Monday, October 29, 2012

The Greatest Superhero Man's Ever Known

The costume pre dance-wear
Holden invented a new superhero - his name is Captain Spears (I can only assume that's how you spell it). A couple of Saturday's ago, when I asked Cito what he was going to be for Halloween he told me about Spears; and with a little digging I discovered he wears "a mask, a brown cape and a diaper."

He dressed up (with black tights and whatever the male equivalent of a leotard is) and showcased Spears at his preschool program last week.

The other night I asked him what he was going to wear for trick-or-treating.

He said: "Baby Bup-Bup." Which apparently is Spears' nemesis (and brother).

Me: "What does Baby Bup Bup wear?"

Holden: "Just a gas mask, socks an shoes." (Now I know he's being über creative because anyone that hangs out with me knows that me and my kids maybe wear socks 8% of the time.)

Me: "where are we going to get a gas mask?"

Holden: "Oh it's just at Target."

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Chelsey said...

I love this! He and Weston would get along well:)