Monday, April 8, 2013

NOT on Target

The other day I found myself at Target (I know this is commonplace for many a female in my stage of life, but if I'm dropping $200 at a ginormous store I'd prefer it be at Costco on organic produce, pine nuts and fancy cheese.)

Any-who... I was on my way to purchase some knock off Robeez for a shower gift ($15 verse $35), and I wandered past the produce aisle and found this...

Ugh! Petroleum!?!? I don't care if it's "food grade"... The image of slathering an apple in Vaseline kept ringing in my mind.


If it were the 80s I might have said: "gag me with genetically modified Monsanto corn."

But here's the thing, I maintain that even with the external "coatings" I'm better off with an apple than fruit snacks (yes, even organic fruit snacks).

However, it made me so grateful that spring is here ushering in gardening season. So I have even more opportunities to grow, buy and eat local. I don't need the government's stamp of approval for organic when I put buy beets at the farmers market. I shake the hands with the farmer and ask about their practices.

I opt for the Farmer's Market / Food Co-ops before the grocery store and as such, am much less likely to buy processed food (there just isn't much to chose from).

We don't eat much meat (or poultry, or pig) so it helps reduce the cost of food; but when I do invest in 'animal' I buy high quality (preferably local, organic/ free-range). Yes it may sound like a skit from the pilot of Portlandia but making these small changes in not only what we eat, but how we purchase our food has made a huge impact in our overall health.


katie said...

Parallel lives I tell ya

Melanie said...

I feel completely the sme way about all of the above! My MIL was at a stand still when she came to help us and had no meat or cream of chicken soup to cook with :). Then when she tried to give my kids a snack and there were no fruit snacks... Glad someone understands!