Sunday, December 18, 2011

Of course it's a GREEN Christmas...


Many of you probably saw the link on Facebook, but my Monthly article for Make & Takes was featured on Thursday. You can check it out HERE. It showcases some green ideas you can still implement, like my favorite way to wrap presents (presents for my sis-and-bro-in-law below), and also touches on the GREAT CHRISTMAS TREE DEBATE.

Additionally, I thought I'd include a couple of pictures of Holden at the BReakfast with Santa event at Discovery Gateway. Last year Santa kind of freaked him out. This year he ran up to him, kept following him around and asked a few times if he wanted to eat with us. I keep trying to refer to him as "The Spirit of Santa" (yes I believe). But I don't want him to be devastated when he learns the guy doesn't actually come down the chimney and deliver presents. That said, I told Holden at one point that Santa doesn't actually come down our chimney, but he was emphatic that he did. I didn't force the issue or the debate. (I mean seriously, what kind of a crazy person would try to debate with a two year old?!?!? Remind me I said that, how easily I forget!)

But I was honest (though I was always raised to believe if you DON'T believe in the Spirit of Santa, he DOESN'T bring you presents--which is a good compromise I think). Truthfully I'm really glad Holden believes in the magic... it makes it easier for me. Hey, the kid is going to believe what he's going to believe - and I am thankful for it!

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