Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: (11/15/11):Nesting

I'm not a huge fan of blogs that go on and on about homemaking accomplishments -- maybe just because I am jealous I'm not more productive most of the time. Problem is, if I am super 'productive' in home-making, it most likely means my child-making has suffered (i.e. Holden and PBS Kids have spent more than "quality time" together.)

But in my efforts to get things ready for Baby Z, I've been working on the following projects the last few weeks... crazy fanatical homemaker, or just normal "nesting"? Hmmm, you decide:

  • Bottled Plum jam totaling more than 22 cups of preserves
  • Salsa, sweet and sour sauce, BBQ sauce and spaghetti sauce from more than 70 pounds of tomatoes, 25 pounds of onions and 25 lbs of apples (obviously the red delicious were not used for spaghetti sauce).
  • Apple sauce bottled and frozen (ready for baby food!)

Apple and cherry pie from scratch, baked and frozen for Thanksgiving.

Veggie Lasagna and Chicken pot pie assembled... ready to thaw and bake (so I don't have to!)

Christmas presents purchased and wrapped (well, not all of them... but about 70% complete!)

Christmas card envelopes addressed, picture collages ordered and picked up, letter written: just waiting to be stuffed and mailed.

Four IKEA drapes hemmed (that means a sewing machine wasn't involved...but way to much bending over was.) Still have four more to go, but not really sure if my lower back can take on the rest of this project.

A Gallon of home-made granola so we have some cereal in this house (man, someday I really wish I just bought a box of Frosted Flakes and called it good!)

Six dozen "Monster Toot-ies" for the nurses, doula/s, midwife/s and hospital staff for labor (Holden has named our signature oatmeal, chocolate chip-sometimes featuring coconut- cookies Monster Cookies). I'm thinking some carrot sticks and hummus would be a delightful addition.

OK, so enough of the list... Baby Z, this is what we've done instead of repainting a nursery or remodeling a kitchen. I feel like this is a much better deal.


Melanie said...

Girl! You are KILLIN me! You are rockin the pregnant world! I gotta get going! (and THANK HEAVEN I am not preg!!!)

Anonymous said...

You may find out that not having one is like having a kitchen without a range. Not really but you will surely appreciate the extra sink area for those holiday dinners.