Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/11/11): Modern Medicine

Wednesday night, and all day yesterday Holden was running a fever... I don't know exactly what degree it hit; but he was definitely warm and his feet were hot (which after more than 2 1/2 years with this kid I know how to tell if he's got a temp.) We took it easy yesterday (which was good for me as my body could use some down time); I addressed Holiday Card envelopes in bed while he watched shows, we both napped and then he hung out at this grandma's while I taught yoga yesterday evening.

His voice was kind of groggy by nightfall; and at about midnight the seal cough came in... me with my wishful thinking was hoping it was not croup. But by this morning it was pretty apparent that's exactly what it was.

Even though he woke up joyful at 6:45 turning to me and saying" "Mommy, I pay wiff my toys." And created this awesome Robot with his blocks:
Here he is showing it off and giving it the reverence it deserves:
But by this afternoon, this was a fairer representation of our little guy:
He's been going from breathing ok, to having that horrible stridor/ Darth Vader sounding seems to scare me more than him.

The doc gave us a steroid to start him on (which you people know I loathe even giving the kid Tylenol), and I somehow forced it down him crushed in between a layer of whipped cream. It appears to be helping...though the doctor said the second night is usually the worst.

My heart just aches for him. He's such a healthy seems like even when he's exposed to something, he'll show a sign of starting to get sick and then "BAM!" Like a superhero his immune system sweeps in a knocks it out. I think this is second time he's been sick with cold this year... and he's 2 and 1/2...a veritable WALKING PETRI DISH!

So I guess this doesn't really sound like a post about Thanksgiving... but I am Thankful we could get him into the doctor's today before the weekend. I am thankful that he can take this medicine to help him breathe. And I'm thankful that I can be here with him, and for an awesome husband who negotiates schedules to make everything work.

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