Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: (11/2/11) Baby Z the Enigma

I am thankful for you, Baby Z. Even though I really don't know what you are... I mean we've ruled out UFO artificial insemination and whatnot, but your gender continues to elude me. People often ask what I want: girl or boy? I respond "yes."

I may have mentioned before that it would seem a little easier if you were a boy -- because we've got all that Boy stuff already: clothes, toys, baking stuff. But we can't decide on a middle name AND I am not looking forward to the whole circumcision debate again: both sides seem to be a lose-lose to me. So Zeke, I hope when you're older and you read this, you'll forgive me talking about your 'special parts' to the world.

That said, maybe we won't even have to worry about the c-word. Because maybe you are a Zoe. And if that's the case your name is easy: Zoe Suite Mangum (yes, with out the hyphen... but isn't it cool our names will sound the same? I never had a middle name, so my hyphen is the closest thing I've got... though some would say just taking Suite as my middle name would've solved that whole problem anyway. But that would've been too easy on my marriage.) I digress.

If you are a girl, we'll probably need to get one of those kid-kitchens to go with all of Holden's baking stuff...and you'll definitely need some will be fun to shop for you, though I'm pretty sure we'll need more disposable income in this house: I often joke with your father that we are not wealthy enough to have a girl at this stage in our relationship because I have seen what's out there for wardrobe options with girls, and it's scary how much money I could spend.

I am excited for you to get here. Due date ranges from the 18th to the 23rd depending on which model you chose: and you're measuring big from what the ultrasound says, and I'm already measuring 39-40 weeks (at 37-plus weeks)...and with the extra fluid, it seems there are a few indicators that you may be coming sooner than later... though it seemed your brother would've stayed in utero for another month if the doctors would've let him.

You're still so high up, it's really unbelievable. I've got such a short amount of time left and I have yet to use one of those belly-belt things that I swore I used with your brother 6 months in: trade-offs, eh?

What can I say except that I am excited to meet you. I'm glad you're already a part of our family, and we're all looking forward to you being here... though I keep reminding myself babies are much easy to care of inside the womb than out of it, but hopefully this time I'll remind myself to enjoy it, instead of being worried I'm doing everything wrong.

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