Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#7: 30 Days of Thanksgiving

So mixed emotions about the election: Was saddened to see Utahns overwhelmingly stuck with Orrin Hatch... but comforted that they elected Matheson (my aversion and fear of Tea-Party Republicans --i.e. Mia Love is probably only matched by some of my conservative's distrust of Obama). Stoked about Ben McAdams, and the President (obviously) but the biggest dissapointment of the night came from the bile on facebook from so many people I know who call themselves Christians. (Let's not go into examples - I was so disappointed. And if that's what I sounded like after George Bush took office, I'm disgusted with myself -- and asking for forgiveness.)

So while some of my friends and family members have convinced themselves that the end of the world is most certainly upon us (December 21st is coming soon), and are in mourning... I offer a message from The Church of Jesus Christ or Latter-day Saints (ahem, the Mormons).
Thankful for THIS message and hope that wether you're a member of the LDS Faith or not, you can glean something from this example.

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