Sunday, February 26, 2012

"All done Jesus" and other awesomeness

In an effort to feng shui my life, this week I worked on a few of our 'junk drawers." (Has that show Hoarders made anyone else a little freaked out about their extra "stuff?") Anyway, I cleaned out our medicine cabinet (I can't believe that Hoodia didn't make me a size 2!!!), and a couple of other shoe boxes full of crap. (Exhibit A to the right, had Vitamin C that expired in 2006.)

In one of them I discovered a mason jar I had kept in the kitchen to write down funny things Holden said/did. One, recorded said "All done Jesus." (Labeled 3/15;) I wish I would've recorded the context in which it was said, but it make me smile just thinking about him saying that. Since currently most of his sentences contain references to Transformers, Super Heroes, Bad Guys and the All-Spark.

One other AWESOME thing Holden said happened after I told him he needed pants on to play in our sunroom. After the kid uses the bathroom he has a tendcy to just leave his pants by the toilet. He hasn't mastered the art of just pulling them down enough not to pee on them so he can easily pull them back up. So needless to say, he's half-naked quite often. So I said to him, "Holden, you need pants on in the sun room. I don't want people looking at your private parts." And he looked at me and said "Jesus made them special."

So awesome! With all this Sandusky crap, and crazy John Powell and his creepy Dad, and all the horror stories on the news about awful things happening to kids, I've felt a sense of urgency in talking to Holden about strangers and creep-ohs, and so I was trying to help him understand about his body. At the same time, I don't want him growing up with a repressed sexuality that haunts him later on. So I explained that God had made his body special, and his private parts are only for him to touch (preferably in the bathtub when washing) or Mom and Dad, or the doctor (in front of Mom or Dad). That sounds kind of confusing now that I write it down, but my point is, he gets that God made them special... and that they're private. Now if he'd just put his pants back on....

In other news (and yes, I'm seeing how many paragraphs I can start a sentence with the word "In")...In other news, on Day 2 of Lent I wrote:

"I may have given up refined sugar, but I didn't give up white flour. I think I ate half-a-loaf of sourdough last night. I made a salad for dinner and thought, croutons are awesome... so I warmed a bit of olive oil and butter (mmmm, butter) and made some croutons. Home-made croutons are the best. Every time I make them I think, "Why would you waste time with anything else?" But the irony is, people don't really "waste their time" with croutons, do they? They specifically buy them so they won't waste time with croutons. But I'm just telling you, I think the ones you buy from a store are worthless. Why waste a carb or 60 on something that tastes like cardboard diped in butter (mmm, butter.) I don't ever buy croutons (unless I'm in charge of them for a big church function or something odd like that....not interesting.)

Any who, my processed-sugarless-Lent is going fine. I get the urge to bake chocolate chip cookies about, hmmm, once every hour or so. But this body needed to do something different.

Oh and just for the record - I plan on splurging on Zoë's blessing day. It will be my own "Fat Tuesday" on Sunday March 11th. I'm hoping to indulge in those awesome brownies that have marshmallow smacked deliciously between layers of cake and frosting. Just so you know...I'm ok with it, hope you are too.

This post wasn't supposed to be this long. I just wanted to write down what Holden had said before I throw that paper away and forget. So on that note, I'll sign off:

All done Jesus.

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Kourtney said...

Make chocolate chip cookies with agave nectar and grain-sweetened chocolate chips. You can even do it with mostly (or all) whole wheat flour. Very delicious, satisfies the craving, but doesn't have refined sugar and doesn't leave you gorging and wanting more and feeling terrible afterward. Highly recommend. I also do no-bake cookies with agave instead of sugar and they produce the same effect. Delicious, satisfying, but somehow easier to stop at just one, or two.