Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Six Week Zoë Update

The way you do the things you do:

  • Your little coo's and smiles that are starting and becoming more frequent
  • How you snort when you get really hungry and are nursing (thank you for being a good nurser!!!!)
  • A hairline that resembles your fathers, though your skin coloring is more like mine (my Mom says I was a very pink baby - for the record, Holden was clear.) Also, you have your brothers eyes, which makes you look similar -- but you are the prettier, more feminine -Mexican version of him.
  • Already 12 pounds! A week and a half in newborn sized clothing, 4 weeks in 0-3 mo. clothing and we're just starting in on the 3-6 mo tops! (Your legs are still 0-3, thankfully!)
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep... you are such a good sleeper. I credit your disposition and that we embraced co-sleeping and rooming-in with you from the beginning. (Seriously, at least one 4 - 6 hr stretch a night... this is MONEY!)
  • Your cry -- it doesn't happen often, but it breaks my heart when you're in the car and it happens, because I know something's wrong.
  • The rolls & chub on your legs - I love it. I want to squeeze it all the's more precious than diamonds.
  • Either you're not great at burping, or I am not a good burper -- but either way, we are not a fabulous team at this.

Zoë, I love you so much. I love that we share a name, and that the umlaut at the end of Zoë looks like a crown. I love that you are gorgeous when you sleep -- seriously, sometimes I can't stop starring at you. I love that your brother sees you and says "It's so toot, Mommy." And that he already loves you. I love that our family feels complete with you, and that I have a special friend. I love that you took a bottle from your Daddy yesterday (that makes two total!) You could've shattered his confidence (seriously, he was worried about the rejection), but you did fabulously!

I love to tell it.
I love that you came on your own terms, and not a minute too late!

I love that we are an eternal family, and that we have so many adventures ahead of us.

Happy Six-Weeks-old Day, Zoë. We're glad you're here.


Sarah said...

Oh Suite- she is just precious. Congrats to you an your cute family. Love the name too. Your birth story was simply amazing- i may have done it 6 times BUT never could have managed that one- WOW!! Miss you like crazy. xoxo

Melissa: said...

The sweetest that life has to offer! She is darling and you are amazing.

Erin said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I loved every word. And those photos... gasp!