Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I may not have 'flow' in motherhood. But I've got pretty awesome kids.

Also "Nix the Pancake Mix" is up, and on the Make and Takes website....yes, this month's Sustainable Living challenge has to do with being your own Betty Crocker and giving up the transfats, HFCS, or whatever else can be found in your breakfast batter mixes. Check it out.

Zoë turned Six-Weeks yesterday. Her update is HERE.

Holden turns three in less than two weeks... that is called craziness, and also possibly 'monkeys jumping on the bed.'

I didn't take these pictures btw. Allison Davis did...and I am so thankful for the moments she captured.


QNC said...

Love the photos. I joke about our friendship in my most recent post. Hopefully you think I'm funny instead of annoying. :)

tiaolou003 said...
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