Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yet Another Earth Day Post

So I actually had this written yesterday, but I kept trying to dowload the awesome pic of Holden in his "Let's Go Green" tee I got him for yesterday's blessed event (and I'm not talking about "Administrative Professionals Day," though I wish the best to all of you formerly-known-as-secretaries.

Besides, I’m sure you didn’t think you could escape some green pontificating from moi, eh?

From Dr. Seuss's "The Lorax"

“Earth Day is the first completely universal holiday that the world has ever known. Every other holiday was tied to one place, or some political or special event. This day is tied to Earth itself, and to the place of Earth in the whole solar system.”
-Anthropologist Margaret Mead, 1977

So why should we care?

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately. The other night at a dinner party, a friend of a friend (who I would now consider a friend) asked me why I try to buy organic (especially for Holden). It was weird because for all my efforts in trying to make conscious choices for Holden, I drew a blank when she asked me…

I felt like Sir Galahad from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where he can’t remember what his favorite color is… “Blue. No yell—aaaahhhhhhugh!” And then explodes and dies.

It was like the only thing I could come up with was akin to “Because the cool kids are doing it.”

But the truth is, there are a myriad of reasons to go green (even though I will be the first to admit, I’m basically average at eco-consciousness. I could be sooooo much better!)

My Pocket Book
: Living green can save money. I know, it often seems like an impossibility when you’re forking out $3 for one organic piece of produce, but there are loads of ways to save money by living green – from tax deductions, electricity bills and better eating. Simple Debt Free Living has a great article about saving green – backs that is…

My Religion: Hailing from the Judeo-Christian belief that God created this world we live in and put man and woman on the earth to be stewards over it, I think there’s a pretty strong case for taking care of what God has given us…

My Health: Going green, organic, etc means les pesticides, toxins, free radicals, hormones and all sorts of other crappy things that make you feel crappy. I’m sure there is some sort of scientific evidence out there for this…

My Posterity: Call me an altruist, but I want to leave this place (planet earth) in better shape than I found it. I want Holden to be able to walk outside without having harmful pm2’s attack his lungs. I want there to be trees for him to climb, animals to see, healthy food to eat, clean water to drink.

More on my favorite "green picks" for baby and family later. In the meantime, "Let's Make Earth Day Every Day" and not just because I failed to post on my blog.


Darth Spencer said...

Anyone else besides me hate anthropologists?

Cicely said...

Great post. On a green scale, I'd say you are an emerald.

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