Friday, December 23, 2011

"It's almost Christmas Eve!!!"

I don't know where Holden figured out this phrase, but he keeps saying it with delight: "It's almost Christmas Eve." In other Holiday Cheer news, when asked why we celebrate Christmas his response is: "Is Jesus' birthday."

As of this minute, he is walking around around the house saying: "Merry Chrismas Daddy." I love that little guy.

Zoë is rockin' the casbah as a baby.

She is serious so easy (comparatively speaking.) Granted, outside of my parents I haven't made the trek with boy kiddos without help, but the nights and days at home are immeasurably easier with her than they were with Little Bits. I think it's because she's such a good nurser AND I am not pumping every two hours to bottle feed... plus she sleeps consistently at night with a good 4 hour stretch (last couple of nights it was 5 1/2 and 6 hours). And yes, I know you're not 'supposed' to let a newborn sleep more than four hours, but she is over 9 lbs and had gained her birth-weight plus almost an entire pound by the 2 weeks mark... this baby is getting plenty of nourishment (and I am just supplemental pumping to make sure I remain BESSIE the MILKBEAST).

Holden as an almost 3-yr old plus Zoë as a newborn (post VBAC) is soooo much easier than being a brand new mom with Holden as a newborn post cesarean. I seriously kind of feel like a functioning member of society... as opposed to an angst ridden hermit.

Just in time for the holidays!!!!

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Alicia said...

She sounds just perfect. And she sounds like a WONDERFUL sleeper!! Hooray! Some babies love sleeping and bless their hearts that they do :). Merry Christmas beautiful Sabrena! Lots of love from your Draper peep.