Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: 11/3/11 Some friends

I've written and re-written this post a few times today... but it's eight at night and I need to get something out to the blogosphere to keep the 30 Days of Thanksgiving going...

So I'll say this - I have awesome friends.

Thank you Lindsay for joining us Tues night for leftovers. I love it when Nina stops by. If you were here right now, we could laugh about my cankles like we did after Holden was born and I thought my cesarean stitches were literally going to come apart.

Thank you Brandi for flying up yesterday to SLC to spend 7 hours with me, mostly just talking (my favorite part). I'm glad we got to celebrate your birthday, but it really was amazing just having any excuse to have you here.

And thanks to the ladies from Wed night GNO (pictured above just before I purchased a day old glazed donut from Fresh Market, though we're missing Becky, Becca and Cass in the picture). These gals took me under their wing years ago, right after I had graduated from IWU and moved back to Utah - boyfriendless, jobless and pretty much friendless. Some of them I've lived with. All of them I have annoyed/offended many a time, but they still manage to put up with and include me. I love them dearly. (Gotta cut footloose - yes, we saw it last night).

I have a lot of other friends that worth a mention of two, but I just felt like with the whirlwind of friendspotting Tues and Wed this week, I just had to say thanks.

Part of me feels like I'll be disappearing off the planet once baby gets here (that's what happened with Holden)... are we really just a couple of weeks away? It's hard to believe. These last hurrah's are more meaningful than ever.

Thank you friends.

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