frunit-and-yogurt parfait [I don;t think that their parfait is really french; but don;t tell Nicholas Sarkozy that]

Vive la Big Mac!!!! Just kidding; I don;t eat meat . . . I'm a veternarian. ;)