Sunday, August 5, 2007

One year down . . . eternity to go

The Marriage - Part 1

Soooo, Danny and i celebrated our year anniversary on Wed. . .

It didn't quite turn out how I had expected. . . We were both in SGU getting ready to head to Lake Powell for the weekend. I left early while he was still sleeping. We rushed through a lunch appointment together adn he spent most of the day studying while Max and Tatum (our niece and nephew) played in the basement and kept him from getting his studies accomplished in a timely manner. i worked in at the office until 7:45 and then we finally got together and went to dinner with Cassandra and her kids . . . completely romantice, eh? Just like we imagined . . .

Maybe next year will be more like we had dreamed. ;)

I will say Danny salvaged the night . . . he gave me some beautiful pearls (necklace, earings, and a bracelet . . . I didn't really get him anything).


Watching it right now . . . even the local variety bites the weenie with relish.


Saw it in Lake Powell with Danny's family . . . I am never getting those two hours of my life back. . . curse you Optimus Prime!!!Which leads me to wonder if my little silver Subie transforms into a robotic lesbian . . I should check the warranty.


Tell your friends to come to the Career Fair we're hosting for SkyWest on Tuesday. 10 am to 7 pm; at the Red Lion hotel in dowtown SLC. . . It will help me with my job. ;)


I better finish now before our free wireless internet goes out. . .