Tuesday, November 6, 2012

#6: 30 Days of Thanksgiving

Today's art project: Baby in a Papoose.
I mistakenly asked if it was a gingerbread man, he said
"No it's a baby, with blood coming out of his mouth".
.. I'm assuming that's just left over excitment from Halloween?  
Of course I'm thankful for the right to vote -- but I voted early, so today is just a waiting game. So I'll share the conversation I'm thankful for after I picked up Holden from pre-school this morning.

Me: So did you guys talk about voting today?

Holden: No, indians. 

Me: Oh, about how Columbus came, destroyed their lands and gave them small pox?

Holden: No, just when a mama has a baby she puts them in a pa- pa...papoose. 

Me: Oh that's so cute... and way better than small pox.

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