Monday, November 7, 2011

30 days of Thanksgiving: (11/7/11): 540 Sateen

Sometimes we can just be grateful for the simple things... like electricity, or iPhones or bed sheets. (Read on).

Monday is usually a cleaning day round here...even though it seems like my home is in an eternal state of disarray, I like things to at least be straightened. It's getting harder and harder to scrub bathrooms and mop floors with my ever expanding condition (although I did manage to lose a pound at the doctor's this week - think it had something to do with my cankles FINALLY getting under control.)

So Monday's also a laundry day (what day isn't laundry day - sheesh?); and I usually change the bed sheets on Monday's as well. Two of our bottom sheets for the King were so worn out, they literally ripped from overuse; so thankfully I got to invest in some new sateen dandies.

When we were married, pretty much all the sheets I registered for were 600, 800 or more thread count (I fell in love with 800-thread count egyptian cotton at the Madison Hotel on a fam trip to Memphis.)

Image from Kiwi Collection

But do you know what is a close second? 540 Sateen from Costco... no joke.

We bought and put these new babies on this week and even with waking up in the middle of the night for pregnancy bladder, I am sleeping like a queen. (540, what a strange and delightful number).

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Alicia said...

I so need to put these on my wish list.