Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This is Embarrassing....

So I got this message in my email tonight, from a friend's email. 

Dear Sabrena,

This is your blog. I miss you. So much. Your friend (rhymes with Mem-A-Lee) keeps pestering me to find out what is going on with you, but I just tell her that I don't know. Because I don't.

Maybe this (person I can't name) is some sort of lame-o who needs to get a life and quit living vicariously through you. Probably. But give the girl a break. She has two kids and an 88-year-old woman to care for. Cut her some slack. Give her a window to a much more exciting world.

No, you don't owe her this. She can just suck it for all I care. But you do care. Your public needs you. The Emilys of the world need you.


Your friend, Suite Spots

My mom turned 60 today. I best write something. My public (or my one reader) demands it...

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