Friday, September 7, 2012

Sweet Child O' Nine (Months)

Go Utes!
Zoë hit the 9-month mark today. She's 25 pounds, wearing 24 month clothing, too big for her cloth diapers (it's an issue with the circumference of her delicious thighs), crawling everywhere, "couch-walking," pulling herself to standing and even trying to balance on her own every now and again.

She's got object permanence so I really can't be away from her for more than an hour. 

Proud to say she's still nursing, though we have given her the opportunity to play around with solids a little (fresh fruits and veggies -- she's unofficially a raw-vegan, unless you consider breastmilk an animal product.) I say unofficially because she tried to steal a onion ring off my plate at a Micro-Brew in Ogden. 

Holden is still an awesome big brother to her. He's a little rougher with her than I prefer, but she giggles when they wrestle and I really love that he pays attention to her. 

I felt the first of her two bottom teeth breaking through this week - which I think is great because I didn't have to go through all of that "I think she's teething" nonsense. 

She's also doing great with her "pottying." And yes, I know plenty of you think it's ridiculous to potty train this early, but it pains me her ("one-size-fits-all") cloth dipes don't fit, and so I am trying to do everything I can to not waste. Plus, it helps with diaper rash, and we're not being crazy about it. 

She may be three before she stops wearing diapers too; but it works for us -- so to each their own, eh? 

She's got a sweet disposition. 

We only have 60 more days until the election. Our lives are crazy and she is such a good sport. She's spent a few meetings on my lap, and crawling around on the floor. I've even breastfed her at the office... sometimes in a back room, and sometimes just in front of open-minded and sensitive colleagues who I am so grateful allow us a way to "make this work."

Love this girl.

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