Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving: (11/9/11): Holdenisms

Kids say the darndest things, eh?
Holden, last month pre-hair cut. Danny took him 'hiking' up silver lake

Here's a list off the top of my head of things I love to hear from Holden (and somethings he says that aren't my favorite, but still crack me up about him.)

  • "Oh-tay, fine." This statement usually comes after I tell him we have to do something he's not particularly fond of doing before we can do something he is particularly fond of doing
  • "Love you Mommy." It doesn't matter where or when he says this. I never get tired of hearing it... especially when he says it just out of the blue.
  • "You want cuddle wiff me?" He'll say this early in the morning, after he has crawled into bed with us
  • "Don't do that Mommy."
  • "Shankt you." I don;t know how to exactly describe how he says Thank You, but he's really good at using that phrase.
  • "Oh sorry bout that." He apologizes for things that don't necessitate an apology... like when he bumps his head, or I tell him to say "I" instead of "me" ... then I have to explain to him he doesn't need to apologize. But apparently he's already caught on to the idea that when someone corrects you, it means you've done something wrong... which breaks my heart a little bit.
  • As he reaches for my iPhone: "I pay with your phone"
  • To me and Danny: "You be Batman, I be Superman and you be Wonderwoman"
  • "What this do?"
  • "What her/his name?"
  • "Goooooooo Utes!"
  • "I pay football."
  • "You wanna pay {soccer, football, baseball, tackle, etc} wiff me?"
  • "Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost and Prophet help us." It might also be worth mentioning that when praying, Holden loves to give thanks for Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost and Spider Man. Apparently God the Father has been replaced by a superhero in his world.
  • "Oh hi, my name Holden, this my Daddy." He's very good at introducing his Dad.
He has also started telling us stories. They always start:
"Once upon a time, there was a" {bear, pumpkin, ghost, pirate, spider, etc.}
"And this" {bear, pumpkin, ghost, pirate, spider, etc. does something... changes every time.}

I need to get one on video, and him reading "Where the Wild Things Are." He had a period of time where it because his favorite 'bathroom time' reading material and so the kid's pretty much got it memorized. It's awesome. I love it when he reads it to me.

I've backed away from the crazy canning and obsessive nesting the past couple of days... and as such we've been spending a lot of time reading and snuggling. I feel like I'm operating against a clock in which I have no idea how much time till the buzzer sounds (kind of like overage in a soccer game.)

I hope I never forget these moments.

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Shauntel said...

These moments are so tender. Hold on to them. :)

And best of wishes for your ripening parts. ;) So excited for you.